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Best baby alive. These lifelike dolls termed “magic mixers” quickly became a hit among children and adults who would watch them act and behave like real babies.

Designed with the toddler population in mind, Baby Alive Magic Mixer Tropical Treat Baby Doll will double as a talking friend for little girls who have mastered an understanding of how to feed themselves and change diapers.

A modern-day development, the doll has been a mainspring packed with activities including playing, bathing, drinking tea from her own personal teapot, putting on makeup, and brushing her teeth.

8 Best Baby Alive

1. Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Dollbest baby alive

Put a different spin on Baby Alive’s magical feeding time. Baby Alive will transform into one of 4 modes depending on which color food you pour into her.

She’ll start off as a baby then suddenly her eyes will open wide, she’ll smile and go “Wow”. As if hypnotized by the fresh ingredients Baby is ready for anything – including being fed with a spoon.

When it comes to drinks, however, she has her own ideas. Give Baby a sip from her bottle and watch in amazement as she goes through all 4 stages of digestion – drinking, peeing, crapping and pooping.

After an intensive meal it’s time to change her diaper. Just like real babies baby craps straight after drinking before getting cleaned up with warm water and tucked up for bedtime in clean sheets.

Watch your baby girl moving its arms and legs and soon after you’ll notice it is breathing deeply just like a sleeping infant should do. Bring home your very own Baby Alive doll today.

Baby’s favorite food is strawberries and she can never get enough of them. The strawberry powder you put in the Magical Mixer Baby’s diaper makes it look like she actually pooped.

2. Baby Alive Baby Grows Upbaby alive baby grows up

Your little girl has blue eyes and blonde hair. What would you like for her to look like when she grows up, though. Give her a bottle and watch as she begins to grow by changing size 4 inches (10 cm) as if time was going by.

Give her a brush, pretend pouch feeding and move her around to see what outfit she will wear next – every day is really a new one. Her bib and food pouch are cute, but they can also change over time.

So much fun with the smart baby dolls that know how to change: A pretty girl doll adapts in the most realistic way possible right before your very eyes thanks to features like simulated growth and real movement – no batteries required.

Your child can even change the baby’s clothes according to how big she gets. A living doll that delivers amazingly realistic movements thanks to an innovative technology developed for dolls: pure magic for budding stylists – and young parents.

Your baby will love getting to know her new friend, Baby Grows Up. Encourage your baby with interactive sounds and words that replicate the real world sounds produced by babies.

With so many exciting functions and accessories, it’s fun to see what baby will do next: Will she have a giggle fit when she hears her best friend burp or will she have one of her own soon after.

How adorable would it be if they simultaneously burst into laughter just because they’re having so much fun. This is the perfect gift for all curious little ones who want the extra comfort and joyful companionship of a like-minded little pal.

3. Baby Alive Baby Lil Soundsbaby alive baby lil sounds

How such a wonderful baby doll. A lot of sweet sounds, she makes. Baby Alive Sounds is an interactive doll from Kids Toys. She reacts when children play with her.

She responds to children putting her to bedtime and waking her up. To get her ready for the day, dress her in her removable dress, which brings with gadgets like a bunny hat cap.

Kids can even help baby take a bath and pretend to feed her a bottle by giving her a bottle accessory and adjusting the shower head attachment.

However one of the neatest things about this interactive toy is that it really speaks when the pacifier is removed from its mouth while it’s sleeping or where ever you decide to store it safely.

Interacting with your child and having fun is a terrific way to foster positive social bonds, cultivate creativity or just relax and chill (new word). There are many ways to play side down the division just one is by playing with toys.

For example, see this Baby Alive baby doll because it has a wide range of sounds that produce different reactions depending on how your child chooses to interact with her.

Baby Alive Baby Lil Sounds make 10 real baby sounds when your child takes care of her. She giggles, cries, yawns, whines and babbles. She makes sucking noises when her pacifier is in her mouth.

Playing with babies helps to develop one’s imagination. Playing side by side down the aisle not only educates youngsters, but it also helps them to develop socially.

4. Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Dollbaby alive mix my medicine baby doll

What do kids require while they are sick at home, Lots of Loving Care? And plenty of medicine to make them better.

But sometimes as a parent, you have to figure out what exactly that type is by reading the doctor’s orders on the little chart inside her thermoscope and then administering accordingly, knowing how much to use from the dropper provided.

Mix My Medicine Toddler is one such toy that comes complete with everything you need for a proper examination the appropriately scaled exam table complete with an adjustable tray, the thermometer with a matching checkup chart and of course, medicine.

In addition, all sorts of other items are also available separately, giving “the Doctor” another chance to put up his shingle. Again fun ideas abound when you look outside traditional roles and ethnicities. Sick babies require a lot of sleep, and their beloved stuffed toys are there to keep them company.

 It’s time for the baby to drink from the bottle once it’s warmed up. It’ll be time for another diaper change before you know it. Oh terrible, the child isn’t feeling well once more.

It’s a good thing you’re wearing her cosy clothes. So, after changing her diaper, one more medicine dose is required before baby is fully recovered and ready for some yawning and cooing.

5. Baby Alive Lulu Achoo Dollbaby alive lulu achoo doll

Lulu Achoo has a rough day at school and sneezes her way through it. First, she gets a tissue for her red nose. Then she takes an imaginary temperature using the pretend thermometer.

Will you help to cheer Lulu up by fixing her hair with the comb or give her a shot. It’s time to check Lulu’s ears: will they be clean or dirty today.

You can give the doll’s cold symptoms a rest by helping her wash with the cloth soap before tucking her into bed. She’ll get better soon.

As an added fun feature, there is also an interactive thermometer located on top of the medical cabinet to check Lulu’s temperature whenever you want to make sure she’s still healthy and well.

Gentle handling instructions: Molded hair may become discolored if left in sunlight, water or other liquids for extended periods of time; fabric & small parts are not toys – adult supervision required; surface washable only; recommended for ages 5+.

Smart Interactive & highly functional, this is more than just a simple toy. Engineered to provide children with a multitude of fun activities while encouraging nurturing and interaction of their own.

With three different ways to play the “Lulu Achoo” doll is not only fun but interactive. The doll can express that she doesn’t feel well or simulate through blinking eyes, making sound patterns and by her lack of interest in eating. This functions on a variety of sensors touch, motion, weight and even light.

6. Baby Alive Sweet ‘n Snuggly Babybaby alive sweet ‘n snuggly baby

Nursery rhyme lovers will have a ball with this classic toy. Let your child’s imagination soar as you introduce her to a whole cast of lovable dolls, each with their own charming nursery rhyme.

With a bottle full of colorful beads that make exciting rattle sounds, your little one will love giving Sweet Snuggly Baby doll all the attention she needs.

Designed for tiny hands and big-time fun, kids can care for this baby doll just like Mom and Dad. Ideal for children 18 months old and up, Sweet Snugly Baby is sure to be a hit at home or on the go.

This soft baby doll has a cosy body that’s perfect for hugging and comes in an appealing package style. It can mimic the movements of a real newborn baby. Included is a colorful patterned onesie and headband in the form of a peppermint candy bow.

The bottle can be filled with multi-colored beads that rattle inside when shaken up. Don’t have a baby to hold right now. You’ll absolutely love giving Baby Alive her very own bottle, it’s so realistic you could almost mistake her for being real.

There is no better way to bond with your child than by teaching them to take care of things from an early age, especially when it comes to baby dolls that are as lifelike as Baby Alive.

7. Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Brownbaby alive happy hungry baby brown

The Happy Hungry Baby doll is an innovative toy for babies and toddlers. This adorable baby reacts to being fed by mimicking the motions of eating, such as opening and closing her mouth, and nodding her head.

When it’s time for a diaper change, she “pees” in her diaper or when she needs a drink of water, she gestures toward her sippy cup.

“Hi hungry baby,” for example, or “What do you say we go play together?” are just a few of the sentences the doll can say. Other functions include realistic heartbeats when hugged and foot teasing that produces a giggle sound.

She adores attention, playing games, music, drinking water and eating food or snacks. When the baby doll is fed her specially-designed spoon, she will not only open wide and then gurgle but slurp up the baby food.

Kids can play out various meal times with their hungry baby who ROCKS as she eats. The simple design features an easy-to-use rotating bowl that allows her to eat from a realistic looking plastic spoon or drink from her bottle.

With water added, it even looks like real food. When it’s time to change the diaper, simply lift off the top and let parents change their baby’s nappy.

8. Baby Alive Best baby alivebest baby alive 2022

The GloPixies Tia Twinkle doll has a button on her tummy that lights up and plays music. It looks like she’s drinking from a lollipop and eating it.

It also looks like she’s eating glitter just like kids do after they brush their teeth in the morning. Kids ages 3 years and older will enjoy pretending to feed this sweet Baby Alive doll, and they’ll love playing with her musical lollipop and getting glitter all over out of pretend fun too.

Her wings are lighted up, too, so you know she’s glowing in color blue there for sure. This toy is for girls and boys alike who will love collecting all of the GloPixies dolls.

Other dolls are available to collect such as Sammie Shimmer, Siena Sparkle, Tutti Fruitti, dressed in an orange tutu, Izzy Glitter, dressed in pajamas. This doll comes with all of the essentials.

Baby Alive GloPixies are a must-have for every little girl’s collection. Like other Baby Alive dolls, just feed them their favorite food and watch as they ‘play’ it out. These pixie dolls glow in the dark.

Simply shine on their teeth to discover colors that glow ‘shiny’. The more you play with these fun toys, the brighter they will become each time. Kids love to brush the dolls’ hair too.

With a signature look and style, GloPixies Tia Twinkle doll is not any other baby alive doll but she holds her own next to Tinkles and Silly Sally. She even has her own fairy tale style dress with a magical compass badge.


Best baby alive. For those of you that are looking for a good baby doll, we hope that you have found some information on the best baby alive dolls. There are many different baby dolls on the market and we are confident that one of the babies listed above will be the perfect fit for your home.

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