Nextech Repair

Nextech Repair is a locally owned / locally operated small business. Nextech was born in 2010 as a small business, and in 2011 Nextech became incorporated. Nextech Repair continues to grow and offer genuine, classy repair service, quality original repair parts, and a personable customer experience with each visit. We believe in providing customers with alternative and less costly repair services than the often complicated, time consuming, and over-priced Apple stores, wireless carriers, and third party warranty companies. Nextech Repair strives to provide customers with the best possible parts, customer service, and repair prices in the industry. We only use original parts when available, offer honest and reliable service and opinions, and have some of the lowest prices in town - not to mention, we have a great warranty policy and use the best parts! Please trust us when we say the lowest price is not the best value! We have been in the repair business for many years, have tons of experience, and have been able to find the best possible value and quality repair parts for our customers - and we are continually finding the best parts and accessories for our customers and always recommending more ways to save you money.

We have one convenient location in Scottsdale, AZ and we also have a mail-in service for repairs - for more information on locations and mail-in repair visit this page.

You can reach us by e-mail at, visit our locations page for specific location phone numbers and e-mails