Anti static bags best buy

Anti static bags best buy. An antistatic bag is like a Ziploc bag but filled with static-free stuff. It’s often used to protect electronic components that could be severely damaged by exposure to electrostatic discharge (ESD), but it’s not just for electronics.

Some companies have gone so far as to fill their bags with “shredded Styrofoam” and more specifically, chips made of polyethylene beads that help eliminate static electricity from a product before it’s shipped to its final destination.

We’ve found some of the best anti-static bags. We feel confident in recommending any one of these ten because we know they’re high-quality products. Check out our list.

6 Anti static bags best buy

1. HRX Package 100pcs Premium Antistatic Bag

hrx package 100pcs premium antistatic bag

HRX Package 100pcs Premium Antistatic polyester bags are made from a special type of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic that could not cause any interference to items packed in it.

The bags are suitable for the packaging of many computer parts like hard drives, memory cards, video cards, and RAMs.

They assist buyers or sellers during an intercompany transfer by reducing the chance of damage to these sensitive items.

HRX Premium Antistatic Bag Protects small computers and other fragile electronics from static discharges.

Weather-resistant static-shielded bag provides a high level of protection for gadget accessories, cell phone or GPS devices, PC and Mac laptop hard drives, camera memory cards, transport boxes, 4*6 inch Hard Drives, etc.

HRX bags can be used for a number of purposes. For example, you may use them to store your electronic parts, but you should know that you aren’t limited in your options by far.

2. Open Top & Resealable Antistatic Bags 

open top & resealable antistatic bags 

Our resealable and open top bags come in three different sizes: 8cm x 12cm, 10cm x 15cm and 30cm x 40cm. As part of our special promotion.

We’re offering sets of packaged resealable bags with labels that contain 10 pieces each of the 3 different sizes of resealable anti-static bags, as well as 4 pieces of top open anti-static bags and 40 labels for them.

Antistatic bags are triangle-shaped and constructed from polyethylene terephthalate, which provides multiple layers of protection to safeguard sensitive materials.

The first layer is a silvery metalized film to guard against mechanical wear and tear damage, while another two layers are specifically designed for electrostatic protection.

Just like our antistatic package products that are used to ship electronics, these anti-static bags have the same characteristics making them the perfect fit for shipping any electronic component such as an iPhone or a Kindle.

These static-sensitive bags can be used to safely store a variety of components such as hard drives, RAM, I/O cards, GPUs, motherboards, and more.

Six of these bags hold 3.5″ hard drives each, four of these bags hold 2.5″ hard drives each, and three of these bags hold 1.8″ hard drives each.

3. Daarcin Anti Static Bags

daarcin anti static bags

Daarcin’s anti-static bags are made from a special material that has been tested to be effective at preventing the accumulation of electrostatic charges built up on tech gadgets.

They are perfectly sized for use with a wide variety of different items ranging from 1.8″ hard drives to 2.5″ hard drives, and even 3.5″ hard drives.

In addition, Daarcin’s Arep (Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Protection) technology in these bags should protect electronic devices from harmful high-frequency electromagnetic radiation while they’re inside such as static induced by lightning strikes, power surges, or EMPs which could be harmful to your smartphone.

Bags that are used for food storage should be safe and insulated. We use polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which has the highest melting point among our competitors, along with a sturdy aluminized film that can withstand high temperatures of up to 400 °F.

We also ensured they were both lightweight and odorless, so you don’t have to worry when storing leftovers or transporting perishable items.

It is reusable over and over again with a very high rate of success in sealing contents. When it’s done, it can be vacuumed or shaken, and it’s waterproof and moisture-resistant.

4. Premium Antistatic Bag 

premium antistatic bag 

Premium Antistatic BaglLarge anti-static bag with 10 open-top antistatic resealable bags and 10 anti-static labels.

This multipack of electronic storage items can be used to keep the covers of electronic components, e.g. resistors, integrated circuits, transistors, etc. clean from potential damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Reusable Antistatic Bag is also known as anti-static bag anti-static bags. The disposable antistatic bags reflects charged particles and use the vacuum to eliminate electric charge in order to prevent sparks, discharge or damage. It can be used to protect valuable products and parts from damage during transportation.

Size 16” x 10”. Anti-static bags are made of a high-density polyethylene material that provides a static shield to safely dissipate the electrostatic charge produced by items such as unfiltered vacuum belts manufactured from carpeting or fabric.

Our Antistatic Bags are designed to last you a full year. And even after that, we’ll be providing support for you the whole way through. We’re so sure about this that we’ve got a money-back guarantee on each and every purchase made.

5. KUKUBAGS 15pcs 12×16 inch 

kukubags 15pcs 12x16 inch 

KUKUBAGS bags are designed to conduct away static electricity in order to help eliminate electrostatic discharge (ESD).

This is important because your computer will be exposed to a lot of particles from the environment such as dust and humidity.

Such particles can lead to ESD which is, later on, going to damage your computer.

In order for you not to worry about this type of issue, KUKUBAGS has the solution. Because we know personally how well they performed when using these bags.

We have decided that this product could come in very handy but do note that it may not fit all computers models due to differences in sizes. Large Size 12 * 16 inches, which can easily fit various small items.

If you work with static electricity, this is a bag that you need to have! This bag is extremely useful for transporting electronics as it prevents static buildup. The best part about these bags is that they’re clear and so it’s really easy to see what’s inside.

This label pack includes 15 antistatic bags and 15 antistatic labels. The total cost is very reasonable–and we know you’ll be thrilled with how these will make your shipping process run more smoothly.

6. Extra Large 10Pcs Anti-Static Bags 

extra large 10pcs anti static bags 

Antistatic Bags: a 10 Piece Set.  Ideal for the storage of goods that are particularly sensitive to static electricity. Manufactured from anti-static PE.

They help protect against electrostatic discharge and excessive static build-up by preventing any build-up of electric charge and reducing the triboelectric effect.

These bags measure 40 x 45 cm / 15.75 x 17.72 in and feature 10 pieces of antistatic stickers (included).

Static Shielding Bags are made of non-Toxic materials used to prevent humidity, dust, and static from harming sensitive electronic devices.

The resealable design makes the antistatic bags reusable, which can effectively reduce the frequency of purchasing them. When opening or unsealing the bags, open them gently and carefully for the FIRST time to avoid any unnecessary rips.

Not only will these cases reliably protect the static-sensitive electronic components from sudden impacts and weather-related dangers but you can also find out where exactly all of your client’s devices are at all times so that you may efficiently provide services such as technical support.



Do anti-static bags work?

The main purpose of these bags is to prevent the build-up of static electricity among the electronic components due to the fact that they cannot protect electronic devices from getting damaged by static discharges.

The bags can be used in environments where they are not near direct places like ATMs or industrial facility floors and could even be used on devices that may be exposed to moisture and dust.

Mainly because these bags with their high-quality fabric offers protection against mildew, bacteria, and also dust mites.

Does UPS sell anti-static bags?

What I’d recommend is to call around to some of the UPS stores in your area and see if they have a local delivery from there.

If not, you could try Radio Shack or a similar electronics store. Alternatively, you can do an online order with them but they usually come in packs of two or more.


Anti static bags best buy. We hope you enjoyed our article about anti-static bags. We know how important anti-static bags are to all of our electronics these days, so we want to make sure that you’re able to find the perfect bag for your needs. We’ve made an infographic that shows you our top 6 choices.

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