Best Air Mouse

Best Air Mouse. An air mouse is a pointing device with a built-in gyroscope. Instead of physically moving your hand to move the cursor across your screen or laptop.

You can move your hand which will cause the gyroscope inside the air mouse to sense this movement, and will then in turn work with the USB connector attached to your computer to move the cursor accordingly.

The original versions of these types of items were designed for computers but later on, they were altered in such a way that they could be utilized by streaming devices and Android boxes.

Air Mouse Remote Controls are growing increasingly popular as inexpensive ways to add functionality to Android boxes.

6 Best Air Mouse

1. WeChip Upgrade W1 Universal TV Remote 

wechip upgrade w1 universal tv remote 

WeChip Upgrade Air Mouse is a 2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse combo that works for most smart TVs and other media devices.

It’s a 6-Axis inertia sensor air mouse with a built-in keyboard as well as 3-Gyro + 3-G-sensor which allows it to be used in both horizontal and vertical mode.

While providing improved ease of use when playing games or typing out documents in the best comfort possible.

You can control multiple items from up to 10 meters away before needing to troubleshoot any connection issues because it uses a 2.4G protocol.

When the remote control is idle for 15 seconds without any operation, the remote control enters hibernation mode.

All blue lights dim until the remote control is awoken when you press a key. This feature conserves battery power so that it lasts longer and also minimizes environmental impact.

Strong compatibility, supports system Windows/Android/Mac OS/Linux, applicable to Android TV Box, Mini PC, Smart TV, Projector, HTPC, Laptop, and other devices that use Bluetooth remotes.

2. Gyration Wireless Desktop AIR Mouse 

gyration wireless desktop air mouse 

It’s hard to not feel frustrated these days when you need to rely on technology to get so much done.

The Gyration Air Mouse is an easy solution when it comes to selecting the right force-sensitive mouse with a configuration that makes vertical and horizontal navigation easier than ever.

This combination of IR remote and gyroscope glide controller gives you more precise cursor control whether you want to move it horizontally or vertically.

Even better is that with its 3-Gyro-sensor and 3-G-sensor technology, your Air Mouse feels fluid during play and won’t steer left or right of where you’re trying to go.

The bright orange color is fantastic because although the Gyrator Air Mouse can become completely invisible when entering your hand, the hue will help set itself apart from other brands ensuring maximum visibility no matter how dark it gets.

We have created a keyboard that is designed to help you type and search for anything more quickly. Additionally, it is a foldable backpack, so it is convenient for traveling and it will take up less space, so it is also portable.

As a bonus, the gyroscope built into the device enables you to play motion-sensing games with just a flick of your finger.

3. Dupad Story Air Mouse, MX3 Pro Backlit 

dupad story air mouse, mx3 pro backlit 

The Dupad Story Air Mouse is a remote control device with an included built-in microphone that allows it to speak and listen.

It features 2.4G connectivity and can interface with your TV as well as other electronics like a sound system inside of your house for more than just one purpose.

It’s designed for voice input and can also be used as a standard remote control using the built-in IR command sensor because it has 6-Axis Somatosensory which allows you to communicate remotely using the simple tactile controls featured on the device itself.

The fly air mouse functions in many ways, so it will be user-friendly if you’re not sure how you want to use it after all.

This wireless keyboard is powered by a reliable 2.4GHz RF technology and it will ensure you get the most possible communication range in your home or office amounting to 10 meters/ 32 feet.

The compatible design will allow you to use the device with almost all Android-based smart devices such as Android TV Player, Mini PC, and HTPC. No batteries are required at all.

4. Philips Wireless Presenter Remote Air Mouse

philips wireless presenter remote air mouse

Philips Air Mouse Wireless Presenter is made keeping in mind all the necessities one would expect from a wireless remote.

Its air mouse function allows it to be used as though you were using a real mouse, but with greater control over your computer; and also gives you the capability of performing functions like left-click and right-click.

You can use your wireless remote to click anywhere on your screen, just like a normal mouse would perform its task.

It also includes the necessary buttons for navigation through slide shows and presentations such as Previous, Next, Laser Point, Play/Pause, Volume Control, Black Screen, Turn Off Screen, and Increase/Decrease Volume.

Although this product doesn’t require any downloads to work with Windows-based computers, it does however come equipped with a USB plug which enables you to start using it without delay as soon as you take it out of its packaging.

5. ILEBYGO Air Mouse for Android tv Box 

ilebygo air mouse for android tv box 

ILEBYGO Air Mouse for Android is powered by a durable lithium battery that can operate continuously for up to 4 hours.

When charging the device, you don’t need to wait until it runs out of power because you can charge it up to 170 degrees and work anywhere from regularly every 3-7 minutes depending on how far away it is from your source.

If you notice that your air mouse cuts out shortly afterward, this is probably because it has gone into sleep mode – simply tap any button and it should reset thanks to its built-in Smart Shut-Down Protection Technology.

A Qwerty keypad with a dozen animated LED backlights – it has a built-in infrared touchscreen and will help you create passwords and other characters proactively.

It comes with 3 games, and a mini keyboard that doesn’t get in your way while you’re working. This is an all-in-one device that makes typing as interesting as it is effortless.

6. DinoFire Presentation Clicker Air Mouse

dinofire presentation clicker air mouse

DinoFire Presentation Clicker Air Mouse combines the functionality of an air mouse, as well as wireless cursor control and left/right mouse buttons, making it feel like a regular mouse.

You can use this remote to control programs that support virtual cursor technology with the built-in motion decoder feature.

With it in your hand, you can control a PowerPoint clicker with all-around functions: label/ eraser, volume control, switch windows, hyperlinks with one button.

Due to the one-button function design and plug-and-play features, it is super easy to use.

The wireless presenter is with a bright light which is easy to see against most backgrounds; Control Range for wireless mouse function.

This presentation remote needs no installation and is immediately ready to use. All you need is a Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10 machine, a Mac OS computer, or a Linux machine with an available USB port.

You can also use the provided USB cable to connect your PowerPoint (etc) software to your Android device if you wish.

The presentation clicker comes with an additional wireless remote controller which can be added to increase the number of users by up to 99.


Is an Airmouse good?

I highly recommend this little remote, and we have noticed that it works very well. The device is easy to set up, just plug it in, turn it on, and you’re ready to use air gesture control in no time.

All the buttons function as expected, and voice control also works as expected. So far, there have been no problems – all in all, a great purchase.

What does an air mouse do?

An air mouse is a gadget that allows computer users to manage their laptop or desktop from a distance while still being mobile.

An air mouse works by exploiting the touchscreen on any smartphone or mobile device to make motions in the air look as if they were being made on a screen, thanks to augmented reality technology.

For example, while standing, one may use an air mouse to control a pointer and a presentation.


An air mouse is like a touchpad but its physical space is smaller, allowing you to manipulate the cursor on your computer with hand gestures.

Instead of physically moving your hand to move the cursor across your screen or laptop, you can move your hand which will cause the internal gyroscope inside the air mouse to sense this movement, and then work with the USB connector attached to your computer to move the cursor accordingly.

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