Other Electronics

We repair more than just cell phones and tablets!
Take a look at our services we offer, and if you have any questions pertaining to other electronic equipment repairs please call in or e-mail us with your repair questions. We are not able to repair everything, but we would like to help you if we can!

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SMT Soldering Repairs including the following:
Through hole component replacement
Small/Medium SMT Component Replacement
Some IC chip replacements
Broken leads/traces
Capacitor replacement

Soldering repair jobs including the following:
Repairing broken wires
Soldering two components together
We can handle most of your soldering repair needs, please call us with any questions or projects you might need help with.

Digital Cameras and Camcorders including GoPro’s (if parts are available).

Drone Repair including DJI, GoPro, and other brands. We do not program drones.

Household Electronics (general repairs, parts replacements, if available).

Windows Computers, Desktop Computers, hard drive and memory replacements and upgrades.

Gaming Consoles like X-Box, Playstation, Wii, and Gamecube.

TV’s, Flatscreens only. We will NOT repair CRT TV’s or large/old TV’s. Only your newer flat panel TV’s under 55”. We can only fix TV’s if parts are available. We repair no power, flickering screens, broken ports, etc. We do NOT replace broken LCD/Glass at the moment.

Diagnosing and research are required before an accurate quote can be given. Your device may have to be physically present to conduct a thorough diagnosis. Please contact us before bringing in a device.