It's to my surprise if anyone actually stumbles upon and reads this page. NexTech Repair has grown from a small hobby to a full time, professional, service oriented and customer based business. I, Donald Oesterle, started this business out of my car while I was in college. Ever since the day I decided to post my first ad I have been busy, helping people repair their electronics. While in college pursuing a materials engineering degree I decided to give this new business venture a shot, and eventually became so busy that I decided to leave college. That day was the best decision I have made up to this point in my life. Speaking on behalf of NexTech Repair, I strive to offer the best possible customer service. In a world where we tend to only see big corporations whom don't care about their customers I hope to be a part of changing that. It can be seen today, in the year of 2014, with Apple, Amazon, and T-Mobile that big corporations are finally starting to listen to consumers. NexTech Repair will be a company that you look up to, respect, see as a role model and learn from; we want to be a stunning example of a perfect business that you see as a positive impact on your life or morals. NexTech Repair will continue to offer more services and higher quality repairs and experiences as we adapt to this infinitely changing technological world. This company has grown from a hobby, to a side job during college, to a LLC, and now to a Corporation. It is independently owned and operated and will continue to be unless an opportunity arises that would ultimately better the company and better serve you, the customers, clients, and consumers... NexTech's backbone. So I would like to credit and thank all of our wonderful clientele for spreading the word of NexTech over the years, referring us out to friends and family and continuing to use our services. We wouldn't be a great company without you! I would also like to credit Virginia, whom is a very skilled architect and business owner. She has provided a ground to start my company on, support and insight, and passed on great business knowledge to me. The third person I would like to credit is my father. Without him I would not have such a professionally looking store. Through his help NexTech Repair has wonderful metal display cases, stands, structural elements and of course some very interesting and amazing artwork that you will see hanging on the walls at NexTech Repair stores. I have my friends and family to thank, as they have always been a positive support to me. As always, you, my customers, are the most valuable asset and I hope that NexTech will be able to continue helping you repair your electronic devices at lower prices, with higher quality parts, quicker turn around times, and more awesome service than you'll find anywhere else. We, the staff of NexTech, and I, thank you!
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