Best Bread Lame

Best Bread Lame. Bread lames are simply razor blades attached to handles so that you can score your dough or the means by which you create slits on the surface of your dough before putting it into the oven.

As the bread rises in the oven, it will break through this weakest part of the dough. Making scores on your dough allows you to control where that weak area is, so you can bake a beautiful and even loaf.

Bread lames with elongated handles are easier to grip and highly versatile; those with rounded handles offer a little more precision, as they’re held closer to the blade.

Bread lames are formed of a tough metal alloy that has been honed specifically for cutting bread. These blades’ razors may be simply replaced and are even interchangeable with conventional razor blades.

6 Best Bread Lame

1. SAINT GERMAIN Premium Hand 

best bread lame

SAINT GERMAIN (Wood Handle, Stainless Steel Blade) is an exceptional value.

The wood handle and the stainless steel blade with a unique 1-4 teeth pattern allow for great flexibility in scoring bread into various types of decorative patterns with ease.

Not only will you impress your friends & family with how easy this tool is to use – but you’ll also save yourself money because each replacement blade is relatively inexpensive.

Each order includes an excellent quality protective leather sleeve to keep it protected from dust and other contaminants when not in use and comes backed by a lifetime warranty against defects.

Additionally, this handmade item is designed to last a lifetime and it’s made with the highest quality materials.

There is a premium wood handle on the end of this stainless steel blade, which can be easily replaced as necessary when the knife starts to dull over time.

It looks beautiful while also being very comfortable to hold as you’re using it to perform your duties so that you end up with excellent results regardless of whether you’re doing light or heavy-duty jobs.

2. Baker of Seville Bread Lame

baker of seville bread lame

Baker of Seville Bread Lame has the best designed and built lame just got better.

Now you can choose to make this lame have either a CURVED or STRAIGHT Blade Lame in seconds for beautiful scoring.

It’s like having two lames in your baking arsenal. FYI, extra blades are really cheap, so buy the best lame, not the best box Lames with blades that are not tightly secured WILL NOT make a nice clean cut.

Confident scoring is critical when preparing your dough for baking. Cutting blades that are freshly sharpened are essential in making clean cuts through the dough while keeping your hands safe in the process.

When it’s time to replace a blade, it is quick and easy with the push of a thumb.

The replacement blades can be rotated or flipped over in order to allow each blade to be sharpened completely evenly before use.

This lame is the most popular on the market. None of the other Lames come close. It was created for bakers by a baker.

This is a premium, high-quality lame that every bread baker should have on hand. What a wonderful present for home or professional baker. The secure storage container is an added benefit that will serve you well for many years of baking.

3. Riccle Bread Lame Slashing Tool

riccle bread lame slashing tool

The Riccle Bread Lame Slashing Tool is built for confident precision cuts. An ergonomically crafted premium wood handle paired with a stainless steel stick provides strength and secure, effortless slashes every time.

Store securely in the leather cover when not in use and get quick, easy refills when you need them with this reliable tool.

Non-slip safety handles offer confidence during your delicate bakes for top-quality results. Built to last, the Riccle Bread Lamed scoring blade is versatile and convenient.

Easily flip double-edged blades to make sure you are getting the full use out of your bread razors. The sharp, thin blades are great for deeper cuts and will cut right through the sourdough bread.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert baker, we offer several different kinds to accommodate your cutting needs. In addition, these blades are double-edged, stainless steel, and very sharp.

They have a protective cover made from real leather to ensure your fingers remain safe.

Attached to the knife is a small box that keeps extra blades in place so you won’t have to worry about purchasing replacements in the future. The leather cover prevents moisture and dirt from getting onto the blade.

4. EROIR Bread Lame Tool in Wooden

eroir bread lame tool in wooden

Once you have our Eroir lame, scoring becomes effortless and allows you to make smooth artisan cuts with so much ease.

An indispensable tool for any bread baker, that gives the loaves a professional bakery look.

Cut your bread like a master with our hand-crafted and stainless steel bakers’ lame bread tool.  Curved blades can create leaves patterns. For straight cuts, use the edges of our blade to score the bread.

Once you get comfortable with an angle on one side, change it up and try different angles – this is what makes our bread lame cutter better than a conventional knife or plastic lame.

Wooden box protects your bread scoring tool from getting broken so that you can use it with confidence.

The premium leather pouch ensures that when not in use the sharp razor stays safely locked up and out of harm’s way.

Our artisan scooter handmade for making sourdough and French baguette was specifically designed to give your baked goods a perfect oven spring.

5. UPKOCH Bread Lame with Wooden 

upkoch bread lame with wooden 

Cake cutting tools are what to have when needing to cut and carve smaller pastries, cakes, or pizzas. A scale integrates a variety of pastry and cake slicers.

The most popular include wood and plastic handles that provide an efficient design to use with any recipe.

These tools come in several blade sizes made for particular foods as well as protective shields around the blades that help increase safety while using it during food preparation and service.

If you want to craft your own delicious baking masterpiece, these products can create precise cutting and carving because of the many sizes, materials, and designs available.

The simplicity in this bread blade tool is what makes me admire it so much, and for this reason, I have found it to be a favorite among many bakers.

The tool will firmly hold the dough in place with a comfortable handle that you can use to achieve your desired scores.

It comes with a safe storage box to safely store it away when done using, and the blades are easily replaceable with standard razor blades of any sort. This tool should also come in handy when creating your next baking masterpiece.

6. Danish Dough Whisk pastry mixer 

best bread lame

A brilliant design Overall premium quality, The wooden handle, stainless steel head, and replaceable blade are unique to this Dutch dough whisk.

Long-lasting tough quality made with Dutch-style dough whisk that won’t bend and gather up your ingredients on the stainless steelhead.

Two eyes concept instead of one makes our device easy for the dough to pass through when mixing all the ingredients in.

Bread whisk and cutlass are specifically designed to be ergonomically efficient and comfortable enough for your hand even when used in the water thanks to the rubberwood handle that is easy on the hand – a more durable alternative that won’t crack when used in water.

The stainless steel material used for this whisk and blade is convenient for cleaning. This is especially useful when kneading dough or pastry.

The extra-long handle and powerful motor come in handy when one is utilizing the mixer for baking their best artisanal sourdough loaves to make pizza and irresistible pastries.

Brush this with a soapy cloth right after use, letting it scrub along the wires as you clean it gently. Once your whisk is rinsed off, hang to dry while leaving both the blade and whisk back in the same spot they started out in. Best Bread Lame.


Why is a bread lame curved?

Razor blades are used by bakers to score and slash dough. A curved blade is preferred by some bakers over a straight blade because it can readily penetrate under the surface of the dough.

At Proto Mould & Bake, we feel our uniquely designed straight Razor Blade is equal to the task, consistently generating excellent loaves.

Why do you need a bread lame?

The lame is a sharp blade on the bottom of a wooden, plastic, or metal utensil used to score bread before it goes into the oven.

Because the blade is frequently somewhat curved and not as sharp as a straight razor, it is much easier to make cuts than with a regular straight razor.

How to score bread with a lame?


Best Bread Lame. Bread lame is an ancient tool that is used for scoring or cutting the tops of bread dough. It is a common tool used in bakeries and can be found in many different places.

It is used to make decorative cuts on the top of the dough to make it more attractive.

It is also used to make incisions across the top of the dough so that it will expand uniformly during the baking process.

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