Best 900 Watt Microwave

Best 900 Watt Microwave. Mid-range and moderately powered microwaves such as the 900 watt ones are good to have in your kitchen if you frequently like to reheat food, cook veggies or pop popcorn.

The best 900 watt microwaves will give you exact heating in a fraction of time due to larger heating elements than that of regular microwave ovens. These mid-range microwaves also make sure not to create any hot spots so food remains evenly cooked.

Some of these microwave ovens also come with useful features such as defrosting options supplied with presets for specific types of meat and fish, self-cleaning options, touch pads for adjusting power settings conveniently on the side, quick keys for one-touch cooking in the form of 10-30 second presets and even more.

5 Best 900 Watt Microwave

1. BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave black+decker digital microwave 

Black & Decker is a manufacturer of various home and garden products based out of Towson, Maryland. One popular product that one of our editors highly recommends are their microwaves.

The Black & Decker 900 watts microwave oven is a household essential that comes in handy for most families on top of being a stylish addition to the kitchen countertops.

What makes it different from microwave models on the medium-low range is that this model provides more cooking power as opposed to most other mid-priced microwaves available today.

Those who value power over price will definitely appreciate the additional wattage given that it allows you to cook food faster than average microwaves which somewhat translates into energy saving features.

The 0.9 cubic feet Microwave Pack microwave oven is perfect for small spaces in which you can fall back on it to reheat those delicious leftover pizzas from dinner last week or the ever so easily prepared baked potatoes.

You can choose from 10 different power levels depending on how long you’re going to want your food microwaved for, and with its pre-programmed auto-cook menu option, you don’t have to worry about setting specific temperature and time settings just to get your food warm enough.

Another great thing about the Microwave Pack microwave oven is that it comes with a memory function which we found particularly useful when used alongside its preset auto-cook options.

The automatic timer can be set up between 1 -6 minutes in increments of 30 seconds. Once your desired time has been selected, all you need to do is push a button twice and the microwave begins cooking.

2. COMFEE’ CM-M091AGN Retro Microwavecomfee' cm m091agn retro microwave

The COMFEE’ CM-M091AGN 0.9 Cubic Foot Microwave Oven from Conair has received overwhelming positive reviews from consumers due in large part to its 50’s inspired styling, a perfect addition to any kitchen, no matter how small.

Pastel green, white and black accents are available on this model to make it an even more attractive option for the consumer that is looking for that retro look.

Boasting three pre-programmed settings, easy one-touch operation, as well as nine built-in preset options, the Conair 0.9 cubic foot microwave oven makes cooking just about anything a breeze.

The largest of these preset settings being a full size dinner plate which can be cooked using either touch pad controls or a simple rotary dial.

If you want to cook only for minutes instead of up to 1 hour of steam heating in one cycle, there is a sole 1 minute button which allows for quick pop-ups for left over pizza or other items needed in that small time frame.

This microwave is relatively uncomplicated and features a solid minimalist design. The LED display shows the time remaining, so users know what’s going on inside their oven.

In front, it has a glass window that allows you to monitor the progress of your food while it cooks without opening the door and letting the heat escape. The microwave is quite sturdy; in fact, its handle is so rigid that opening the door will actually move the entire unit.

3. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD372Spanasonic microwave oven nn sd372s

This microwave oven is simple and efficient to use, with only a handful of buttons to worry about. There’s a handy door handle for easy opening, since you don’t have to press any virtual buttons instead, it has a touchpad instead.

The display is clear and easy to read. And there are even options you can use like “Mute”, so no one will interrupt while you’re trying to cook your dinner in peace.

For example, although the display screen is highlighted in blue it would benefit from having some backlighting too, so that we can easily view it when standing at our countertop cooking dinner at night.

Another critic is that the door handle moves around too much when we open the microwave. So not only does it fail to balance evenly on top of the appliance but sometimes spills out hot water or food onto us whenever we try and open it.

This microwave features uneven heating. In order to truly cook all sides, the single piece of food might need to be rotated after a period of time. It allows for faster thawing and cooking times.

In terms of durability, it’s less sturdy than the Comfee microwave, which weighs in at 22 pounds. The Keep Warm option helps keep the food warm for late-coming guests, but prevents the food from being overcooked by keeping it warm rather than cooking further. This product is more portable than other models.

4. Farberware Classic FM09SSE 900-Watt farberware classic fm09sse 900 watt 

Farberware has a 900-watt microwave, which is a little bit more powerful than other similar microwaves and can cook food faster.

The stainless steel trim and black exterior help it to blend in with the rest of your kitchen appliances and help it fit under kitchen cabinets.

This microwave is reasonably priced and compares evenly to others on the same level, offering all of the same features plus an automatic timer that can keep tabs on how long things have been in there.

Many consumers report being quite satisfied with Farberware microwaves because of the fair price for all that it can do. Farberware microwave oven has a very spacious interior that can easily hold cooking utensils like plates, bowls and pans of up to 10 inches in diameter.

11 inches or more may hinder the spinning as the turntable only measures 10.6 inches in diameter. It has basic features like memory, express cooking modes, child lock and 10 power levels.

As far as performance is concerned, it reheats food evenly and the deep-basket turntable works smoothly. Although it performs exceptionally well even with bare basics features, the buttons on digital interface take undue force to push and are difficult to read in low lights due to lack of contrast making them inconvenient for seniors to read.

5. Magic Chef Best 900 Watt Microwavemagic chef mcd993r 0.9 cubic ft 

This powerful microwave can be found in a plethora of colors, and its ginger red bod is perfect for anyone on the go. Whether you’re a new cook or just looking to reheat some leftovers, this little powerhouse provides plenty of ways to help speed up your meals.

The Microwave features presets that save time by instantly heating six popular food types and a wall clock with an intuitive 30-second button that allows you to quickly add time when needed.

Besides having a sleek design and easy control panel, the microwave is also powered with a nifty auto-defrost option. The oven allows you to adjust the time and power for defrosting frozen food automatically.

One great thing is that users have 2 options to open the door there’s an automatic button which you have to hold down, or you can open it by simply pressing down on a lever at the bottom of the door.

Although there are some gripes about this microwave, they are minor and don’t detract from its performance. For example, people complain that the light only comes on when the door is shut.

This can be quite inconvenient for some who need to see in order to check their microwaved food as it cooks! Another complaint is that there isn’t very much space above your food in this microwave.

So tall items might not cook properly and get stuck inside (although this seems unlikely to them considering how low-priced this microwave is). However these small gripes aren’t major no-go features.


Best 900 Watt Microwave. 900 watts microwaves are popular kitchen appliances that everyone wants in their home because they discover how convenient, simple and ultimately how beneficial 900-watt microwave ovens can be for everyday use.

After conducting a thorough research and careful product testing, our experts have chosen the best 900 Watt microwaves that we can recommend to anyone looking for an easy-to-use and powerful microwaves. Have a look at our top picks if you wish to find out what makes 9oo watt microwaves so special.

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