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iPhone 2G

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Specifications & Identifiers

: iPhone 2G
Model #: A1203
Anodized Aluminum
Color(s): Black (Aluminum Back)
Date Introduced: June 29th, 2007
Size: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
Carriers: AT&T

*Model # is located on the back Cover
*Now considered to be a collectors item, these phones in new or mint condition are valuable to some collectors. We are looking for some of these phones to display in our stores, if you have any please let us know and we can offer you a cash value for your old phone.

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Back Antenna Cover

Back Antenna Cover

iPhone 2G
Replaces broken or damaged antenna cover on the back of your iPhone 2G.
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Repair Time:
5 Minutes
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Battery Replacement

iPhone 2G
Battery problems are the second most common repair. Lithium batteries have an estimated lifespan of 2-years at normal use, after that they deteriorate at a faster rate. This repair will replace your faulty battery with an Original, OEM battery. Fixes charging issues, frequent powering off, inaccurate battery levels, & short battery life.
Repair Time:
1-2 day turnaround
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Software Problems

Software Problems

$ Prices Vary $
iPhone 2G
Software issues/questions we can help with:

• Global GSM Unlocking
• iTunes Errors
• Restoring Problems
• Recovery Fix
• Activation Issues
• Jailbreaking
• Cydia Application Recommendations/Questions
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