Best butterfly knife trainers

Best butterfly knife trainers. The butterfly knife, better known as Balisongs from the Philippines has become increasingly popular in the knife market.

The knives were originally introduced to other countries by Benchmade (then known as Balisong USA).

They became infamous in 1984 after they appeared in films of all sorts, mostly depicting that they were the weapon of choice for gangsters.

Butterfly knives now are often used for sporty-fidgeting and tricks such as flipping and twirling them without injuring self or others.

Today’s butterfly knife is a lot more complex than its predecessors. For any price range or taste, you can get an amazing butterfly knife.

Best butterfly knife trainers

1. VORNNEX Practice Butterfly Trainer

vornnex practice butterfly trainer

The unsharpened blade of our practice butterfly Trainer will keep you far from danger as a beginner.

This Trainer comes with a fixed axis so that inexperienced players can learn how to use the real thing without cutting themselves.

We calculated the perfect weight balance of this trainer at around 6 oz. so it is easy to pick up even when in motion but heavy enough that there is little worry that beginners might get hurt accidentally by flinging it some distance away.

While other butterfly trainers use weak screws or wood, we use the highest quality stainless steel and industrial strength screws to ensure this trainer can withstand intense training sessions until you get the hang of it and are able to move on to the full-size version.

This trainer is great so that you can learn how to use real spinning knives without the risk of cutting yourself or bruising your hands.  It’s comfortable to grip, easy to use, but most importantly safe. And it’s perfect for kids too!

Butterfly Trainer Rackets are a good choice for advanced users. These butterfly Trainer rackets are ergonomic and have highly versatile handles.

They are suitable for a variety of fancy actions. If you want to train like the pros, this butterfly Trainer is a good product to make that happen.

2. Squid Industries Squiddy butterfly 

squid industries squiddy butterfly 

The Squiddy butterfly knife/balisong trainer is precision CNC machined and hand-assembled in the United States by a team of skilled craftsmen.

It has channel-constructed PVC-C handles for a strong and lightweight build, allowing you to safely and easily practice with your butterfly or balisong knife/blade trainer.

Having been tested thoroughly and faultlessly by our designers here at Fighting Knives HQ we are happy to stand by our product 100%.

The Squiddy Butterfly trainer is easy to travel with. It can be carried on as a carry-on item, flipped at the airport, and even while you’re on the plane.

The Squiddy is perfect for hunting butterflies since it attracts them without hurting them and makes a great butterfly training tool.

While learning new tricks, students won’t hurt their hands or fingers using our product. The plastic look and feel make for an excellent butterfly training stick for kids or adults learning how to hunt/handle real butterflies like the adult royalty of this world do.

3. Moon Boat 2PCS Butterfly Knife Training 

moon boat 2pcs butterfly knife training 

The package includes a 2pcs butterfly knife with a solid training pin channel construction.

It means that these butterfly knives will have anti-impact properties. The approximate height of the knife is 8.75″. and The length of the blade is approximately 5″.

This is an advanced design and well suited to both beginners of this particular style or as a more intense training tool for others who are well versed in this type of weaponry already.

The package includes two versions: one black and one silver.

We have designed a skeletonized design, it’ll reduce weight significantly while maintaining enough mass to make flipping easier.

We also advise people who are new to flipping knives to practice in front of a sofa, bed, or lawn as the impact will be cushioned instead of hitting a wooden board for example.

If you are interested in training with a butterfly knife, you can practice with the black one. If you’ve mastered it, it’s recommended that you make the switch to silver.

4. Anlado Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer 

anlado balisong butterfly knife trainer 

Butterfly Knives are a lot of fun to use, but they can be dangerous when first starting out.

However, our Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer is designed to help you learn how to use the knife in a safe environment free from danger.

Everyone loves getting training equipment as gifts, so surprise your friends and family by surprising them with this practical gift.

Unlike most butterfly training knives, we use 440C stainless steel and enhanced screws to ensure that it lasts as long as possible until you get the hang of it and are ready to move on to the real thing.

In order for you to flip it smoothly, we calculate the weight balance of the butterfly trainer, 5.83 oz, 5″ blade with a center of mass.

If you are not completely satisfied with our utensils and they do not meet your expectations, we will replace them or refund your money without question because we want you to be completely satisfied because customer satisfaction is our primary goal because we want you to always have a smile on your face when using.

5. AIFUSI Butterfly Knife Trainer

aifusi butterfly knife trainer

These butterfly trainers provide a great way to learn how to use the real thing.

Though not sharp, our practice knives replicate genuine butterfly knives by their weight and construction.

The unsharpened blade of our practice butterfly trainers will allow you to learn the moves, tricks, and skills necessary for the real thing without the risk of getting cut or bruised.

This carefully designed trainer has all the features of a genuine butterfly knife including a solid pin construction, and copper washers with a spring latch all crafted in high-quality materials so that it’s built to last.

A good choice for beginners, this trainer gives students more confidence moving forward when they sit down with the real deal.

We account for a perfect center of mass and weight ratio to make sure you can smoothly flip it, much like you would a real butterfly knife.

This is a gift for your butterfly knife-practicing friend. They can use it as a training tool but should make sure not to harm themselves.

6. Black Dull Trick Butterfly Knifes Balisong Trainer 

black dull trick butterfly knifes balisong trainer 

Balisong trainer is made with durable stainless steel and high-end quality. Butterfly knife is not sharp just the handle training tool.

Butterfly Trainer can help improve your balisong speed and efficiency through regular practice with a weighted design, sturdy handles and a solid blade attach conveniently to any key chain or backpack.

Keep track of progress by counting revolutions between tightens, and reps or by completing a routine.

If you’re building a butterfly knife collection, then you’ll surely want a training knife. It’s safe, easy to use, and helps you practice the moves that professionals are making with the sharpened blades.

A quality Balisong trainer will ensure that whatever sacrifice is necessary to protect yourself and those around you is available in self-defense situations.

This trainer has excellent corrosion resistance, high durability, and high quality to pass along.

Blunt and safe training knives help people to learn how to properly wield a sharp knife as well as protect the user from getting injured.

This tool can be used by both professionals and beginners who have begun their adventure with food preparation or simply want to date with new culinary arts.




Are butterfly knives trainers sharp?

Protect your hands and let the Practice Butterfly Trainer do all of the hard work. The trainer is ideal for first-time flippers who have no previous experience handling actual butterfly knives.

The trainer comes in three different variations: red, blue, and green. So you have a variety to choose from.

The trainer has a plastic handle shaped like that of an official butterfly knife but with no harmful blades- meaning it’s safe and perfect for beginners to practice flipping out at home before trying it out with real knives in public.

Why do balisong trainers have holes?

The holes throughout the blade of the Balisong Trainer help make the knife lighter. It’s also more difficult to use a sharpened knife for training purposes because it then has to be classified as a weapon and that is only one of many reasons why training knives have holes through the blades.


Best butterfly knife trainers. In conclusion, butterfly knives are unique, useful and fun for both collectors and those who use them on a regular basis.

They can be used for a wide range of applications, from camping knives to hunting knives to self-defense weapons. They can make everyday tasks easier to accomplish, and they are designed to last for a lifetime.

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