Best Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer. Using a bamboo steamer not only helps you changed your cooking method, but it can also help you lose weight! True, we’re not talking about your typical cookware that comes with many different parts.

However, instead of using the metal kind that are said to leach minerals and vitamins from your food during preparation, you can instead use the traditional bamboo steamer from any kitchen store.

Since the nutrient an still cook without being exposed to high temperatures and oftentimes in an enclosed environment, you’re able to enjoy healthier meals without have to worry about losing out on anything.

6 Best Bamboo Steamer

1. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo helen’s asian kitchen bamboo 

This bamboo steamer uses natural bamboo that’s been pre-treated so that it doesn’t require spraying or seasoning and will still keep your food hotter for longer when you take the traditional route by steaming your food rather than boiling it.

The two tier design of this bamboo steamer ensures your food is cooked evenly on both tiers and allows you to prepare a more satisfying meal in fewer pots and pans.

It also lets you cook different types of foods together, which can save you time as you don’t need as many pots and pans to make all the various elements that go into most meals.

This bamboo steamer’s 10 inch diameter and two layers make it ideal for cooking meals for larger gatherings. If you frequently organise dinner parties or family gatherings, having greater space to prepare more food at once might be a useful feature (especially when it comes to preparing items that take longer to cook).

We don’t want whoever is cooking to make the mistake of running out of food too quickly when these types of gatherings occur. For a striking appearance, this steamer is made of exquisite bamboo material. The bamboo structure gives a consistent look that readily blends in with your other kitchen appliances.

2. HUANGYIFU Chinese 7-12 Inch huangyifu chinese 7 12 inch handmade 

The benefit of cooking with a bamboo steamer is that it infuses flavor in the food that it is steaming, flavorful additions like ginger and onion for example. This addition of flavor permeates the dish through steam which does not allow too much water to enter the dish.

There are 3 tiers on this model. That means 3 times the space to steam your food, allowing heat to evenly steam whatever you choose to put in your basket/basket.

The baskets are then vented with wooden slats which allows steam to pass through each tier similar to ventilating a tent. Not only will you save time and energy, but with this bamboo steamer, you’ll have absolute confidence that your dumplings are cooked just right and thoroughly.

The non-stick alloy of this product is ultra durable and provides a long lasting surface that can be easily cleaned and cared for. The small size of the diameter makes it easy to store in any kitchen while still being able to hold a large amount of fried food.

The three tiers allow you to cook large portions all at once making it especially useful during the holidays when feeding large groups of family or friends on an almost daily basis. The lid has three layers.

The first is a stainless steel mesh meant to trap moisture. The second is an aluminum alloy designed to keep temperatures consistent and stop food from burning or sticking.

3. Joyce Chen Steamer, Bamboo Tanjoyce chen steamer, bamboo tan

This bamboo rice steamer pack is the perfect gift to send someone living with the daily stresses of a hectic lifestyle. They will be able to unwind and revive any time they want with this steamer in the home, which can make cooking an enjoyable experience for almost anyone in your life.

We have a wide variety of gift packages for both men and women’s preferences upon check-out: there’s sure to be one that would please almost anyone. All of our products are manufactured from 100% Bamboo wood and guaranteed not to fade or peel over time even when used on a regular basis.

With two insert tiers you will never run out of space, even if you’re making delicious food for a large group of people. As well as providing you with the ideal means for cooking.

This product can also be used as an attractive display piece because each insert tier features an attractive tapered top design that adds to its aesthetic value.

The bamboo steamers enclosed in the package give it a light look which would make it easy to fit on your kitchen shelf. They are easy to stack, which makes them very convenient for micro cooking cookware.

One huge advantage of using this is that you can store all three steamers in one place by keeping the biggest one on the bottom with two smaller ones on top of each other, allowing you to save space.

4. HAPPi STUDIO Bamboo Steamerjuvale 10 inch bamboo steamer

The HAPPI Bamboo steamer set  comes with a bamboo pot which makes it much more durable. So, placing the bamboo steamer above the pot will not cause any water to drip onto the food you’re cooking.

The slatted bottom on the metal Chinese steamers forms a heat circulation system and also helps prevent food from burning.

Using a metal vegetable steamer over a wok or pot with no bottom will allow for more effective steaming and will also cut down on kitchen humidity.

Although this one comes at a higher price than other products, it’s versatility definitely makes up for it especially if you’re looking for an option that you can use for multiple recipes in your cooking repertoire.

The steamer set looks more like decor that would belong on your kitchen counter or dining table than a piece of cookware. But it makes sense because you’re not wanting to steam that much at once when you’re cooking.

The included basket holds up to an impressive 10 inches in diameter. A perforated terracotta base cools the water very evenly and also makes sure your ingredients never get caught in too much wetness; the moisture simply soaks into the terra cotta.

5. Hcooker 3 Tier Kitchen Bamboo Steamerhcooker 3 tier kitchen bamboo 

The Hcooker bamboo steamer is a great way to get people in your family eating healthier. It’s made of natural bamboo and has 3 tiers, so you can steam more food.

The metal rims stick out from the bamboo, making them last longer because they’re not exposed to moisture like most other steamers. These bands usually use small nails to keep the whole thing together which can be dangerous.

Some steamers have rust issues because nails aren’t as high quality as rims with stainless steel – but this steamer solves that problem. And it will still hold smoked fish or vegetables without giving off any strange smells.

Another reason that you’re sure to be pleased with your purchase is the design of the product. Hcooker has put a lot of thought into it, and not only are their bamboo steamers beautifully crafted, they are also very stylish.

The steamer baskets come in 13 different sizes so that they can fit onto any pot or wok so you don’t have to worry about having to buy a new set-up.

While there are many excellent qualities about this product, undoubtedly one of the most popular ones is that this steamer can be used for much more than just traditional Chinese cuisine many customers agree that it works well when making anything from poke bowls to cheesecake.

6. JIA Inc. Steamer Best Bamboo Steamerjia inc. steamer set large set

The stainless steel rings on this bamboo steamer help to keep it in shape for a long time because of their special properties in terms of the structural integrity of wood.

The metal also creates a barrier between your bamboo steamer and your cooking vessel, which is important as you may wish to make sure that they won’t burn one another (much like how you would use a protective cooking sheet when grilling or frying foods).

These metal rings are also specially designed with tight siding meaning that they will hold food in rather well. If you like watery vegetables or seafood, this is ideal because it traps maximum moisture and ensures thorough cooking – all it requires is a little bit of heat to do its work.

This bamboo steamer not only is great for regular cooking but can also be good for reheating leftovers and also be used to reheat foods you had in the previous day.

So get experimental by mixing leftover foods together in the large tiers or recook something that has been cooling overnight in the fridge. These bamboo steamers are limited to your imagination when it comes to what you can do with them and the variety of ways that you see fit.

This product measures 10 inches across with loosely woven slats in both tiers and and a durable three tier design that come in different designs, shapes and even colors. This allows moisture to escape throughout the many channels that create ample room for a wide range of food items.


Best Bamboo Steamer. If you’re looking for some kitchen items that can improve your quality of life and make it easier to enjoy delicious food with the ones you love, a good place to start is with your kitchen.

They are also excellent at quickly cooking vegetables, fish and meat without adding any unhealthy fats. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up either as they allow you to remove leftover food easily or by discarded them gently in the trash bin when they aren’t needed anymore, so they require little maintenance too.

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