Best Battle Belts

Best Battle Belts. Battle belts are sturdy and hardy waist belts that have several pouches on them and are popular among soldiers and hunters. This belt can also be used by outdoor enthusiasts like paintball participants.

Police officers use these, particularly when going into active situations where they need to quickly access their tactical equipment.

Battle belts, simply put, provide easy access to vital tactical equipment without causing you to carry around a heavier backpack or bulky plate carrier which could slow you down in the case of an emergency.

Now let’s take a look at the best hunting battle belt that will perfectly suit your needs.

6 Best Battle Belts

1. Tacticon Battle Belt | Combat Veteran 

best battle belts

The Tacticon Battle Belt is a sturdy 1000D Nylon material with durable laser cut molle, making it a sturdy and reliable option when making your decision on purchasing the best quality battle belt you can find.

It comes with anti-slip padding on the inside which helps make sure the belt stays in place even under heavy intense activity. It’s fully refundable if you’re not satisfied with it.

It also gives you the ability to carry all of your molle attachments like guns and mag holsters on one secure belt.

The Tacticon Battle Belt accommodates a wide range of sizes depending on the length of the belt.

To fasten it on your waist, snap the quick release clasp in place and tighten it down as tight as you’d like. The belt has the capabilities of being used with any product that has molle gear.

Be cautious super extra strength industrial-grade velcro is a little addicting and will make you want to outfit all your stuff with velcro and this belt is no different – the Tacticon Battle Belt can accommodate more than 100 lb.

Including firearms, ammunition, medical kits, survival gear, etc.

2. Bear Armz Tactical Battle Belt 

bear armz tactical battle belt 

It is made from 1000D Nylon, which is what makes Bear Armz Tactical Battle Belts such a great choice.

The pants are designed with a quick-release metal buckle and are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, all according to the waistline measurements.

There are 4 size ranges: small: 30″ – 34″; medium: 34” – 40”; and large: 41″ – 46′”. As our interchangeable design allows you to carry what you want while maintaining an adjustable fit that can accommodate different body types and shapes, you can carry whatever you like.

An inner belt of 1.5 inches can fit almost any belt loop, or two inches of the waistband of your own pants, plus the 2 14 inches anti-slip pad gives you the comfort of wearing it over your clothing on your waist to prevent chafing on long missions without having to worry about losing it. Best Battle Belts.


viking tactics vtac battle belt 

With its unique construction, the VIKING TACTICS VTAC Battle Belt allows you to carry heavy loads for an extended period of time.

A combination of 500d Cordura and 3D spacer mesh creates a highly breathable surface and provides high air permeability, minimizing moisture and water absorption. The material is also 82% lighter than leather.

The Battle Belt weighs under 8 ounces but still holds up against all of your missions. It’s made of ultra-strong micarta-reinforced polymer, which is business class, built to last and can hold all your gears in place.

The weaving slots are located every 3 inches across the Molle so it‘s easy for you to make adjustments or add more pouches as needed.

With just enough storage for extra holsters and accessory pockets, this combat belt is a must-have for law enforcement, tactical, and daily purposes.

You’ll be more than pleased to buy another Viking Tactics Scuffle Belt if you ever feel that the greatest one isn’t enough, thanks to its all-American built quality and unrivalled comfort in usage.

4. WOLF TACTICAL Molle Battle Belt

wolf tactical molle battle belt

Belt’s heavy-duty load-bearing structure can handle anything from ammo to storage pouches to medical packs and tactical equipment.

Make sure you have access to all of the items you may need on your next mission or at the range.

So whether you’re fighting the battle or keeping the peace for law enforcement agencies that value comfort and performance in uniform apparel, chances are good this duty belt will work well for you.

The belt has a 21-inch wide belt with a 2-inch wide exterior and is lined with premium laser-cut MOLLE reinforced with scuba webbing. It is compatible with OWB holsters, mag carriers, admin pouches, IFAKs, and other gear.

The inside contains a well-contoured anti-slip padded inner belt that can be used in conjunction with the MOLLE outer belt for wearing utility gear or it can also be paired with a traditional non-MOLLE strap liner for maximum comfort.

Your belt should be comfortable at all times. It has to be padded enough to keep you from feeling discomfort throughout the day, whether you’re hiking, carrying EMT gear, or loading holsters.

You want your rig to remain in a comfortable position on your body no matter what you are doing or wearing.

Battle belts can be adjusted to fit whatever you wear or carry, so they are perfect for combat. Its 2-inch wide metal quick-release buckle offers you an instant way to secure and attach on and off your battle belt.

5. VISMIX Battle Belt Tactical Battle Belt 

vismix battle belt tactical battle belt 

VISMIX sells tactical bullet belts of the highest quality. Each belt has two parts: a tactical belt with a buckle that measures 1.75″ and a padded battle belt with a molle system that measures 3.2″.

Both belts can be used separately and can be adjusted in size. The easy, quick-release 1.75″ tactical belt is compatible works great with most tactical pants.

You’ll love the hook and loop closure on this belt as it will hold securely upon your inner belt without falling off, which makes it extremely reliable for all sorts of outdoor activities.

This waistband is also embedded with four large hooks that you can use to secure even more gear onto your body for added security and convenience.

Tactical battle belts are necessary for today’s warfare to carry tactical gears such as a pistol holster, medical pouch, and magazine pouches.

They’re convenient to carry using the MOLLE system by using our laser cut laminate technology. A tactical battle belt may also have metal hooks to attach gloves or other items.

6. OneTigris Tactical Battle Belt

best battle belts

With this tactical molle belt, your pants will stay in place with its comfortable 1.5″ loop-backed inner belt. It can be worn with the military as well as non-military pants.

This 2″ outer belt may be securely attached to the inner belt and rapidly detached without removing the heavy-duty reinforced stitching in the 1000D PVC nylon construction.

This design is perfect for holding your utility pouches in an organized fashion so you won’t have to worry about them flipping over or sliding around whilst moving around quickly in different terrains that might cause such an inconvenience.

Durable and highly breathable, this tactical battle belt is of the highest quality and functionality with excellent tear-resistance.

It is a patented buckle third locking mechanism, you can wear the belt securely but it will never come off when put under a weight load.

Even if heavy items are attached to the belt, all you need to do is press down on three easily accessible buttons in order for them to open up and remove items as necessary so there’s no need for messing with flaps or drawstrings.

Because of this belt’s lightweight design, its capacity to bear weight is excellent. This belt maintains its low-profile tone while still providing excellent weight-bearing capabilities.

For gloves and other small items, additional MOLLE loops are provided. You can also use it as a weapon, a climbing aid, or in law enforcement, cops, or military roles. Best Battle Belts.


What should I look for in a battle belt?

Of course, this means that a holster and magazine pouches for your backup weapon and rations should be included in every combat belt setup.

At the very least, handgun magazines will be included in the mag pouches for your primary weapon. It will frequently contain rifle magazines as well since this will ensure that you are prepared for any sort of ammo circumstance.

Do I need a war belt?

Battle belts are an ideal solution when tactical operators need to free up their arms and access critical equipment like from a plate carrier however, they currently lack the means of easily accessing the items.

A simple modification of the battle belt to include an apparatus for easier accessibility will help make tactical operations safer.

How to Set Up a Battle Belt?


Best Battle Belts. Battle belts are popular among military and other outdoor enthusiasts because they allow you to have your most important supplies on hand while you are in the field.

The battle belt strap allows you to be hands-free, without having to worry about your belt loosening. Being prepared for unexpected situations is one of the benefits of wearing this belt.

The belt is very sturdy and high quality making it a great belt for anyone who needs to be prepared while they are out in the field. The battle belt is an extremely useful and important tool for anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast.

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