Best Cabinet Hardware Jig

Best Cabinet Hardware Jig. A cabinet hardware jig aids in the drilling of accurate holes in wood or metal surfaces for the installation of bolts or rivets on large-scale items such as cabinets and windows.

These tools frequently come with intersecting ruler systems, which makes spacing and aligning a large number of holes across a huge item much easier.

The nice part about this sort of equipment is that it comes in a variety of forms depending on the type of job you’re working on.

Cabinet jigsaws are usually heavy-duty devices designed for commercial usage rather than domestic use, although home users who don’t need to drill hundreds of holes or use it frequently during the week might profit from one.

Best Cabinet Hardware Jig

1. Kreg Tool Company KHI-PULL Cabinet Hardware Jigbest cabinet hardware jig

The Kreg Tool Company developed a better way to make cabinet jigs. This means you’ll be able to utilise a product that many pros recommend, and for good reason!

This equipment will come in helpful when it comes to finishing your measurements, drilling precise holes, and saving time when building furniture. It keeps the drill bits from sliding while you’re holding them, allowing you to drill precise holes every time.

Steel guides will also last longer than other types of cabinet jigs since you will not have to modify them as frequently! A movable ramp on the rear of this tool aids in expanding or lowering the distance between your router and the jig.

You’ll also find measuring lines in both feet and inches, so it shouldn’t be an issue whether you’re used to working in imperial or metric units. Furthermore, this version of the Olson basic jig is extremely simple to put together, with only three components that must be screwed together before it can be used.

This is a high-quality piece of equipment that will make all of your future projects seem fantastic! If you use tools like these on a regular basis, I recommend investing in supplementary accessories like work holding attachments or chamfer guides, which can provide you more flexibility when working on your extracurriculars.

2. The Original Cabinet Hardware Jig Toolthe original cabinet hardware jig tool

Remodeling contractors will now be allowed to complete their projects without the assistance of other tradespeople.

It’s astonishing how simple this equipment is to use; it allows me to easily measure cabinet door and drawer openings.

The key feature that distinguishes it is its simplicity of usage. Anyone who requires a quick and precise setup on modest woodworking jobs in their shop or garage will appreciate this.

This work jig has a lot of positive aspects! Investing in high-quality tools and then establishing yourself as a professional contractor pays off every time!

Thanks to the exact measurements this tool provides, you can swiftly drill holes in pricey cabinets, and it comes with a template guide that assures correct spacing between holes.

The Progressive Prepworks Multi-Size Hanging Organizer and Hardware Kit is ideal for anyone who has trouble remembering where they’ve previously drilled holes.

This sturdy jig set comes with a reversible clamp, and all you have to do now is slip the components onto the material. This tool can drill through both thick and thin materials, making it extremely versatile. It’s also simple to use, saves time, is economical, and durable.

3. Valiant Cabinet Hardware Jigvaliant cabinet hardware jig

Installing hardware for a new project is challenging enough, but if you’re not cautious with your measurements and use an incorrect tool to mark the placement of holes for things like hinges, you’ll end up with a lot of irritation and wasted time.

Precision handling is eased off your shoulders with the inclusion of Valiant Hardware’s Cabinet Jig, which helps prevent drilling in the wrong location.

With clearly stated dimensions and customizable diameters that make slides adjustable without any difficulty, this jig makes screwing in screws a breeze.

It’s built of a durable aluminum alloy that will endure as long as you need it to because no one knows when they’ll need to put up another cabinet! The drill bit was actually made in China, so we think that sums it up nicely!

It’s easy to read markings are made with metric units, allowing you to measure everything up correctly without having to look back at a conversion chart, while the drill bit was made in China, so we think that sums it up nicely.

This kit comes with a lovely case to keep all of the accessories in. Even if the precision may be greater in the corners of the metal index, it is not poor. This does not, however, make it inconvenient to use.

You only need to set it once and then repeat the process. It’s fantastic since you can use any sort of hardware handle because it doesn’t flex or lose form like plastic or cheap metal handles.

Because there are no fragile plastic pieces, accuracy will not be a problem. However, owing to its lack of durability, I expect it will wear out fast if employed by a professional renovation company on a regular basis.

4. Power Tools Punch Locator, Drill Guidekreg cabinet hardware jig super pack

It’s quick and precise, and it’s definitely worth the money. This program is highly worth considering if you want to handle your job accurately and complete it swiftly.

It certainly beats going through each cabinet one by one, especially because mistakes are so easy to make and maybe quite costly when it comes time to repair them.

And, because this jig ensures precise alignment every time, it’s significantly preferable to measuring and drilling cabinets yourself in terms of precision!

Furthermore, it will assist you in completing work more quickly because there will be no need for extra interpretation via uneven measurements if you utilize this expert tool.

This tool may be made or set up to work at any length. Whether you’re making a long handle or a pull, you won’t need to modify your measuring tools, dimensions, or templates, which saves time because you won’t have to change anything but the new measurements.

Drilling through wood templates can be inexact at times, especially if they are not perfectly flat on all sides. The best approach to installing exactly aligned hardware is to use a drill guide to ensure accurate drilling every time, which eliminates any mistakes whether the hole is drilled too low or too high.

It has its own proprietary design, which assures that no holes are ever drilled incorrectly and that all holes are flawless every time.

5. Deluxe Drawer Pull JIG ITdeluxe drawer pull jig it

This template is a soft plastic device that makes marking drill holes for kitchen drawer pulls a breeze. Because this instrument lacks several essential characteristics, such as drill guides and tilting, it’s critical to understand what it can and cannot perform.

Users will not be able to set several sizes of handles on drawers since the template only has one depth stop. You should only acquire a template like this one if you need to install several sizes of hardware on drawers with identical dimensions.

However, because the jig isn’t broad enough, templates with longer stops won’t work for drawers with 8-inch or larger handles.

It’s simple and fun to use a Deluxe Drawer Pull Jig-it. If you can correctly utilise this jig when installing many drawer-pulls on a drawer set, it’s the perfect option for your needs.

However, bear in mind that you won’t be able to buy this jig for 8-inch handles since the tool’s template is too thin for that application. If you’re handy, you can tweak the program to get the best results in your own house!

It’s an adjustable tool, and when you first use it, you can set up all of the drill points at once using the marks built into it, and then this will be the last hardware jig you’ll ever need.

6. TOURACE Cabinet Hardware Jigtourace cabinet hardware jig

For individuals who are conducting their own home upgrades, the Tourace Building Materials Hardware Kit, 1-1/2-Inch is a $100 item.

This product has a lot of benefits, including the fact that it comes from a well-known brand, so you can be sure it will endure.

It’s comprised of robust aluminum alloy and long-lasting ABS plastic. Three movable drill guides and an eleven millimeter drill guide are included to assist you in drilling accurate holes for your cabinets.

This product allows you to utilise these organized plastic fastening containers to ensure you don’t lose any screws. It’s also useful since it allows you to test the measurements before drilling anything in case your measuring equipment is off.

The TOURACE Cabinet Hardware Jig features three drill slider guides that assist woodworkers in drilling precise holes, making it an excellent tool for both beginners and pros.

There’s no need to acquire a separate metal ruler because the drill jig comes with one. Anyone interested in learning how to use this jig should do so with confidence because it is inexpensive and will last them a long time.

7. True Position Best Cabinet Hardware Jigbest cabinet hardware jig 2022

True Position Tools Company offers a diverse range of high-quality hardware installation tools that are far more efficient at the fundamental jobs that tradespeople use them for, such as measuring tape jigs.

When it comes to the Original Cabinet Hardware Jig, you can use it to quickly gather measurements and produce a jig in less than 5 minutes, as opposed to alternative methods that might take up to 10 minutes.

If you have odd-sized cabinets in your house, this tool will come in handy because it includes everything you need to install cabinet hardware quickly.

The true position Quality Cabinet Hardware’s TP-1935 is the most versatile hardware jig available today. It was created to work with cabinet door stiles and rails up to 42 inches height, as well as hardware up to 38.1 inches long.

Because they are composed of premium aluminum rather than the plastic components used by our top rivals, these laser engraved rulers do not fade over time.

This precise jig is made of 3x tougher 6061-T6 aviation-grade aluminum rather than the inferior polymers utilized by others, ensuring the tool’s lifetime.

This professional product’s case hardened steel bushings were designed to survive more than 10,000 holes, and we back them up with a lifetime warranty in case you need it.


Best Cabinet Hardware Jig. Installing doors in your cabinet can be a real hassle, especially if you are doing it often and usually struggle with different kinds of issues. Whether you’ve never done this type of a project before or it’s just too often to remember where you put that drill bit last time so you have to rummage through dozens of drawers which inevitably turn up nothing because nobody ever knows.

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