Best Bowling Shoes

Best Bowling Shoes. The Game of Bowling goes beyond the simple thrill of knocking down all those pins and catching up with friends on a Friday night. Bowling involves strategy, precision, and often times the element of surprise and balance.

There are so many different types of bowling shoes available in stores today, but choosing one can be difficult because there’s such a high number of options out there.

This guide helps break down some of the better shoes available right now so you know exactly what to look for when picking out your next pair.

Deciding which bowling shoes are right for you is an important decision. There can be a lot of factors to consider when choosing your pair of bowling shoes.

When it comes time to choose a new shoe, think about what type of bowler you are, especially in terms of your level of experience and how much you’re willing to invest in yourself and the game.

7 Best Bowling Shoes

1. KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes 

kr strikeforce men's flyer mesh bowling shoes 

The KR Strike force Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoe features a 100% synthetic upper, which makes it super light, breathable and durable with a fully textile lined upper finished with padded tongue and collar.

The shoe is so comfortable it will make you want to stay on the lane all day.

It has non-marking rubber outsole that provides excellent traction on any surface so far plus the ability to provide perfect slides every time.

The Flex slide Technology allows any bowler to deliver powerful forward slides on lane with ease. Features include sidewall embroidery and unique colour ways of blue, Black or red.

As the KR Strike Force Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoe proves, shoes built for a certain activity can make a huge impact on how successfully it is completed.

For example, bowler’s shoes are vitally important to an upright and robust bowling technique because they provide the right support when transferring body weight onto your front foot and so many people ignore this element during their practice but putting on this pair of shoes will ensure you get what you need from your approach.

The rubber outsole of the Walker Natural shoe inspired by natural movement protects the shoe from wear and tear while casing both feet with a microfiber slide pad that is good for both left- and right-footed runners.

2. Dexter Ricky IV Men’s Bowling Shoes 

dexter ricky iv men's bowling shoes 

Dexter Men’s Ricky III Bowling Shoes review. The Dexter brand is known worldwide for the production of great footwear in the all-round sports genre, with shoes made specifically for bowling, golfing and more.

They produce bowling shoes that are comfortable to wear so you can work on your form and not worry about having uncomfortable feet while doing so.

This specific shoe is a favorite among many professionals because it’s not just available in multiple color schemes.

But also provides arch support due to its high-quality rubber build material as well as its upper comfort fabric which has also been equipped with traction for grip.

This is one of the best pairs of bowling shoes that you will find on the market and this is because it was made from premium synthetic leather that makes it last a long time without tearing immediately after pasting on the lanes.

The shoe itself comes in a nice range of colours, which is great for all bowlers who want to make sure that their shoes create an artistic statement when they are wearing them on the lanes.

If you want to play, you will need to know what these shoes can do and why they are so important in improving your game.

3. Pyramid Mens HPX High Performance Right

pyramid mens hpx high performance right

The Pyramid HPX is a great bowling shoe that’s priced nicely for performance.

It sits between entry and higher-end shoes, yet depending on your needs it can perform in multiple ways due to its durability and flexibility.

The soft full-grain leather feels like a pillowing cloud at the start of use but breaks in quickly to be comfortable once again while the padding around the tongue helps prevent blisters over time.

These are definitely some of the best bowling shoes out there.

They wouldn’t be so if it wasn’t for their high-performance rubber sole that grips the lanes securely without being too heavy or stiff, with a great feel throughout your movements down the lane.

Their traction sole does just as well to ensure controlled braking required for precision shots. They provide additional support so you can kick-start your game and continue to create amazing plays with tons of energy.

The included slide sole are compatible with other interchangeable sole systems but it still has some obvious downsides such as heavy weight due to all the padding material used.

4. 3G Men’s Kicks Unisex Bowling Shoes

3g men's kicks unisex bowling shoes

They’re constructed out of supple kangaroo leather making them one of the softest, most comfortable shoes you’ll ever slip on around the bowling alley.

The soles feature Kevlar and rubber traction so that in case you get frustrated and accidentally kick a few pins over, you won’t be spending an arm and a leg to replace them anytime soon.

These shoes can last a long while and they are built with plenty of ventilation because they’re made to not overheat your feet during wears.
They haven’t even gotten to the customizable set of heels we mentioned earlier.
You’ll instantly realize how many options you really have when it comes to personalizing these shoes with the four different interchangeable backs and cleat sets – each set helps make the shoe perform better for certain activities.
Because we all don’t love having to live in one pair of shoes, Timberland got you covered by including a few accessories like three slide sole covers, a bag and even shoe trees so that you can switch up your look as often as you’d like.

5. Brunswick Men’s Bowling Shoes

brunswick men's bowling shoes

Brunswick Men’s Renegade bowling shoes are built for high performance.

You don’t have to sacrifice form when you put on any one of the compelling, stylish options in black, flash silver/red, royal blue or neon green.

The high-quality synthetic uppers will make taking good care of your shoe easy, as they won’t crack or become otherwise unsightly quickly.

Now you don’t have to go through the agony of putting up with a foul odour just because you enjoy hours upon hours of bowling fun.

Brunswick Men’s Renegade bowling shoes are lightweight like any other men’s bowling shoe worth its salt (so to speak) which makes it much easier to sprint across the lanes with ease and agility.

These Brunswick men’s Fuze bowling shoes are a look straight off the lanes down to the shoes. The upper is made from breathable mesh, which also provides padding in all the right places for comfort.
The outsole is extra-light for better ergonomics and to lessen fatigue during long games of 10 pin. It also has a raised heel for optimal support and control during your backswing and release of your bowling ball.
Both shoes have soles made from pure slide microfiber, which can provide immediate superior slides that won’t wear out over time. The footwear comes with foam padded collars and tongues.

6. KR Strikeforce Ignite 

kr strikeforce ignite 

The KR Strike force Ignite bowling shoe is the perfect option for players who need a little bit of everything in a bowling shoe.

With this top-quality shoe, you get an aggressive grip on an oiled lane that comes with a low profile design and synthetic materials that create a breathable mesh upper as well as rich cushioning throughout the floor.

Plus, it offers an impressive 2E width option so bowlers that prefer wider shoes will find comfort here.

For design and durability, the majority of the other bowl shoes that recommend get a leather or synthetic leather upper.

One hazard of having leather is that sometimes, you can receive a hard crease in the upper that digs into your foot or leaves a crease in ways that make the shoeless flexible over time.

With mesh, you don’t have this problem. The shoe is inherently more flexible than anything with a solid, non-mesh upper because of how lightweight it is and due to its flexibility throughout the outer sole combined with solidity in the midsole and support provided by the lace-up system.

One of the more remarkable features of this specific running shoe is its inner padding. The shoe’s midsole has been designed to provide maximum protection while you’re out there on your outdoor adventures.

Some people like the way it feels as if they only have one big toe, even if they usually have a wider foot.

7. Dexter Mens SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes

dexter mens sst 8 pro bowling shoes

With 2 types of interchangeable rubber soles, Dexter Mens SST Bowling Shoes have the versatility necessary to be adapted to your specific needs.

The slide soles make it ideal for right-handed bowlers looking for a quicker approach down the alley. They’re also great for bowling in shorter patterns.

The traction sole is what we would suggest if you are a left-handed bowler or a righty looking simply to have a more controlled movement through the front of the lane.

Tried and tested by bowlers from all over the country, Dexter AMF bowling shoes are some of the best on the market today.

Dexter Mens SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes are perfect for both professionals and beginning bowlers. The shoes are equipped with two heel modifications to meet the needs of whatever your throwing style may be.
Plus, the full-grain leather upper remains durable throughout the game while they remain comfortable on the bowler’s feet.
To ensure comfort and to eliminate slipping, the shoes feature a durable rubber anti-microbial drag protector around its toe area. Even better, Dexter has designed this model with a removable gel insole.


Best Bowling Shoes. Having the ideal pair of shoes for bowling is essential for making sure you can play the game to its fullest potential and without experiencing any unnecessary discomfort or fatigue.

When a person wears a pair of great shoes, they will be able to strike their ball with accurate precision and if the shoe is comfortable, wear and tear will not be an issue and over time they won’t become worn out.

Bowling is a fun sport but if you don’t have a proper pair of shoes to wear bowling can turn into an exhausting and depressing experience which is why it’s really important to find a quality product as part of your gear.

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