Best 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

Best 5 Gallon Water Dispenser. The drinking water in your area may not be as safe or healthy as you may think. In fact, many places allow for certain contaminants to exist within the area’s water supply.

One way to help solve this issue is by utilizing a water cooler dispenser. The dispenser allows you to put in fresh and clean drinking water instead of using dirty and challenging water resources that might amount to more harm than good if consumed regularly because they are often filled with impurities and contaminants that could have negative side effects on your body.

Below we will list some of the top rated dispensers currently available on the market so that you can make an informed choice when picking out one for yourself so your family can have fresh, clean water all day long!

Best 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

1. Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Waterbest 5 gallon water dispenser

Clean lines, stainless steel make up the Avalon Limited Edition Water Cooler Dispenser, which was our favorite of them all. It comes with three temperatures to choose from: cold, cool and piping hot.

This dispenser dispenses water that’s been sent to it through a UV light process that sterilizes the water. This is really great because it prevents any harmful bacteria buildup inside your machine.

The bottom loading design is another feature we liked about this dispenser. It makes it easy to get more water anytime you need it. With some other dispensers, you can only refill these machines by pulling bottles up from the top and flipping them upside down.

It’s not safe, takes too much time and puts your hands at risk for getting burned or cracking through metal fatigue if the bottle falls into place too quickly! So we loved that this product has a bottom load design!

Avalon 3 Temperature Stainless Steel Bottom Loading Water Cooler with Child Safety Lock is made from an innovative stainless steel body. The Avalon 3 offers consumers a choice of three different water temperatures, ranging between 43 degrees F and 57 degrees F.

To operate one simply pushes the button showing the given temperature, allowing the desired amount of water to flow out of the preference spout. Cold water is constantly emitted at around 47 degrees F without having to add ice so drinks remain crisp and ice cold all day long.

2. Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Waterbrio self cleaning bottom loading water

Packed with the best features, Brio Self Cleaning Water Cooler Dispenser is top pick for convenience. With an attractive look that will not be a hindrance to your decor at home, the dispenser offers excellent performance and features alike with stainless steel exterior shell adding to its durability.

One of the best things about this dispenser is the ozone sanitizing which saves you from all that hassle especially when you need to re-fill water every now and then.

None of it also means more time saved storing and installing or using jugs or bottles. The bottom loading water jug design makes everything easier by simply setting the jug in place, then use hot water without even removing the jug itself!

You’ll be content knowing there are safety locks like child safety one preventing burns or scalds or accidents that could happen if one were unaware of how it operates.

The Brio Cooler is the first of its kind to introduce the revolutionary Cool Control Technology by offering a brilliant self-cleaning system. This process involves an ozone cleaning mechanism that creates an unending clean environment that is always safe and free of the most hazardous contaminants. Take control of your water with confidence knowing that it’s always refreshing and hydrating as ever!

3. Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hotfarberware fw29919 freestanding hot

This Farberware Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser is a lovely appliance to have in the kitchen if your current one is accident-prone.

It doesn’t clock in with any bells or whistles, but it gets the job done at a fraction of the price while looking elegant in an understated way.

On the downside, the dispenser itself looks rather cheap and like it was built by Ikea. This can be forgiven since it has all you need out of a water dispenser: made with simple build materials as well as completely functional.

The Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is engineered with cutting-edge refrigeration technology that offers both hot and cold water for preparing coffee, tea, cold beverages, soups even frozen desserts. This is especially useful at home or in your office anywhere you would like to enjoy a quick cup of coffee or tea.

This dispenser features a stainless steel body presenting an attractive look that’s also long-lasting. It has an adjustable thermostat so hot water temperature can be customized for different recipes and it’s equipped with a programmable timer which makes it an economical choice for busy kitchens. In summary, the dispenser is reliable and brings us our water needs.

4. Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispensernutrichef countertop water cooler dispenser

The Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser looks good, but it wasn’t able to live up to the high expectations that were set for it.

It has a space-saving countertop design which is compatible with its three or five-gallon water jugs. The paperwork claims that this dispenser heats the water to about 175 degrees Fahrenheit and then it can cool it down to 40 degrees.

However, the cold option does not seem to be as cold as the literature suggests – in fact, the cold water often feels room temperature at best.

This is a brand new water cooler that lets you choose between cold and hot water from a single source, making it ideal for those who love to have something to cool off with during the summer, or for having something warm for the colder seasons.

Our company not only provides you with this product but also gives you peace of mind knowing that it has a warranty period and quality standards that are all backed up. You will be able to operate this countertop dispenser even without electricity.

it is capable of doing so via an automatic plug-in system, meaning no matter what happens this bowl can dispense! With its innovative tabletop design ideal for home and work alike, this handy water cooler is a convenient way to keep cool throughout the day.

The hot water spout has a child safety lock so even children can use it without your supervision.

5. Igloo IWCTL352CHWH Hot & Cold Top-Loadingigloo iwctl352chwh hot & cold top loading

For the best budget on a top-load water cooler, there’s really no beating the classic Igloo Water Cooler. Igloo has been around for a really long time, and its white models are decidedly the best that demonstrate why top-loaded dispensers are actually one of the simplest types available for home use.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to fit in with any office decor or has a modern or traditional home.

The best part about this machine is that it doesn’t have excess bells or whistles to go wrong, which means its fairly dependable even if you use it all day long. Some units feature push-button controls whereas others will allow you to control the temperature through their digital interface controller!

Bring back the feeling of home and make sure that your family can savor some comforting, delicious dishes whether they’re eating here or at work. This 3-in-1 Personal Water Cooler and Heater has an easy to use top-loading water system which makes it easy to see if the water is running low.

This 3 and 5 gallon Dispenser bottle is suitable for anywhere you wish to use it, whether it’s your home, office, dorm room or even the kitchen in between meals. The set comes with a space-saving slim design. This water dispenser is perfect for your family as well as entertaining guests during special occasions.

6. Frigidaire Best 5 Gallon Water Dispenserfrigidaire efwc498 water coolerdispenser

This is another wonderful water dispenser manufactured by the trusted name in household appliances, Frigidaire. We like this model because it’s simple and that’s what sets it apart from other dispensers we have reviewed so far.

It has a water spigot with 2 outputs, one for hot and one for cold water and each of them is adjustable and can be switched between very warm or very cold temperatures.

A good thing to know about this product is that it comes equipped with a drip tray which makes maintenance a breeze. This handy machine fits standard 5 gallon bottles.

It makes a fantastic addition to any kitchen! There’s nothing worse than sipping on warm water or the foul taste of cold water gone bad.

Don’t settle for either one with this dependable Frigidaire CCF0523P 3 & 5 Gallon Freestanding Water Cooler, which makes a great addition to any home’s kitchen area or other gathering spaces.

Boasting 420 watts of power and 100 watts of cooling power, its compressor cooler works hard to keep your H20 nice and frosty so that you can enjoy tasty refreshment throughout the day.

With this portable water cooler in your kitchen area, you’ll never have to deal with temperatures that aren’t optimal again.


Best 5 Gallon Water Dispenser. We hope you enjoyed our blog! As you can see, there are a few different water dispensers that you can use for your home or office. The dispensers listed above were all great options for a new drinking water dispenser. They are all built with high-quality materials and will last for years to come.

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