Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters Consumer Reports

Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters Consumer Reports. A string trimmer is like an edger. No, an edger isn’t a useful tool for keeping the outside of your home neat and tidy, but it is when you’re thinking about trimming along the edges of areas such as a garden or walkway.

It’s easier than using a lawn mower on any surface that has stones or bricks because it can get into all those tight corners without having to worry about getting stuck.

String trimmers work just as well when taking care of tall grass around fence posts and tree trunks as they do normal grass from your lawn.

6 Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters Consumer Reports

1. WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V worx wg170 gt revolution 20v 

It simply converts from a precision string trimmer to an edger and then to a mini-mower, allowing you to do three duties in a single trip outside. Flexibility is crucial in this situation. Worx Power is a brand of Worx Power.

Because all Worx tools are compatible, you can easily swap out your tool batteries or borrow some extra power from other Worx equipment to accomplish those tedious projects.

You may rest easy knowing that this one-of-a-kind feature will help you to take care of business even in difficult-to-reach yard lines in no time.

The GT2000 is a bit longer than its predecessor. You can now retain optimal power during your gardening session thanks to an increased engine speed of 7600 RPM.

We’ll send you a 6-pack of replacement spools for free if you only pay for shipping. You won’t have to go to the shed to collect replacement spools thanks to the second spool holder on the shaft. Two 20V Max Lithium batteries, three trimmer spools, a 20V battery charger, support wheels, and a safety guard are included.

2. WORX GT 3.0 20V String Trimmer worx gt 3.0 20v string trimmer 

Buy the Worx 20V Grass Trimmer and Blower Combo Kit and save money while keeping your yard neat and tidy for your friends and neighbors.

You’ll get two vital tools in one battery-operated kit: the outstanding Worx cordless lawn trimmer/edger and the lightweight blower.

Use them separately or in tandem to complete minor and major tasks in the garden, allowing you to refresh your lawn without exhausting yourself.

After all, it’s past time for one to start dressing like an artist in such settings. Gardens, like chefs, require the proper equipment to maintain their beauty.

These tools are lightweight, have ergonomic features that make them easy to use, and have a cutting diameter of 12 inches, allowing you to make wide passes while still getting into the nooks and crannies of your garden.

They employ the revolutionary Double Helix trimmer string, which is oval-shaped and has a tensile strength that will help your trimmer last longer by reducing cutting drag.

It would be more expensive to buy both of these tools separately. We also included two batteries and a charger! The battery transforms from trimmer to edger with a single motion – how cool is that The nicest part about having both of these goods is that they include everything you need to accomplish your yard work without leaving anything out or needing anything extra.

3. Makita XRU09PT1 36V LXT Brushless makita xru09pt1 36v lxt brushless 

With cordless innovation, Makita’s rotating engineering brilliance allows them to unlock a new dimension of performance. Their direct-drive Outer Rotor BL Brushless Motor produces tremendous torque and power for heavy-duty cutting capabilities.

Furthermore, the bump-and-feed trimmer head guarantees that users receive the exact cut they want every time, even while working at awkward angles.

It takes less than 5 seconds to remove and install the patented quick-change trimmer line! When driven by Makita’s excellent BL Brushless Motor direct drive system, the 4.0Ah battery gives 50 minutes of runtime. So, for all of your landscaping needs, look no further than Makita for improved run time and outstanding outcomes.

Trimmers are becoming increasingly popular in the landscaping sector because they produce less noise and pollution than other power tools.

Battery-operated models are becoming increasingly popular with professionals, according to a recent poll by Power Equipment Direct, because they eliminate dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and particle exhaust gases. Because of their near-silent operation and low battery replacement costs, they require less maintenance than any gas-powered equipment.

4. Makita XRU15Z 36V (18V X2) LXTmakita xru15z 36v (18v x2) lxt

The Makita 18V 5Ah Cordless Hybrid lawn trimmer/edger has a brushless motor and outer rotor design that outperforms the competition with higher speeds and longer run durations.

Compare direct-drive friction motors to BL motors to learn why utilizing one tool instead of others could justify a whole system update in your home.

The three-speed settings on this powerful trimmer (low, medium, and high) allow you to fine-tune the power of this unit depending on how big or little your job is.

If you’re working around the edge of your property or just ensuring sure no undesirable weeds come up on your walkway, the combination of these three criteria provides for unlimited variety.

A growing number of landscapers are opting for cordless outdoor power equipment. The XRU15Z LXT String Trimmer from Makita is a good choice. When compared to gas-powered string trimmers, it produces fewer emissions and produces less noise, and it is also easier to maintain.

5. Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion makita xru02z 18v lxt lithium ion 

The Little Engine That Could  The Makita hybrid yard trimmer is similar to most other brush cutters, yet it is superior.

It has a powerful motor with excellent torque for climbing, but we designed the body to be as light as possible so you can get the most out of it. In addition, the solid design provides optimal balance and reduces vibration.

You’ll forget there’s a battery in there since the handles are so good! Because of its sturdy design and power source, the Brush-Buster is the greatest yard mower in its class for ploughing through heavy textures and delivering ultimate control.

After only one use, any owner will become one of our many devoted fans. On a single charge of the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah battery, the XRU02Z offers 7,800 RPM and up to 45 minutes of run time (sold separately). The XRU02Z has various advantages over gas-powered trimmers, including zero emissions and little maintenance, as well as the lack of gas or oil.

The tool is always ready to use for users: simply insert a fully charged 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery (not supplied) and go to work without aches or tremors.

A telescoping shaft adjusts the tool’s length, a 180-degree rotating head with five changeable positions, an adjustable loop handle, and other versatility features are included. With the battery, it only weighs 6.4 lbs (sold separately.

6. Sun Joe Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters Consumer Reportssun joe 24v sb10 lte 24 volt ion

Questions, To speak with a Sun Joe expert, text 563563. VERSATILE Ideal for edging flowerbeds and pruning grass. In seconds, the 2-IN-1 Twist-n-groom 180o rotating head switches from trimmer to edger.

BLADE THAT IS SHARPER The revolutionary Sharper Blade self-sharpening blade is 10-inches long and enables hassle-free, dependable cutting.

ADJUSTABLE For ultimate comfort and control, the handle and telescoping pole are both adjustable. GUARDIAN OF THE FLOWERS Protects sensitive plants from inadvertent blade contact.

Without kinks, tangles, or jams, this 10″ precision cutting blade rips through tough grass and unpleasant weeds! In addition, the flower guard prevents blade contact with sensitive plants.

For locations with tough characteristics like flower beds, sidewalks, and walkways, the 180° rotating Twist-N-Groom head turns from trimmer to edger in seconds. On every charge, it gives up to 15 minutes of reliable power performance.

Without kinks or tangles, the self-sharpening, 10in precision cutting blade slices through tough grass and unpleasant weeds! Simply twist it up and switch it to the required use, whether it’s mowing the grass or trimming the borders of a sidewalk. This is a simple item that makes the time-consuming chore of gardening a lot easier.

The rubber flower guard prevents contact with plants by accident. It can take whatever you throw at it, so go ahead and make each day a work of art. A powerful no-fade Lithium Ion battery delivers dependable, lightweight power to meet any challenge – anytime, anyplace.


Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters Consumer Reports. We recently reviewed many premium cordless weed eaters and concluded that the DEWALT DCST970X1 definitely stood out from the crowd.

It’s powerful, reliable and an overall great value, so if you’re looking for a top-rated cordless weed eater then it might be exactly what you need. However, like all other options on the market it has its pros and cons and may not be right fit for you personally, in which case we urge you to go through our buyer’s guide to find one that is.

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