Best Air Track

Best Air Track. The AirTrack is a relatively new phenomenon that has been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years. The interest is still on the rise today and slowly making its way to becoming a must-have for every gym.

Unlike traditional inflatable tumble tracks that use blowers to keep them inflated,  AirTracks have thousands of lightweight threads running through them from one end to the next, keeping them airtight; this means they can be easily inflated with our portable pumps.

The sides of the AirTrack are made from tough boat fabric but you don’t have to worry about me showing up with an enormous truck to deliver yours the AirTrack is very lightweight despite being made from heavy-duty materials, and easy enough for two people to carry it.

6 Best Air Track

1. DOBESTS Air Track Gymnastics Mat

dwzdd gymnastic mat, air track tumbling mat

DOBESTS Air Track Gymnastics Mat is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

It’s thick, durable, and made for the toughest gymnastics. Unlike your average tumbling mat, this mat is airtight which allows it to be resistant to spills, water, and any gym equipment accidentally tumbling into its pages.

DOBESTS Air Track Gymnastics Mats are very easy to clean thanks to the industrial-grade PVC material used as well as its lightweight (less than 10 lbs.), which makes it easy to move around if desired.

With a smooth surface and reinforced binding around all seams, this air track mat is perfect for students and professionals alike who enjoy gymnastics of all kinds; especially on beaches, swimming pools, or even backyards.

When compared to typical foam-based mats and another tumbling mat, this gymnastics air mat just takes a fraction of the time to inflate and can sustain the pressure for days.

The air track mat takes only minutes to inflate and deflate with the air pump, and it is simple to fold and unfold.

This is a highly comfortable gymnastics mat for home, gymnastics equipment for home, particularly when you are performing gymnastics or practicing tumbling.

It has high resilience and may prevent you from injury when exercising. This air mat is 100% waterproof, so you may practice yoga in your pool.

2. Dwzdd Gymnastic Mat, Air Track Tumbling Mat

dwzdd gymnastic mat, air track tumbling mat

Dwzdd Gymnastic floor mat, air track is made of high-pressure injection 0.9mm thick PVC sandwich mesh fabric, which is a new type of tumbling mat on the market.

We have chosen to manufacture this material after a prolonged testing period and comparison with other materials from competitors in the field.

Dwzdd Gymnastic mats, Air Track tumbling mats are known for their durability and water resistance which is one of the main reasons why many professionals prefer them over other types of floor mats used for training at today’s modern gyms.

Dwzdd Gymnastic Mat, Air Track is as easy as inflating your air track with a built-in pump and deflating in a matter of minutes.

This gymnastics mat has a repair kit included that allows fixing holes on the mat’s surface if it gets punctured. The mat is available for purchase in 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, 20ft sizes.

Large mats are great for group training or professional gymnastics, whereas an air track 10ft is just right for your home recreation or regular daily training sessions.

Compared to other similar sports mats, this one reduces the opportunity of injury during an activity; it can be reused frequently, thus saving you money.

The Tumbling Mats offer a durable and long-lasting solution for gymnastic workouts, dance clubs, fitness, recreation centers, and schools. It can be used on the beach or water as well as the backyard or grass too.

3. Marfula Inflatable Air Track Mat 

marfula inflatable air track mat 

Marfula Inflatable Air Track Mat doubles up as a dance floor and the bouncy castle too.

It’s the most adventurous thing for anyone who’s looking for something to do in the open. We offer a pump with an air track mat, less than 1 minute to inflate or deflate.

Marfula Inflatable Air Track Mat is 4 inches in thickness, hence it’s suitable for both kids and adults.

It comes with a safety flocked top that can be easily wiped off if it gets dirty. If paired with our connector strips, this impressive product can be customized and connected easily to get whatever length you need.

Gymnastics tumbling mats have to be secured in place with ground staples outdoors and playground-style engaging mechanisms when indoors.

A dependable product is imperative so you can work harder during your exercise sessions without having to worry about the risk of tripping on an uneven mat surface or falling off of the mat entirely.

Marfula Big Air Track Tumbling Mat has a unique design that allows users to experience immense amounts of comfort and stability while creating more room for gymnastic flips, tumbles, rolls, and cartwheels.

The dual valves make for easy inflatable deflating for storage purposes or breaking down and transitioning from a workout floor to one intended for sitting and relaxing.

Marfula Inflatable Air Track Mat comes in various dimensions guaranteed to fit practically any space you need them to occupy.

4. PPXIA Air Track Tumbling Mat 4/8 inch Thickness

ppxia air track tumbling mat 48 inch thickness

PPXIA Air Track Tumbling Mat is a high-quality product made of PVC tarpaulin boasting a better air-tightness and eventually durability by means of reinforced seams, the reinforced material found at each seam or connection.

The Air Floor mat comes in different sizes, namely Large Size suitable for group or professional recreational gyms, and Small Size ideal for home entertainment use or providing daily training indoors.

It’s extremely safe when you’re using it because this tumble track is leak-free with no smell at all thanks to the use of high-grade environment-friendly material.

This inflatable gymnastics air mat has various uses for different people, including using it on the ground, backyard (grass), water (pond), beach, or for artistic gymnastic floorings too.

A PPXIA Gymnastics Air Track tumbling mat comes with an electrical pump that has its own on and off switch for added convenience.

When stopped, the pump will automatically turn itself off after a period of inactivity. This feature helps to prolong the life of the pump and save you money by not wasting electricity.

It takes less than 1 minute to inflate this mat with the included electric pump, making it easier than ever to start your training session.

PPXIA Air Track Tumbling Mat is comfortable to jump on and safe for everyday activities.

It’s waterproof as well, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors, especially by those who are interested in Water Sports Activities.

5. VOFiTNY Gymnastics Mats Air Track 

vofitny gymnastics mats air track 

VOFiTNY Gymnastics Mats Air Track is wonderful for gymnastics, training and free movement.

In addition to the first use case of simply providing a softer environment to train on compared to tumbling on hard flooring which often have exposed carpeting or concrete it can also be used as an inflatable raft on water.

This product can be used in many scenarios such as at home without worrying about damaging your floors. Great for martial arts, dance, general exercise or just having some family fun in the park.

The luxurious but firm material will protect you from unnecessary injuries no matter what your age.

The two-layer thick weatherproofed vinyl fabric gives this camping mat strength and durability, while the double-reinforced seams prevent the mat from coming apart even under rigorous use.

Easily inflate or deflate this oversized exercise mat with its included high-pressure electric pump that works in minutes to get you pumped for your next intense workout.

When it’s time to pack up and head back home, just fold this air mat up so you can bring it along anywhere, whether you’re headed out of town on a trip that requires lots of walking or off to the park with the kids where they can wrestle and run around without causing any damage indoors.

The small size makes it easy to store when you’re limited on a room at home, too.

6. Mecalm Air Track Tumbling Gymnastics Mat 

mecalm air track tumbling gymnastics mat 

The Mecalm Air Track Tumbling Gymnastics Mat is a 1000D high-quality waterproof gymnastics mat that has excellent bounce, tear-resistance, and durability.

We’ve added extra reinforcement around the seams with an excellent leak-proof valve in place.

It’s a quality gymnastics training product and gives you the ability to jump more frequently than traditional surfaces which reduces the chance of overuse and injury.

It comes as part of a 3 piece design gym set that also allows you to use it in water. The non-slipping top layer increases friction to prevent slipping during exercise.

The Max Air Gymnastics Inflatable Mat comes equipped with an electric air pump, which makes inflating the mat a breeze.

It takes less than 1 minute to fully inflate or deflate the giant gymnastic mat so it’s perfect for those who like constant on-the-go action.

The inflated pad provides comfort and support while maintaining its pressure for days so you can use the mat over several outings before needing to inflate it again.

The Max Air Gymnastics Inflatable Mat is designed to be durable and portable, but foldable enough for easy storage in even limited spaces.

Gymnastics air mattresses can be utilized in a variety of situations. For example, they are an efficient tool for high-performance training, fitness facilities, dance studios, schools, gymnastic lessons, family use, recreation centers, gyms, and pools as well as outdoor places like beaches or parks.



Are air tracks worth it?

If you respect your tumbling talents and want to broaden your repertoire outside of the gym, air tracks are a good investment. you may get cheaper ones, but it’s well worth it to invest in one for better results.

Do air tracks pop easily?

Your trampoline should not readily pop if you hire a reputable aerobics equipment vendor. All About Gymnastics’ commercial-grade trampolines are manufactured with high-quality materials that give a bounce-back, safe landing surface that will last for years of enjoyment.


Best Air Track. The AirTrack is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained a lot of traction in recent years. The popularity is continually growing, and it’s on its way to being a must-have for every gym.

Unlike standard inflatable tumble courses, which rely on blowers to stay inflated, The AirTrack relies on a revolutionary fan-wheel mechanism to keep the track filled on its own.

The fan-wheel system is operated by a motor via a sequence of belts and pulleys to maintain the track inflated and minimize deflation.

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