Best 1 inch impact wrench

Best 1 inch impact wrench. Impact wrenches are a valuable automotive tool for anyone who works on their own vehicles or performs maintenance on construction equipment.

These wrenches are a more powerful alternative to basic impact drivers, which are useful for small bolts but lack the torque necessary to remove larger fasteners.

Bolt removal will be faster and easier with an impact wrench that delivers instant power with each twist of the trigger.

Best 1 Inch Impact Wrench

1. K I M O. 20V Cordless Impact Wrenchbest 1 inch impact wrench

KIMO has a world-leading position thanks to Daewoo’s 25 years of technological accumulation.

Because of its low power consumption and groundbreaking work efficiency, the KIMO brushless impact wrench generates less heat over time and does not smoke thanks to its carbon fiber gear housing.

There aren’t any sparks either! Even if you’re a beginner or a lady, the KIMO 20V cordless impact wrench will delight you with its helpful combination of size, weight, and functions.

Kimmo’s electric impact wrenches include new technology that helps prevent nuts and bolts from falling or crashing into the surface you’re working on once they’ve been loosened.

You’ve probably seen this before, but what sets our wrenches apart from the competition is that they’ve been field-tested and proved to deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions while allowing technicians to do their jobs faster without risking equipment damage or human harm.

For example, employing revolutionary active braking force technology, our model KIMO 2130 incorporates a brake stop feature that engages as soon as a nut or bolt breaks loose, preventing dangerous smashes of heavy metal objects against more delicate items like your hands.

2. Ingersoll Rand 2115QTiMAXingersoll rand 2115qtimax

For larger tasks, suspension work, and industrial equipment repair, the IR 2115QTiMax 3/8″ Air Impact Wrench is ideal.

It has more torque than other impact wrenches on the market, with a reverse torque of up to 300 ft-lbs. Quiet Tool technology prevents excessive noise from being emitted when the tool is in use.

The 2254226975 Air Impact Wrench is the best tool for heavy-duty repetitive tasks like working on industrial equipment or building and removing suspension parts.

In the reverse position, it allows you to apply up to 300 ft. -lbs. of torque. The impact wrench offers the same features as other Craftsman wrenches, with the addition of innovative technology that reduces sound levels created by air pulsating through its 7-vane rotor, resulting in improved user comfort.

The titanium hammer housing and steel wear plate protect this tool from severe surroundings and ensure that it can resist repeated dayto-day stresses. To ensure long-term performance, each component, mechanism, and function has been thoroughly tested.

While this device is meant for use in the United States, it can also be utilized in nations with different power outlets. To do so, you’ll probably need to buy an adapter or converter that’s compatible with the outlets and voltage of your destination country.

3. AIRCAT 1200-K 1/2-Inch Nitrocat Kevlaraircat 1200 k 12 inch nitrocat kevlar

Power and Performance: With 900 ft-lbs of maximum torque and 1,295 ft-lbs of loosening torque, the hits keep coming.

Twin Clutch Mechanism Designed to surpass other impact wrenches in its class, this is a tool you’ll be delighted with for years to come, thanks to the amount of versatility incorporated into this model.

Exhaust System that has been fine-tuned It’s a terrific tool for those who want to enjoy using their tools while getting the work done, thanks to a revolutionary quiet-tuned exhaust system that minimizes noise to 86 dB.

The IRONCAT line of pneumatic power tools is a new and interesting brand offered both online and at select hardware stores throughout the world.

The company is committed to creating products that are simple to use and understand for everyone while yet providing excellent performance.

Users at home can experience tremendous performance without the noise generally associated with instruments that provide such outstanding results when they use the IRON CAT brand. These tools are made from high-quality, long-lasting materials sourced from all around the world.

4. AVID POWER 20V MAX Cordless Impact Wrench avid power 20v max cordless impact wrench 

The AVID POWER impact wrench is a one-of-a-kind friction design. The socket stays in place on the anvil without the use of a bearing ball, allowing you to replace sockets without having to deal with them or worry about them falling off.

When it comes to removing rusted-on or overtightened nuts and bolts, a strong motor offers the performance you need.

The maximum torque for tightening is 3,983 in-lbs., and the maximum torque for loosening is 4,465 in-lbs.

With the changeable trigger, you can quickly control your speed! Bolts may be tightened and loosened in a matter of seconds.

This little yet strong wrench is a must-have for anyone who wants to get everything done safely, properly, and quickly. You have the option of choosing from automobiles, heavy equipment maintenance, gasoline engines, product assembly, and even huge construction projects.

4 drive sockets, a tool bag, and an instruction booklet are included with this cordless impact wrench. Use the bundled fast charger to fully charge its 20V battery in 1-2 hours, ensuring that you and your valued gadget get the most out of your time together.

This tool’s motor is strong enough to withstand impact and delivers a maximum torque of 330 lbs/ft. With a battery capacity of 3.0 Ah and a charge time of 90 minutes, it can reach 2700bpm.

5. Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 1 Pneumatic Impact Wrenchingersoll rand 285b 6 1 pneumatic impact wrench

BoltProMax’s heavy-duty pneumatic impact wrench delivers exceptional performance and efficiency on the toughest auto and industrial jobs.

It’s designed for maximum power on jobs like alternator repair, oil pump replacement, tie rod assembly, or anything else that requires a fastener to move out of an inaccessible location like under the vehicle.

The Rockwell dog is made of high-quality and robust materials, so it will last a long time and you won’t have to worry about replacing it.

It also has a 360-degree swivel inlet that avoids air hose kinks and can be used wet or dry, ensuring that it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

The tool offers a powerful blow for you to use whenever you want because it has a low BPM and is quite lightweight – which means you won’t have to overextend yourself when trying to get things done and you’ll save energy in the long run.

The Ingersoll Rand 285B & 285B-6 1 inch Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrenches are designed to handle the toughest automotive and industrial applications with ease and efficiency.

6. DEKOPRO Cordless Impact Wrenchdekopro cordless impact wrench  

The brushless wrench has a lot of power. This 20-volt impact wrench delivers up to 350N.m of max torque and 3200IPM of impacts rate, it can easily tighten or loosen various nuts.

The brushless motor on this tool provides a more stable and efficient work experience thanks to its advanced design.

The Drillmaster 16 is a low-cost cordless impact wrench with three speeds with forward and reverse options on two of them.

It has an all-metal shell, three adjustable torque settings, a battery power gauge, and the normal carry choices belt clip, exactly like many other drills in this category.

When working outside, the airbrush’s belt hook and hand strap make it easy to move around. The all-rubber grip helps to prevent fatigue while working. Furthermore, this machine is fitted with LED lighting, allowing you to work in low-light conditions.

This brushless wrench produces no heat or sparks when in use, making it ideal for maintenance work without the need to replace carbon brushes; no more smelling like burnt plastic.

A robust 2000mAh power source is included in the package, which is more than enough for daily use. The power pack enables you to operate outside for longer periods of time without the need to find an outlet.

The battery can be charged and drained 500 times and will last long enough that you will not need to replace it anytime soon.

7. AIRCAT 1994 1-Inch Super Duty Straightaircat 1994 1 inch super duty straight

Power and Performance: The maximum torque is 2,300 ft.-lbs., with a 2,500 ft.-lbs. loosening power.

In a number of applications, the Paintless Hammer provides ultimate reliability as well as additional hitting strength if needed.

The brushed aluminum motor housing adds to the rugged construction for increased durability when you need it most. It also has an ergonomic handle for further user comfort.

It’s past time to update your toolbox. The AIRCAT 1994 Aluminum 1-Inch Super Duty Straight Impact Wrench with an 8-Inch Extended Anvil is a unique, low-wear pointless hammer that promises dependable performance and outstanding hitting force.

On top of the best-in-class products needed for home repair to keep your family safe and happy, you’ll find welding supplies, nail guns, ladders, extension cords, and air filters.

The motor casing on this impact wrench is made of brushed aluminum. Its wire and impact ring-gear designs provide outstanding strength and variable speed control for tough jobs.

8. AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Best 1 inch impact wrenchbest 1 inch impact wrench 2022

This impact wrench’s motor case is composed of brushed aluminum. For difficult operations, its wire and impact ring-gear designs give exceptional strength and variable speed control.

A combined reverse and power management switch, in any case, allows for straightforward operation. Turn the harness to one side for greater balance when doing heavy-duty labor.

In its class, the most powerful 1/2 inch impact driver! The tough dual hammer mechanism delivers 1,295 ft-lbs of loosening torque.

Durable composite housing with simple forward and reverse flip lever action. At 86 decibels, the handle has been ergonomically constructed for quiet operation.

With the AIRCAT 1150 1/2-inch Composite Impact Wrench, you can’t go wrong. With 1,295 foot-pounds of loosening torque and 1,400 blows per minute, this is without a doubt the greatest twin hammer impact wrench on the market today.

Not only that, but its lightweight black composite body and innovative AIRCAT handle to make it popular among construction and HVAC experts.

The innovative twin-hammer technique of AIRCAT ensures that operations are not only quiet enough for any busy business or office, but also low enough to comply with city noise restrictions.


Best 1 inch impact wrench. Working on heavy equipment is tough but someone’s got to do it. You need a tool that knows its place, that performs its job well, and doesn’t cause headaches or damage to any of the other more sensitive parts.

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