Best blood tracking flashlight

Best blood tracking flashlight. One of the difficulties that many hunters have is tracking an animal after they’ve shot it. Since animals that have been shot tend to run awkwardly, it can be hard for one to keep track of them.

This is why the best blood tracking light will make it much easier to see where your prey has gone because a significant amount of blood will be left behind as a result of their wounds.

You’ll find plenty of information about what makes for a top-of-the-line blood tracking light as well as buying advice later in this article.

Below you’ll find the best blood tracking flashlight top product on the market.

6 Best blood tracking flashlight

1. Best Hunting Flashlights 2022

best hunting flashlights 2022

Hunting flashlights in 2022 are going to be very exciting if you’re looking for a way to camouflage yourself against animals’ night vision that predators have.

This can be done by finding the best-LED flashlight, which emits colored light at one time so as to not ruin your advantage over the animal. Red, green, and blue could also help you out quite well.

The UV black light makes it easier when searching for animals that bleed because it’s much more vivid than other colors of light.

With a white RGBW combination and an adjustable focus zoom in wide floodlight to tight spotlight for night hunting, your hunting will be really fun.

The Best Hunting Flashlights 2022 features an adjustable beam as well as UV red/green/blue UV blacklight/white RGBW 4 colored lights in one USB Rechargeable camping flashlight adjustable focus zoom in a wide floodlight to a narrow spotlight.

Hunter flashlights 2022 are top-of-the-line in today’s market, featuring a 365nm ultraviolet light, making them powerful enough to cure golf balls, check painted surfaces, detect scorpions and fish lures, as well as find arrows.

In addition to two (2) X 18650 batteries (2600 mAh), an AC charger, and a belt holster, it also comes with a carrying case.

2. Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow 

primos bloodhunter hd shadow 

The Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light is a new and improved version of the Bloodhunter light that first became available back in 2015.

The original Bloodhunter was designed by Primos after extensive research into how hunters interact with their lights in the field.

Armed with this knowledge, the 600 Lumen CREE XM LEDs on this new iteration are placed at the very end of a flat handle for comfort and ease of carrying, as well as for better peripheral vision.

Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light has 2 power settings – low and high. The high one is brighter for more intense tracking, the lower illumination setting is better for conserving battery life.

Both settings are great. There’s a flat handle design with an ergonomic shape so you can comfortably carry it while deployed. Comes with a Cardura holster with belt straps that hold 4 CR123 batteries inside.

3. Blood Tracking Light for Deer Hunting

blood tracking light for deer hunting

For finding blood on the ground, a CREE XMLXP-G2 with a long throw of 1000 Lumens and 150-yard range, as well as a 15W 365nm black light.

Blood tracker gear is designed specifically for hunting deer and elk, and it comes with a red light that deer cannot see, so they won’t notice it at all. Since deer have a better eye for low light conditions than we do.

We don’t like the red since deer can see all other lights better than natural red just like most companies sell multicolor flashlights with green or blue lights, which are also too easy for them to see.

A Blood Tracking Light for Deer Hunting is available with a constant-on feature and a momentary-on feature.

Two mounting options are available – one is as an accessory for a weapon, the other is with a pressure pad switch that can be used to spot deer.

The product runs on one 2600 mAh 18650 rechargeable battery and will provide up to 4 hours of runtime. Included are 2 backup batteries.

But there is no need to use them because this device features its own built-in automatic battery check system which alerts you when the power level runs low.

Since UV or visible light has proven ineffective for nonpoisonous deer blood, you won’t need to add any blue light either thanks to Luminol which does the job of glowing in the dark all by itself.

4. Blue LED Headlamp Flashlight

blue led headlamp flashlight

There is a multi-tool available from the company that can be used both by sportsmen and by divers searching for treasure on land and at sea.

There are 3 light modes for the hunting equipment: high, low, and strobe as well as a zoom feature for adjusting focus across all 3 intensities.

The fishing equipment, inspection equipment, and map reading equipment are no less practical.

The blue headlamp flashlight is accompanied by a fully adjustable headband and 90-degree rotation, so you can adjust the headband to best fit your head size, whether you want it to lay horizontally or stand upright.

When putting the light where you need it, just point it in that direction and wear the light overnight without being bothered by any discomfort.

If you tend to wake up at night because of numerous environmental noises, a flashlight is an absolute necessity for keeping your surroundings visible.

However, some flashlights are poorly designed and make use of flimsy straps for holding them against your forehead.

A set of 3 AAA batteries is included with the headlamp, and it’s supposed to last for about one hour. This is not the easiest thing to replace and you’ll need to be careful since battery replacements vary from model to model.

5. VASTFIRE Zoomable Green/Red/UV

vastfire zoomable greenreduv

This flashlight’s strength lies in its ability to be switched between a spotlight and a floodlight. Offers a range of 100 meters to 50 meters with a 2600mAh 18650 battery (run time 3.5-6 hours), a carrying case.

A USB charger, and a free one-year warranty are included.

It’s exceptionally bright using the 365 nm blacklight, making it easy to find game/track deer. Take advantage of the night by sticking your night vision goggles into attic windows or darkened rooms.

VASTFIRE is a zoomable green/UV/red LED hunting flashlight that emits no audible clanking noises when turned on/off or when the light color is being switched.

The quick-release metal clip will allow users to hold onto the flashlight without their hands touching it, making it one of the best everyday carry flashlights out on the market.

This flashlight has 3 modes such as green, red, and UV which are great for using alongside your other technology in search & rescue efforts while out at night.

The quick-release metal clip is a truly useful and innovative design. When you don’t want to hold onto your flashlight anymore, it’s nice to be able to free up your hands and not have to get off your light source.

This makes work much easier for policemen on patrol or other people who spend extended periods of time outside, as it allows them to focus on whatever task is at hand.

6. iProtec Night Commander Blood Tracker Light

iprotec night commander blood tracker light

The iPROTEC Night Commander Blood Tracker Work Light offers you a mix of essential working modes in one single package.

Its rugged construction allows you to use it on various surfaces and terrain, whether it’s a tabletop or outdoors.

You can set up this versatile device in any way that makes the most sense for your project as an all-rounder.

You can choose from different lighting modes that will satisfy your every working need when it comes to precise measurements: distance, time and speed calculations, counting items, etc.

This device is 4-in-1. Use its 18000 peak beam candle power spotlight for precise illumination in the dark more effectively than many other options available on the market today.

The iProtec Premium Light is a handy light that includes a long promise of years of use with its sturdy and tough exterior.

This tough light comes with a magnetic base, which allows the user to place it anywhere they would like hands-free lighting, along with a rubberized non-slip grip, making it easy to transport wherever necessary.

The four AAA batteries are included in this Package and the device can be found in a 1.75” diameter x 4.824” height format.



What color light is best for blood tracking?

When searching for blood in woods, blue is best against greens, browns, and yellows. White light is good for regular flashlight illumination. The white light reaches 500 lumens; red and blue modes reach 15 and 6 lumens.

What light will detect blood?

Several methods are available for detecting blood at the scene of a crime. One method is to use UV light to detect blood.

With the use of ultraviolet light, it is possible to detect possible bloodstains quickly and effectively. A forensics team will be less likely to collect unnecessary samples this way.


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