Best Adult Water Gun

Best Adult Water Gun. Somewhere during your childhood or teenage years, you probably had a blast playing with water guns outside in the backyard and shooting it out with friends or even family as if it were an epic battlefield.

Sadly, as we grow older we tend to forget about playing like that because there are some problems that come with middle age that get in the way of your internal kid.

No matter if you’re a parent or not, chances are you’re probably thinking about other things right now rather than looking to buy some super soakers.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re not on the top of your shopping list. In fact, there is nobody else out there who’s making an effort to buy them just now makes sense because it’s Wintertime and what else would someone be doing in this weather.

Buy today and you’ll have no difficulty finding all kinds of fun things too.

8 Best Adult Water Gun

1.  NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy

nerf fortnite ts r super soaker water blaster toy

The water blaster Fortnite Super Soaker TS-R is inspired by the video game Fortnite.

It has a color scheme that will look great on your mantle or desk, but it also works well as an effective weapon should you ever find yourself in a pinch during combat against other players.

It can hold up to 36 fluid ounces of water, and it’s easy to use and operate too.

Engage your opponents with the realistic pump-action and take them down before they get the best of you.

With this handy Super Soaker, you can have fun without having to wait until you have time to play Fortnite on your console system.

The Fortnite TS-R water blaster comes in collectible box packaging (obviously) modeled after the weapons from the popular video game series.

To fill the bathtub, open both of the above’s water spouts and allow water to flow into it until full. Once the bathtub has reached its maximum capacity, turn back on the faucets and wait till all of the excess water drains out.

2. Fortnite RL Nerf Super Soaker

fortnite rl nerf super soaker 

The Fortnite RL water blaster is perfect for all of your Fortnite battles.

This fun toy bears a striking similarity to the rocket launcher featured in the immensely popular game.

Use this toy at your next backyard parties to let your friends know you mean business with its vibrant coloring that’s sure to impress all who see it.

Easy to fill and easy to fire, this laser blaster will make a big splash with kids 8 years old and older. It holds up to 12 fluid ounces of water 355 milliliters, which is enough for epic battles.

Fling some serious soaking power at fellow players when you charge up their blasters by submerging them fully in water or even just from their own reservoir.

The easy-to-press handle unleashes a stream of water when activated. Earmuffs may be advised when battling opponents from afar or nearby because this toy makes a pretty loud noise as it blasts its stream.

Key features of the water blaster inspired by Fortnite include an ergonomic handle, tactical rail attachment, space-saving flat structure, and long-range precision stream targeting.

3. XShot Water Warfare Fast-Fill Water Blaster

xshot water warfare fast fill water blaster

Using X-Rapid SHOT’s Fill Technology will forever transform your view of water blasters.

This technology enables a ten-time faster fill rate than conventional tank systems.

Simply open the back of your blaster and dunk it into a bucket of water for one second to instantly fill your blaster, then press the back lid down to seal itself.

Once this technology is perfected we hope to install it in other applications such as agriculture and the military.

It recommends that you leave the back lid locked after use, just in case there is a tip-over the accident.

The X-Shot Raider blaster’s pump action gives you the power and water carrying capacity to launch your foam darts up to 30 feet/10 meters.

Just like a shotgun, pump five times each time you go into battle and surprise opponents with blaster capabilities that have the force of a jet stream projectile.

The filling mechanism is quick and easy for when you’re on the move so you can fill fast and then get back in the game.

The X-SHOT Fast-Fill water blaster fills in under a second, allowing you to get back to the fight faster than your opponents. You’ll be ready for battle again long before they are.

Just dunk, pull the hammer on the blaster, fill it up, and release the top of the hammer to seal it that’s all there is to it.

4. SUPERSOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite

supersoaker nerf super soaker fortnite

The Fortnite pump-SG water blaster is encouraged by the blaster used in Fortnite Battle Royale and replicates the design of the giant weapon found in the popular video game.

Enjoy bringing the awesomeness of the famous game into real life with this toy for kids who want to imitate their favorite characters from the hit video game.

To begin, open the cap and fill the tank with water. Replace the cap to keep it from falling or disappearing.

Start pumping the handle forcefully back and forth until you see a flash of light and hear active.

Now you are ready to challenge others to epic battles. On your go, move the handle back and forth when your opponent is in sight to drench them with a powerful stream of water.

5. Water Sports, Stream Machine Water Cannon

water sports, stream machine water cannon

The Stream Machine is the ultimate water blaster for games of all kinds.

Every model is produced at our factory where we take great pride in delivering superior power and craftsmanship that will last for years to come.

Just simply fill the double-barrel with water, find a suitable target, pull back on the manual pump handle forcefully to create a steady stream, then push to blast away your opponent before they get you.

The Stream Machine comes in many different colors and is suitable for children aged 8 and up.

The Stream Machine Store has everything you need to add some necessary happiness to your day.

Whether you’re spending time with friends in your own backyard or visiting others, these toys will help you make the most of your days and have a fun, durable time doing it.

A selection of classic favorites is available, including Water Launchers, Water Guns, Super Soakers and Inflatable Tubes.

6. JUOIFIP Water Guns for Kids

juoifip water guns for kids

JUOIFIP Water Guns for Kids and other accessories designed with care to add a little fun to your day. We do everything we can to ensure you are happy and satisfied.

These cool squirt guns are CPSIA certified, meaning they have been tested for safety when it comes down to children under 8 years of age.

The round edge design means that these water guns will provide a safe and error-free experience for your children.

This 3 pack of super squirt water guns is perfect for those hot summer days where you just want something cool on hand to play with at the local pool party or take along when you head out for an evening picnic.

They’re easy enough for even younger kids (4+) but also great for teens and adults too! You’ll enjoy endless rounds of entertainment with this super cool set – don’t hesitate to give them a try.

In the hot summer, a JUOIFIP water squirt gun can really be of use. They’re a fun way to engage in some family fun and help break the ice amongst friends who might otherwise not know each other or get along well.

It is also a great toy for large parties like weddings. This toy is something that you won’t be able to keep from enjoying fun with your loved ones.

Perfect toys for outdoor playtime in hot summer, even as a birthday present or just to bring joy to any gathering place. The cool toys make the hot summer days something children will always remember fondly.

7. NERF Super Soaker Fortnite Burst AR Water Blaster

nerf super soaker fortnite burst ar water blaster

The design of this NERF Super Soaker water blaster was inspired by the Fortnite video game, and in essence, it replicates the one in the game.

Blast some fun about as you soak your friends and family with a dousing of water, which can be fun at outdoor parties or simply when enjoying great weather.

The Nerf Super Soaker is easy to fill with water and fire again and again, which means anyone will have fun regardless of age.

Before taking aim, open the cap, fill the water tank, and close it again. Now you’re prepared for summertime games or even just because you love splashing around like an active child (as long as you remember to stay hydrated).

Additionally, a collector would likely find this item amusing as well since there are so many additional ways to enjoy this toy aside from using it on a hot day or simply when playing hide-and-seek.

8. SUPERSOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite

supersoaker nerf super soaker

The Super Soaker Fortnite HC Water Blaster immerses your competition in a powerful stream of water.

Get inspired by the equipment from Fortnite, repeating the look of this Nerf Original blaster that you’ll recognize from the popular video game.

Open and close the cap quickly so you can refill for fast action during quick-draw duels. Pull the trigger for a continuous stream of water as you battle through splashes and soak opponents at high-pressure ranges.

The Super Soaker Water Blaster also comes with an eye-catching design on both sides that shows off some of your favorite features like Skin Picker and EPIC Victory dances.

Sweeten any deal with this bonafide collectible. Pull the trigger to shoot your targets with a forceful burst of water after opening the cap and filling the tank.

With this Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite blaster, you can defeat opponents with a strong blast of water that’s convenient to carry and designed for one-handed use.

Best Adult Water Gun


In the summer, kids have a habit of loving water guns. There’s something about the pure fun of getting wet in water that makes it so exciting.

And while water guns are often considered to be a kid’s toy, there’s no reason why adults can’t have fun with water guns as well.

There are a few things to consider though, like the fact that water guns do not operate like real guns and that you should never aim a water gun at someone’s face. Here are some other tips to keep in mind when playing with water guns.

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