Best Camp Shower

Best Camp Shower. Camping showers are like your conscience. They are the voice inside the back of your head telling you when you’ve gone too far or not far enough.

You know that painful moment when you realize the water you’ve collected from a nearby stream.   Basically, camping showers are messy reminders in tiny shelters of human progress.

Sure, camping showers may be primitive by our standards but at least they exist and serve their purpose – something which can’t be said for every modern convenience that holds so much weight in our lives.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to take everything on a camping trip…but like life there’s something very comforting about knowing when enough is enough.

8 Best Camp Shower

1. KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag,5 gallonsbest camp shower

The Kipida Solar Shower Bag is a revolutionary way to get hydrated on the go. Plan to bring it along for your next outdoor adventure so that you can bathe in it’s warm water no matter where you find yourself.

Just hang the bag from a nearby branch or pole and allow it time to heat up as the sun reaches its peak.

Next, use the shower spout at the bottom of the bag if using while still hanging, otherwise simply step into the bag under a stream of warm water.

Once you’re done bathing, return it back to a shaded area so that whatever cool water has accumulated in its interior will have time to warm up before you start using it again.

Thanks to its design and heating capabilities, one can stay clean without making excessive noise or consuming any resources on days when going off grid might be a necessity. This Small Camping Shower Bag is ideal if you’re off on a trip somewhere and find yourself away from home for more than a day or so.

This shower bag can carry up to 5 gallons of water that could keep you cleanly shaven and refreshed for up to two weeks! You can easily camp anywhere you want thanks to its versatile design! It has a water tap, hose, and shower head, allowing you to take care of yourself with ease in any number of places.

2. Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Showernemo helio portable pressure camp shower

The Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower is a great option if you want to take things up a notch. The Helio is another option for a shower on the list, but it’s unique in that it comes with an actual hose and an input hole for water to come through.

Moreover, you won’t need to use gravity or any other heavy alternative because the Helio has a separate water storage tank located within the shower itself.

The thing we don’t love about this camp shower is the absence of an internal heating device, so when temperatures drop the water won’t be quite as warm as before.

This fantastic sun shower is really quick and easy to set up using its personal foot pump. It’s ideal for camping because it doesn’t need any electricity and doesn’t leave a trace like refilling a gas canister or disposable cylinder either.

The water tank can be pressurised to create a steady continuous flow of warm water, so you can stand underneath it and not get burnt by the powerful spray. This way you achieve complete cleanliness without wasting precious water.

The 7-foot, ultra-soft and flexible hose detaches quickly and easily.  The convenient hose heads can even be used outside in the garden or around pets while they take baths or rinses off in the sink or shower basin.

3. Ivation Portable Outdoor Showerivation portable outdoor shower

When you’re on the road and have no access to shower facilities and only have a bag or solid source of water, it can be hard to get clean.

And if you’re one to camp and don’t like staying in places that allow their guests to use showers, then the Ivation Portable Handheld Rechargeable Camping Showerhead is there for the job. With a few feet of hose, you can fix the showerhead to a tree or structure so that it funnels up water over your body.

This way, you won’t have trouble with pressure or not enough water flow since gravity helps out with that issue.

You can also make sure that this showerhead lasts by keeping an eye on all of its connectors to make sure they are tightly sealed, as any leaks could cause it effect how well it operates while discharging water on you. This portable shower system allows you to take gentle showers when and where you want.

This is ideal for campers who love to hike or go camping, as it can turn a pool of water into a comfortable shower anywhere.

It’s great for use on the beach so that all family members can enjoy the water without getting in the way of each other; perfect for taking showers at poolsides and beaches.

Ivation makes bath time safe and fun with toddlers and babies since parents can now gently spray them with this shower head instead of turning on a strong stream of water which could be dangerous especially during those first few months.

4. RISEPRO Portable Camping Showerrisepro portable camping shower

Designed for campers and hikers, the Risepro Portable Camping Shower Head is your best bet for even water spread throughout the shower.

In addition to simply being a shower head, this shower head also includes an extra hose feature that is collapsible, as well as a compact bag with compartments for shampoo and soap. The product set also comes with a suction device and pump to assist when using under low water pressure.

You can fill any container you have at home or in your camping tote and pump water through the tower to give you a full-body wash so quickly.

Best of all this option is lightweight, inexpensive and has plenty of special features at a great price! This shower head can help you to have a quick refreshing shower.

The water flows at approx. 2 liters per minute and with the filtration of five microns, your skin will be softer than ever before! One full charge is equal to 5-7 minutes of shower time with 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of water — It’s energy efficient! You get more for your money.

This showerhead also comes with a hanging kit so you can hang it on the wall or use it in combination with a stand.

This hose nozzle features a suction-cup mount, and you can securely attach it to the wall or other surfaces so that you can use both hands to clean your car or wash any other large vehicle. Moreover, if the suction-cup mount is already attached to the wall or surface but tightly secured.

5. DOTSOG Portable Outdoor Solar Showerdotsog portable outdoor solar shower

DOTSOG is a product that’s incredibly simple to set up but can give you the sort of shower that makes you feel like you’ve stepped inside an outdoor beach.

The product has its own built-in five-gallon tote bag (made of lea-proof PVC and tear-proof sealing around the handle) with a removable hose and showerhead.

Although this default showerhead isn’t made for pressure so it relies on gravity, it still offers plenty of water if that’s what you need.

And if it’s not enough, there are additional attachments in kits to make sure you’re getting plenty of hot water no matter where your travels take you. And it doesn’t require any pumping or carrying heavier bottles saving your back from all the aches and pains that come with mainstream showers.

So even if you’d rather go camping than stay in a hotel there’ll be a place more portable than those offered walls where your DOTSOG will hang (with support from its strong base) meaning that you won’t have any trouble using its simplistic amenities.

This portable outdoor shower has a large 20-liter water tank which is sufficient for multiple showers. It comes with an adjustable hanging strap which allows it to be hung from the side of a truck or between trees.

The bag does not leak, and you can tighten the faucet by hand to prevent leakage further. Once it heats up to 113 degrees F in 3 hours with direct sunlight, you can use it to bathe comfortably outdoors.

6. WADEO Upgrade Camping Showerwadeo upgrade camping shower

If you’re still not interested in owning a shower with its own bag, but you wouldn’t mind more water pressure than mere gravity would provide you under your feet, here’s a great alternative from WADEO that lets you control water output yourself within your shower experience.

This shower bag can hold up to four gallons of water per filling. The pressure provided by the pump is distributed evenly inside for an even stream rather than one that surges and wanes each time you set your foot down on the ground.

It is made from durable canvas-lined plastic, and it folds together into a portable tote along with all the other pieces. Both the tote and the shower bag have convenient handles for hanging off of something so they can stand freely when not in use, and luckily they both fold easily as well when it’s time to pack them away after finalizing things on your end.

Like many other showers, this camping shower has a hose that is designed to not just be easily removed, but also attached and detached.

If the system isn’t assembled correctly and with care and caution, it’ll be a bit of a hassle to keep the water flowing without leaks.

We highly suggest reading through the instructions carefully before putting this product together because when it works, it works well.

7. Shengen Best Camp Showershengen camping shower bag

If you’re looking for more water and more space in a gravity shower bag but don’t want to sacrifice any durability, then this gravity shower designed by Shengen may just be the right fit for your needs.

This five-gallon round gravity shower bag also has the added advantage of being able to absorb solar heat via a rubberized canvas material which means that, unlike other products on the market, it comes with a temperature gauge so you can keep an eye on how warm the water is getting.

Although the “gravy tub” nature of this camp shower, as one tester put it, delivers unvarying water flow aided by its easy-access inlet and outlet valves you can turn it off using a convenient on/off switch that can be found near the showerhead attached to a hose, which can be easily folded up inside of the bag when not in use.

This sackpacks’ high quality is rarely matched and the reasonable price point makes it a great value. We do have one minor issue to raise though. This type of material, although sturdy, tends to retain smells especially those emanating from its waterproofing.

Perhaps the most prudent course of action would be to set these in open areas with ample ventilation or lay them flat on drying racks after every use.

8. Sportneer Camping Shower Bagsportneer camping shower bag

If you’re a traveler and always on the move, you may find yourself wishing for a simpler shower experience every once in a while.

If you’re looking for something waterproof that’s simple to set up, perform maintenance, and pack away again when not needed, consider this Sportneer shower. Because it is made of waterproof lined nylon canvas, it can absorb heat which helps your water get warm faster.

It also comes with a solar panel so that you can recharge the device easily during the day no outlet necessary.

The showerhead has an on/off mechanism which makes conserving water easier – simply turn it off whenever you aren’t using it. The bag comes with an extremely durable hanging handle in case you need to lift it out of the bathtub or pool stand to drain water.

The majority of complaints about this shower kit focused on the small size and short length of its hose and the dramatically low-output and high-pressure head. It’s designed to simply hang from a hook instead of resting on the ground, allowing for you to stand above it and wash yourself with a short water hose that has an average output.

A lot of people are very pleased with how well it fits into tiny, cramped spaces, but others were disappointed with how short it was as compared to some other shower bags’.

This can be quickly stored when you’re away from home if you’re out camping or just trying to save space or room in your car.


Best Camp Shower. We hope you enjoyed our post about camping showers. If you have any other questions about camping showers for sale, please read the complete blog. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this. To sum up, camping showers are like your conscience.

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