Best Bed Frames For Heavy Couples

Best Bed Frames For Heavy Couples. While you may want to lose weight, simply consuming more fruits and vegetables is not enough! What some people tend to underestimate is how important a good night’s sleep is for the body.

In fact, if you are in need of a diet break, it is suggested that you prioritize getting eight hours of sleep before the days of healthy junk food. Sleep affects many areas of your health such as reducing stress levels and improving eating patterns on top of your natural ability to slow down your metabolism.

If a bed frame isn’t up to snuff, it can lead to back problems and be potentially dangerous as well! Having a properly built bed frame will also increase the quality of your and your partner’s sleep, thus strengthening the bond between you.

An inadequate frame can also make it hard to sleep comfortably along with increasing the risk of getting hurt in case of any accidents that might happen at night. So if it comes down to your health then invest in a good metal bed frame.

8 Best Bed Frames For Heavy Couples

1. TATAGO 16 Inch King Bed Framebest bed frames for heavy couples

This product has a strong steel frame and the capacity to support up to 3,000 pounds, so it can hold between four and six roughly average-sized people or two to three large fat people. There is no sagging experienced when on this bed.

Our reinforced tubular steel construction ensures sturdy side-to-side support to deliver a more stable sleeping experience even when you’re sleeping toward the edge of your bed, or if there are three overweight family members on the mattress at one time.

Moreover, there are six legs available which are all welded together for improved security for users who may have larger builds altogether so that everything stays in place and no extra noise is made during the night. The height of the bed frame is 16 inches (no additional box spring required).

The frame is designed to meet any allergy regulations while extending the life of your latex, memory foam or mattress (14 in storage space).

The matte black bed frame is stylish and fits a variety of room styles. Protect your rugs and floors with plastic feet on each leg. This metal frame is made from heavy duty steel slats, which hold the off-the-shelf mattress in place so it can’t collapse.

2. ZIYOO 14 inch Queen Bed Frame

If you find the TATAGO bed frame a little on the small sideziyoo 14 inch queen bed frame, then you might want to try the ZIYOO Heavy Duty Bed Frame which offers more headroom and is a better choice if you are planning on filling it up with stuff.

With dimensions of 80 x 60 x 14 inches, this frame can hold up to 3,500 pounds despite being 8″ smaller overall than the same model. One of its main benefits is that this frame is so easy to put together because it doesn’t require any tools and most importantly no box spring underneath.

The best thing about this sturdy bed for heavy people is that it doesn’t have weak leg constructions that tend to sag over time. Moreover, this frame is 20% sturdier than traditional wood frames on the market. It’s light-weight and you will love how easy it is to assemble.

The center legs should be relatively higher than the other legs we’re so that your back won’t feel any of them. Years ago, some customers complained about how these frames were too short and their beds’ corners kept falling through.

If you feel like this could be a problem for yourself, don’t hesitate to contact customer support or perhaps place a piece of plywood in between your bed mattress and the frame for extra structural integrity.

3. Classic Brands Hercules Black Heavy Dutyclassic brands hercules black heavy duty

This frame comes prepared to give an excellent mattress its proper place. Its sturdy design is set upon two metal legs that help hoist up the platform and allow its tray to move within 13 inches of storage height beneath.

One can either use this support for a traditional foundation or box spring or for a perfectly good mattress by itself.

Additional materials may be required in order to properly install the mattress foundation, so it’s advised one work with a qualified carpenter alongside this frame if it is meant to carry more weight than the typical construction of the bed itself.

The Hercules has the ability to pair with all mattress types. Its structure helps to prevent mattresses from sagging over time and increases their longevity. The strength of this bed emanates from its name, Hercules.

Larger individuals will have no problems sleeping on this bed because it’s been specifically made with larger persons in mind. This strong metal bed frame is the perfect accessory for a slumbering sweetheart because it offers support to any mattress put onto the bed.

4. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frameolee sleep 14 inch heavy duty steel slat bed frame

Olesleep is a company devoted to continuous improvement and product development. Their business model is based on their customer’s satisfaction, not just trying to make the most profit possible.

This simple upgrade is a snap to install and could be all you need to transform your bedroom.

This product has a sturdy steel frame to handle heavier mattresses and heavier sleepers. It uses steel made of durable material so there’s no noise while you sleep.

This fully enclosed foundation sits directly on top of wood slats that are also coated in steel so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon and neither is your mattress.

This steel slat bed frame can be just the right solution to add a little extra storage room in your bedroom. There’s more than enough room under this bed frame to store linen, winter clothing or other items you don’t use on a regular basis.

The solid steel frame and steel slats in this bed frame offer excellent strength and durability so your new mattress doesn’t need help from a box spring. This stylish and modern bed frame comes with its own carrying bag for easy set-up and transport when you move or want to rearrange your furniture.

5. SHA CERLIN Heavy Duty Metal Bed Framesha cerlin heavy duty metal bed frame

The SHA CERLIN Heavy Duty Metal Bed is ideal for those of you who sleep on queen beds and are looking to do so at a relatively affordable price.

This bed features an iron frame with extra MDF board material that actually makes it lighter, sturdier and easier to assemble as compared to many other models out there.

Its weight capacity, however, is only around 900 lbs. This number might below if you plan on sleeping more than one partner or are concerned about putting heavy items on this bed.

For your piece of mind, the SHA CERLIN model does come with all parts, tools and even instructions available in the package itself for troubleshooting and assembling. The bedframe is of superior quality because it leaves no room for error. The steel tube which it is constructed from is made thicker than usual.

High-quality screws keep everything securely in place. The wooden look adds an elegant yet industrial feel to any bedroom, giving it more individualism via our product than what traditional metal beds offer; this helps reduce clutter by providing extra storage space under the bed itself which can be used for anything one wishes to get out of sight like toys, books or office supplies .

6. ZINUS SmartBase Super Heavy Dutyzinus smartbase super heavy duty

Zinus has built a reputation for itself among consumers who are looking for quality products at an affordable cost.

For example, their 14-inch SmartBase Bed Frame is ideal for people who appreciate a place to rest and relax but don’t have the space or financial ability to purchase a whole new bed frame followed by the mattress.

This particular frame can support individuals of up to 500 lbs in weight. It eliminates the need for box springs or frames because this particular one features a folding design that makes it convenient to store away after hours or during the week so as not to take up too much room in your home or apartment.

It even provides storage space under the bed so you can also protect your belongings while you sleep which is perfect if you happen to live in an area where there’s a lot of crime.

The SmartBase® Super Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation is designed to support up to 4000 pounds of weight. It features a steel-framed platform that provides you with a firm foundation for your mattress.

This 14-inch tall piece of furniture keeps all the extra storage space under your bed free, so even more room is available to store items like books and boxes.

Featuring recessed legs that prevent you from tripping over while moving around your bedroom, plastic leg caps provide gentle noise-free support as well as prevent scratches on your floors.

7. Knickerbocker Best Bed Frames For Heavy Couplesknickerbocker embrace bed frame

Knickerbocker believes that the best way to keep them going strong like their perches is through manufacturing their premiere bedding foundation products here in the United States, exclusively.

This is ensuring they are able to ensure a quality product made of steel something that lasts a long time. The Knickerbocker Embrace Bed Frame designer option has been tested to support up to 5000 lbs., so it can support just about anything.

To give you an idea, this equates to about the weight of a four-door pickup truck or even your typical minivan.

With its durability and sturdiness, this will be sure to help you get some rest! They also offer a wide variety of colors: beige, brown, black, and white allowing you to express yourself on what fabrics and frames you prefer with your bedroom design.

Its sleek design sits low to the ground, which not only gives it a more modern flair as opposed to keeping everything pretty high off the ground but also keeps it looking great in small spaces!

This bed frame comes with a steel foundation that can support up to 1500 lbs. and redistribute the weight evenly across the surface so as not to damage your mattress or box spring!

The Embrace feels like a super soft rubber that encases your other mattress supports, greatly improving how it feels when lying down on it. We promise that you won’t wake up with a sore back after sleeping on it.


Best Bed Frames For Heavy Couples. When it comes to your health it is always best to make sure your decisions are backed by facts, especially when you can’t afford to have any research findings pointing out flaws in said study.

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