Best 60 Inch Smart Tv

Best 60 Inch Smart Tv. When searching for a LED TV that will be suitable for a particular sized room, there are many features that one must take into consideration before making a final buying decision.

While the 60-inch TVs may not seem like they could make viewing experience any better, the 4K UHD technology that has been integrated within these units offers audiences an advanced viewing experience.

The Ultra HD 4K resolution is in fact compatible with different HDR formats as well as being able to support Internet connectivity.

These TVs also feature Wi-Fi so you can connect to broadband and enjoy web content on the large screen through your 60-inch TV’s built-in Android Operating System.

6 Best 60 Inch Smart Tv

1. SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A samsung 60 inch class qled q60a 

The Samsung 60Q60 is an outstanding TV that displays deep blacks in a dark room. Additionally, it achieves great peak brightness, which makes it good for bright rooms.

While the basic Tizen OS built into the QLED models in the Samsung Lineup can seem like a minuscule point to some, our experience is that the exception of this TV aside, all of them come equipped with easy-to-use interfaces allowing us to enjoy using software designed by a company we otherwise have little business contact with.

We never feel out at sea when it comes time to installing software on any of these through their own app stores as they all follow this basic model.

Unfortunately, this TV isn’t the best at displaying HDR content. Although it isn’t that bright and offers only a 60Hz panel, its local dimming feature makes features like highlights pop more than they would on an ordinary TV.

Regardless, it is by far the best TV in terms of picture quality on our list with its low input lag and response time even during motion scenes making it one outstanding option for those who enjoy gaming as well as watching movies or shows.

2. VIZIO  M7 Series Premium 4K UHD vizio  m7 series premium 4k uhd 

The Vizio M58Q7-J01 is a superlative LCD budget gaming TV that offers some of the best performance around.

Built with gamers in mind, it’s useful for both gaming in low light and in dark environments, features HDR, but also an impressive response time which means no matter how fast your fingers move you won’t suffer from ghosting as a result.

Although this tv doesn’t get particularly bright, it produces beautiful colors that make all sorts of game titles look superb thanks to its 8-bit color depth.

Gaming is enhanced through FreeSync variable refresh rate (vRR) support which reduces screen tearing without any laggy issues. Unfortunately, this model features a VA panel with narrow viewing angles and the image looks washed out from the side.

It is not a good choice for co-op gaming. On the plus side, its VA panel offers deep blacks due to its high native contrast ratio despite its lack of local dimming feature.

Besides that, it’s one of the best 58 inch TVs for gaming. VIZIO’s lightning-fast IQ Active processor means the TV can make your media easier to find, with a speedier browsing experience, better overall functioning and more top-tier streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. Meanwhile.

The ProGaming Engine makes game nights a breeze as it delivers free from lag and latency so you don’t have to keep pausing your game.

3. Sony X90J 65 Inch TVsony x90j 65 inch tv

The Sony XR65X90J 4K LED TV is a 65-inch 4K television that offers the most important features on the market today.

It brings HDR10 support to the X90 line, which provides bolder and more vibrant colors that are sure to make any show or movie look fantastic.

The up scaling works really well and really makes non-4K movies, shows, and games look amazing.

A 120Hz frequency ensures your images will stay fast and fluid even when you’re staring at a particularly intense action scene with lots of movement in it.

The images on your screen are more real than ever with 4K XR technology, letting you explore details in the dark and see all of the stars come alive at night.

The new intelligent processor automatically adjusts to give you the best picture quality for any given scene or time of day. Always immersive and always perfect for whatever you’re watching, no matter where you place it.

It offers billions of accurate colors as well as impressive picture quality so natural and beautiful to the human eye. The special technology also allows for carefully controlled backlighting in order to bring out real-life depth and precision with deep blacks, high peak brightness, and striking contrast.

4. TCL  6-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision tcl  6 series 4k uhd dolby vision 

The TCL 6 Series TV combines Roku functionality and excellent picture quality at a reasonable price. We’ve never seen the company do better in this category than with this TV.

The HDR display is made with high-quality components, such as Quantum Dot technology and local dimming, which produces dark areas inside of bright objects beautifully without washing out details.

Both the color gamut (range of visible hues) and contrast ratio are optimal for viewing content from nearly any source, but the up scaling engine prevails here: It’s great for standard definition shows that have been streaming on Netflix for years.

The remote itself is outstanding, with a clean design and voice controls for both Alexa and Google Assistant. TCL Roku TV’s provides high dynamic range which is a sophisticated technology that produces stunningly bright and authentic HDR images, complements with elevated brightness, expanded contrast and much more.

With TCL Picture Clarity 4K resolution ,brings every detail to life and combines with breathtaking color, strength in black details, and the highest level of sharpness resolution to express extraordinarily vibrant pictures that were once unrealized in your home cinema experience.

5. Hisense 65A6G  4K Ultra HD hisense 65a6g  4k ultra hd 

The Hisense 65A6G embodies all of the benefits that come with buying a smart TV. It runs on Android TV, which means that you can immediately access media and online services such as Netflix and Hulu after the initial setup process.

You can also use both Android and Apple apps inside of this TV so there are plenty of options when it comes to browsing for content.

The Hisense television includes access to popular a wide range of applications thanks to Google Play Store, so you can keep up-to-date with news feeds or view YouTube videos whenever you want.

And if you have personal videos stored in another app on your phone or storage device, then chrome cast support makes it really easy to supplement your library with new material by streaming them directly from your smartphone screen to your television screen via Wi-Fi connection.

The -screen TV that gives you picture quality and sound you’d expect from something much smaller. With the Google Assistant built into your remote, you can go hands free so you don’t have to interrupt the people watching with great conversations about the TV shows.

6. LG OLED Best 60 Inch Smart Tvlg oled c1 series 65” alexa

If you want to experience some of the best-looking games available, the LG C1 OLED is an amazing TV to game on.

With things like FreeSync and G-Sync as well as variable refresh rate (VRR), you’re provided with great image stability without having to sacrifice any quality even while entering a state of extreme focus that comes from actually being inside the game itself.

The OLED display brings color contrast and shading to life in ways that look stunning on this 4K panel behemoth. You’ll also appreciate how smoothly movements throughout the environment play out.

Adjustments are lightning quick with the minimal blur effect that’s known for presenting games in their fastest, most intense forms thanks to HDR technology.

And last but not least, there won’t be any distractions due to light bloom because blacks are blacker than jet black – allowing your mind to absorb all of the beauty happening in front of your eyes during each moment before taking part in it firsthand.

The A9’s Dynamic Contrast AI Processor sharpens the edges of objects even at extreme angles, delivers deep blacks and a more accurate picture with more colors.

The Precision Backlight delivers crystal clear images by adjusting light to match brightness levels on the screen in real time.


Best 60 Inch Smart Tv. The 60-inch LED TV units are the perfect size for larger sized rooms that are in need of a television that offers a viewing experience that is superior to that of the regular 1080p HD resolution.

It’s not just the size of the TV that matters when choosing a TV, you also need to take into consideration the picture quality. Most people don’t realize just how much better the overall picture quality will be on a 4K TV.

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