Best Bagel Slicer

Best Bagel Slicer. Bagels are the ideal start to a morning. Maybe you like them plain with a bit of butter, or lightly spread with cream cheese and jam, or even just a quick swipe through some peanut butter.

You could even imagine starting your morning as a renowned baker, making bagels in bulk to stock every grocery shelf, or maybe you’re known for baking mouth-watering flavors no one thought could be accomplished with dough.

The best part is that whether you know anything about bagels or not too much, there are plenty of tools on hand to help you achieve the perfect cut and allow you the choice of bagel topping. We reviewed some excellent food slicers so that choosing one was no longer such a daunting task.

6 Best Bagel Slicer

1. Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine hoan the original bagel guillotine 

Much like bread comes pre-sliced, fresh bagels have a reputation for being hard to slice cleanly. Thankfully there’s the Hoan Bagel Guillotine, which features a hidden blade and special bagel rest that helps users make evenly sliced bagels without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Reminiscent of an oversized paperweight rather than a kitchen implement, this device adds style to counters due to its brilliant mirror finish (it’s also available in an understated brushed stainless finish as well).

It works by balancing the edges of a cut-off portion against the flat top of the faucet-style steel design, with guides offering assistance in slicing through hard surfaces so users can enjoy cozily carb meals at their leisure.

This bagel slicer comes with two shields that are transparent acrylic, one of which goes over your hand and the other to rest on top of the bagel.

The blades are extremely sharp and you can use them for various rolls such as muffins or buns on different mornings of the week as well as bagels.

One thing we found is that if you’re not careful, then overtime the bagels may start to get squished and rounded rather than staying their normal shape.

2. Koozam Bagel Slicer High End koozam bagel slicer high end 

If you should happen to have a white kitchen, you might not want to choose a guillotine slicer that’s purely basic and utilitarian in design.

The Koozam bagel slicer is a bit different from other guillotines we’ve seen because it features a stainless steel blade instead of the traditional saw-like sharp edge on many other models.

Not only does the stainless steel blade offer more stability than ordinary materials such as plastic could ever hope for, but also an added layer of protection against rusting over time.

One other perk about this slicer is its ability to slice bagels without mashing them together or missing chunks – so this makes it ideal for those who really enjoy their homemade (or from-the-store) bagels.

Bagel slicers made from clear acrylic are the safest bet when you buy one. This product is a great option for someone who understands and appreciates the importance of safety when it comes to slicing bagels.

Make sure you look out for a bagel slicer with a sufficient width as well, since some people like to eat larger boiled bagels and this can be disappointing if the width of your slicer doesn’t support them.

3. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knifetablecraft firmgrip bagel knife

If you’re not in the market for a guillotine style bagel slicer, the FirmGrip bagel knife by Tablecraft may be just what the doctor ordered.

This knife is meant to go against the grain of typical options like other unpopular knives by cutting perpendicular rather than directly down so you can get your back-and-forth slicing on and make nice neat slices that come out evenly every time.

The stainless steel blade pairs nicely with the soft plastic which acts as a guide on either side so that your bagel doesn’t end up with an uneven cut at its end like otherwise might happen with an unfamiliar or traditional breadknife style option.

The patented nonslip grip handle ensures this firmgrip will stay firmly in your hand so you don’t have to worry about accidents during any part of this overall slicing process.

Good enough to get by and cost-effective, this let’s you save money over staying at an expensive hotel or a boutique to meet your needs. While the outcome may not be a noticeable difference between what you can actually do with a regular knife.

If it’s better for your budget and you’re wondering why more people have yet to jump on it, consider telling people about its safety features that make it almost impossible to cut yourself deeply if something goes wrong a few times.

4. Larien Bagel Slicer Guillotinelarien bagel slicer guillotine

Larien slicing products often offer variations for ease of use, depending on what a user’s specific need is. For example, Larien provides the SLG13743 Bagel Guillotine for kitchen use to cater to those who aren’t professionals but want a bagel slicer as part of their commercial kitchen or home use.

The two stainless steel blades first pierce then slice, which helps to limit smash damage other products have an issue with. The clear view safety guards help keep fingers safe and make it easy for kids to cut their own bagels without worry.

The Larien Bagel Guillotine is like a regular guillotine in that it slices through your bagels quickly and easily. It does suffer from the same problem as regular guillotines, however, in that it is extremely gruesome to watch when you think of what would have been done to someone’s fingers without one.

But luckily, a lot of people who used to get severed fingers now use the Larien Bagel Guillotine instead! Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

For instance, a newly improved flared undercarriage increases base stability and enables more precise slicing in both directions of a bagel or loaf of bread.

5. Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicersweet home bee bagel slicer

The unique, rugged build and strong structure of the Sweet Home Beehive Bagel Guillotine allows for exceptional durability, performance and fantastic-looking aesthetics in one’s own kitchen.

The first thing one notices is that the blade is surrounded with a protective shield to ensure safety while slicing bagels. There are also serrated edges and a nonstick surface made from the sturdy material of steel xylan.

This makes it ideal for slicing buns, rolls and other types of bread without needing to worry about harmful pressure to the hand when using traditional bagel slicers.

This  stainless steel Bagel Slicer designed with a wider and thicker base for maximum stability when cutting different varieties of bread. It has a compact size plus an ergonomic handle which make it comfortable to use while being easy to store in drawers.

It slices bagels as well as loaves of bread with precision whether or not they’re frozen. Since it’s larger, you can cut bagels without the blade flipping them over.

However, you may need to be innovative by stacking two pieces of bread to get around this because some customers claim the blades are unable to get under large bagels.

6. Urban Hometown Best Bagel Slicerurban hometown bagel knife 

Whether it is lukewarm or fresh, bagels and muffins always look best when they are sliced into equal size portions. With this versatile bagel tool, Urban Trend UTU1KG0024 makes safe cuts through even the densest of breads and pastries.

Additionally, it allows you to equally portion almost any food product that you can think of in your home or at work.

Not only is it quick and easy to use, but its plastic body makes it safe enough for almost anyone to handle without any risk of cutting themselves.

The convenient way that the UTU1KG0024 slices means that gripping has been made a lot easier with its looped handle that prevents fingers from slipping onto the blades.

In addition to this, as an added safety feature, longer-than-average sized handles prolong the amount of time needed before fatigue sets in so that cuts are less likely to happen in the first place.

For all of the slices you could want including buns, croissants and bagels, this versatile kitchen tool is designed to perfectly cut any type of roll. Able to easily store in a small space, this item is dishwasher safe; eliminating the need for much cleaning time.

Remember: Though most products do not require much effort to clean, keeping it at hand makes it convenient for when you’re switching out ingredients or working on other projects in your kitchen.


Best Bagel Slicer. We hope you enjoyed our post about bagels. With so many different types of bagels available, you’re sure to find one that tickles your taste buds and makes a great breakfast.

For the bagel-fanatics, we recommend the Hoan 5193848. It is an absolutely essential recommended kitchen gadget for anyone who wants to make sure their bagels get sliced with precision.

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