Best aftermarket truck wheels

Best aftermarket truck wheels. Choosing the right aftermarket wheels for trucks can be a tough decision. It’s important to note that these trucks were made to last and with good aftermarket wheels, your truck will look great and that really matters.

Your truck won’t just make you smile when it looks great; it’ll also perform better out there on the road.

There are many things you’ll have to think about before purchasing your new set of wheels. Some of the most popular models include the Equalizer Black series which comes in Matte Black.

Gloss Black, and a Black Milled Series (so not only will these tires help boost your truck’s performance, but they’ll add an extra bit of flare as well).

5 Best Aftermarket Truck Wheels

1. Pro Comp Steel Wheels Seriesbest aftermarket truck wheels

Shoppers looking for affordable truck rims will do well to check out Pro Comp 51 Series Wheels. These rims are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to give their land vehicle a sophisticated and distinct look.

They’re available in three different finishes: flat, satin, and gloss, so you’ll have lots of options to choose from depending on your own personal style.

Plus, these rims come with a variety of bolt configurations for installation on just about any model or make of car, which makes them a great overall value because you won’t need to purchase new tires or change your wheel alignment in order to install them.

Pro Comp series steel wheels are cheaper than alloy wheels for a reason. Their 1,600 lb load capacity isn’t great. You also can only get them in black, which is fine unless you absolutely must have your wheel color to match the rest of your car.

And their smaller sizes mean that many drivers can’t take advantage of their 17” rims- which is why lug nuts are sold separately from the wheels themselves.

In terms of performance, Pro Comp isn’t going to break any barriers with these steel rims. Nonetheless, they do perform decently well when lined with monster truck tires and used to traverse unbeaten paths or off-road events.

2. American Racing Custom Wheelsamerican racing custom wheels

The wheels are one of the most crucial parts of a car. They hold it together, after all. But when you want to give your car an awesome new look, there’s so much more than that at play.

Rim size, colors, styles – the choices are seemingly endless – and the possibilities for customization can be overwhelming. They know exactly how important this decision is to improving the overall aesthetic of your vehicle.

So go ahead and treat yourself to something you’ll love every time you drive down the road in a vehicle with wheels that really fit your own personal style.

American Racing brand wheels are durable, sturdy, and reliable – especially for use with trucks. American Racing rims have various dimensions, including 15, 16 and 17 inches with a variety of widths, making them ideal for most aspects of automotive styling.

The wide tires of most trucks need not only strong rims but the right kind of custom truck rims that can take on heavy wintry weather conditions without losing their stability or shape.

These all-terrain ready auto wheels deliver great performance in virtually any type of weather condition. They’re also popular choices for racing vehicles due to the ease with which they can withstand high speeds during races without warping or buckling under pressure.

3. Pro Comp Alloyspro comp alloys

Balancing off quality and performance with affordability is the All-Star Comp Alloy series. Made out of high grade steel, these rims offer a satin finish which is eye catching to say the least.

Measuring 15 inches, this size works for many different vehicle models. Being made for cars in particular, you’ll find that it features an excellent 6 x 5.5 bolt pattern – so it’s ultimately compatible with more vehicles than most wheels on the market today.

This wheel offers a bold look which is undeniably stylish and yet affordable so you won’t have to dig deep into your bank account before you start driving around in style again.

It’s safer as a user to go with Imperial measurements, in order to ensure that your new wheels fit your vehicle perfectly.

It’s also worth noting that the manufacturer is American, so if you’re looking for wheels that are made right here in America you’re going to know where they come from exactly.

They offer custom fitments for an impressive range of cars, trucks, and SUVs across a variety of popular sizes. They even make noteworthy accommodations for your choice of brake size so you can customize your ride for maximum stopping power.

4. RTX, Steel Rim, New Aftermarket Wheelrtx, steel rim, new aftermarket wheel

This wheel is a 17in wheel which comes with a black powder coat. Since it is made of RTX steel, it is affordable yet durable and hard to bend if installed properly. It also has five double spokes that make it sturdy as well.

This wheel is offset +40 and will only fit your car if the stock factory offsets are either +40 or -10. This wheel has five studs for each wheel so all you would need to do would be change out small lug nuts per wheel so that all can be tightened up again using a lug wrench.

Studded wheels are not the same as hub-centric nor are they the same as hub-centric nor lug-centric in any way accepting the size of the bolt center whether large or small depending on spoke pattern desired.

All ‘RTX’ wheel models are thoroughly tested and evaluated to meet or exceed its Certified Quality Standards. The same holds true when it comes to its new aftermarket wheel model.

This is great for replacing any damaged spare tire, rotating your tires in order to have the outer edges wear down evenly, or if you simply wish to add a bold new dimension to the look of your automobile.

5. Method Race Best aftermarket truck wheelsmethod race wheels

Method Race Wheels are made of the most refined solid materials to create a wheel that’s both lightweight and durable.

Take a look at this 12-window design and see how the center wheel of Method Race Wheels keeps its patina but is blended in with the raised marks for extra distinction.

METHOD logos are embossed for a great look as well. This wheel comes with a gold zinc insert known as MRW Street-Loc V 1 lip which enables you to get that true Beadlock appearance without worrying about punctures between your wheel spokes.

From top to bottom, this wheel covers all bases when it comes to quality. These wheels feature a superior weight capacity of between 2,500 lbs. – 3640 lbs., with an impressive 4,500 lb. load rating for overall stability on even the roughest terrain.

Another product on the list is the Method Race Wheels 305 NV Matte Black. They design and develop some of the most remarkable wheels, featuring a superior level of performance as compared to conventional stock tires you may have used in the past for your race or street vehicles.

Each wheel comes cast from aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides excellent strength and total reliability throughout.


Best aftermarket truck wheels. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to trucks but the wheels are one of the most important. Going to be made by bf good rich, this brand has a great reputation for making great wheels.

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