Best avocado saver

Best avocado saver. Avocados are an excellent addition to any meal as they bring a predominantly fresh and buttery taste that enhances the flavors of each dish. However, there is quite a precarious window between utilizing your avocado and spoiling it.

The reason for this lies in the fact that avocados are very susceptible to oxidization and thus turn brown when exposed to even small amounts of air.

The best way to ensure you’re consuming the most flavored avocado possible is to cut down on air exposure by adding it cold into your meals directly from the source the pit.

Avocados are so delicious and creamy, but sometimes we find that after we use half for cooking or topping a salad, the other half later turns brown.

This can be avoided by avocados that are not super-ripe when you first get them. Here are a few tips to help keep your avocados looking their best.

Best Avocado Saver

1. Evriholder Saver Avocado Holderbest avocado saver

This is a fantastic solution for fruit and vegetable lovers to store their prized goods.

The Avocado Saver Food Hugger is a patented gadget that was inspired by a traveler who struggled to take avocados with him since they were nearly rotten by the time he got to utilize them.

The storage container adjustable strap allows you to take your favorite foods just about everywhere without worrying about them becoming damaged, which is ideal for keeping your favorite fruit fresh and ready to eat.

The avocado keeper storage container is ideal for decreasing air exposure and slowing the oxidation process, ensuring that your avocados do not turn brown overnight.

The avocado hugger ensures that the flesh of the avocado is tightly pressed against the container. Avocado Huggers may be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze.

This revolutionary avocado saver is a valuable kitchen tool that extends the life of your avocados and stops you from throwing away anything you can’t eat straight away.

2. MSC International 31024 Joie Avocadomsc international 31024 joie avocado

Since the 1950s, Joie has been transforming the face of kitchens all around the world.

In fact, Joie has specific collections that provide a splash of color and vibrancy to everyday cooking bringing the pleasure back.

Once you have your kitchen supplies from Joie Shop, your family will be happy and delighted by all of the festive, mouth-wateringly wonderful dishes you can prepare for them.

When you’re entertaining relatives or throwing a dinner party, you’ll feel like a classically trained chef because your hands will be in the air as if you don’t care.   When preparing those flawless egg creams, just remember to use a measuring cup.

Joy’s high-quality food clip is on the verge of becoming the next great thing! It aids in the reduction of food waste and the preservation of freshness, and it’s made fun with charming designs that appeal to both children and people of all ages.

The sealing mechanism is much easier to use than twist ties and is just as practical thanks to its revolutionary design.

3. Avocado Huggers by Food Huggers Set of Twoavocado huggers by food huggers set of two

Food Huggers is a family-owned and operated company situated in the United States.

They got their start on Kickstarter, where they raised $10,000 in their first round of investment. Avocado Huggers fit perfectly around sliced avocados and help you keep your fruit fresher for longer.

They’re also terrific value for money; buying in quantity can save you up to 30%! They’re the perfect gift for any foodie who enjoys home cooking but can’t seem to find a good way to keep their avocados fresh.

Place your sliced avocados into the fridge as soon as they’re ready to keep them fresh.

You can store them in a plastic bag or anything really, but you might want to consider using avocado storage accessories like The Avocado Saver because they are specifically made for keeping avocados fresh and making the most of the little space available in your refrigerator.

This avocado saver is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, with plastic that’s strong yet completely BPA-free.

You’ll be able to place your halves wherever suits you best – vertically on their side, horizontally on their side, or with the seed side down. There is no wrong way to use it.

4. Farberware Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Avocadofood huggers zero waste starter kit

Farberware Avocado Saver; fits almost any sized avocado; there are no avocados out there that these avocado savers will not fit. the Farberware avocado Savers can fit avocados of all shapes and sizes.

The specially designed pit pocket holds the pit of your half-avocado, which you can push in or pull out depending on if.

The half you’re saving has a pit (bonus tip: save some lemon juice or a few drops of vinegar in the special slot to keep your guacamole lasting longer). Use it for storage in your fridge or on the counter.

These avocado Huggers were designed to keep avocados fresh for longer periods of time, and they’ve been tailored to save avocados of all shapes and sizes. Avocado Huggers come in a set of two, one little and one large.

Because not all avocados are created equal, this set includes both a small and a giant avocado hugger, allowing you to keep more than just your regular-sized favas.

That plate of perfectly ripe avocado slices isn’t going to make it to the table unblemished. Make sure to wash your dishes by hand before serving, as these silicone avocado huggers will do the job! They are easy to stow when not in use, with an overall diameter of 11 cm and a height of 7 cm.

5. Prepworks by, Progressive Avocado Keeperprepworks by, progressive avocado keeper

It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep your unused avocados fresh so you can save them for later! You won’t have to worry about the flavor of your hard-earned leftovers going bad with our Avocado Keeper.

By simply putting avocados on their side in the cupboard and draining them of any lingering dark phenolic chemicals and other enzyme inhibitors, this Avocado Keeper makes it simple to avoid wormy half-used avocados.

When you want to get back to work in the kitchen, the snap/click on top assures a snug fit while yet being easy to release and clean.

These thoughtfully designed kitchen tools are crucial to everyday meal preparation at Progressive International.

Its feels that every element, from attractive canisters and above-the-sink cutting boards to handy hot pot warmers and fruit macerators, has influenced how people think and conduct their lives.

Providing only the greatest insurance products and services that meet or even exceed our customers’ expectations, as the heart is the core of our bodies and courses through it to distribute blood.

6. Simply Served Avocado Slicing and Storage Setsimply served avocado slicing and storage set

The Avow Saver makes it simple to eat the perfect half of an avocado. Cutting and pitting avocados is no longer stressful or messy thanks to this equipment.

This kitchen tool was thoughtfully developed to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold, making cutting an avocado safer and less stressful when frequent use is required.

Stainless steel power washers can effortlessly clear large mounds from the yard. All you have to do is cut into them and blast them away with the power washer! Bladeless leaf blowers are ideal for smaller loads and get the job done quickly.

Are you tired of slicing, pitting, and peeling round fruits like avocados? Don’t be concerned! You can cut, pit, slice, or scoop any fruit with the Simply Served 3-in-1 Bowl Rice Vegetable Fruit Cutter instead of using many cooking utensils.

The circular cutter in the center is ideal for cutting the entire bowl into three separate portions. By pushing down on a ripe avocado in the circular bowl until only peels remain, use the bowl to extract seeds from avocado slices.

With just a few squeezes, the split slicer separates your pumpkin flesh into even sections, adding one more step to the process of preparing savory pumpkin purée for that show-stopping fall soup.

And without having to struggle to pull that bit of meat from the pumpkin, as some products make it really difficult.

7. Avocado Slicer, Avocado Saver best avocado saver 2022

Best avocado saver. If maintaining a balanced diet is a goal for you, you understand how stressful it can be to deal with a medium like avocado that frequently detracts from your efforts.

Avocados ripen quickly, so it’s difficult to enjoy them while they’re still fresh and not allow them to go ripe before you finish what you’re doing.

This means that avocados are normally sliced, mashed, or peeled, then placed in a container or cup to be saved for later, only to become brown due to the air surrounding them in the dish.

Avocado owners will find this avocado cutting knife is a perfect tool for smooth, safe quick removing seeds.

Kitchen chefs love the stainless steel avocado pitter a nice handgrip and sharp blade can get their job done fast and easily. You can put them in the dishwasher safely.

They safely remove the pit of an avocado to create a snack or meal ingredient that people will enjoy using on nachos, in salads, or simply spread on toast.

From friends and families on Christmas to your Thanksgiving dinner, it’s fun to make any dish you want with avocados.


Best avocado saver. Avocados are a superfood, but their superfood reputation won’t keep them from browning once cut! We looked at some of the science behind browning and why avocados brown so quickly compared to other fruits, as well as confirming that avocado with minor browning is still edible.

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