Best canned beets

Best canned beets. Canned beets are a popular root vegetable that is used in the kitchen. These colorful veggies come normally in a can, but they can also be found frozen or fresh.

Since beets grow underground and are hard to find this close to the end of winter, many people turn to canned beets throughout most of the year.

Canned beets have many health benefits and provide both vitamins and minerals. Despite their healthy appeal, not everyone can eat canned beets because they often contain high amounts of sugar which may put on weight within the body. For this reason, we recommend the best-canned beets to you which might fit your needs.

6. Best canned beets


del monte fresh cut canned beets

Canned vegetables provide a quick and easy way to add a side dish or side recipe to your meal.

Even though they’re what most people usually turn to, keep in mind that packaged produce is often lackluster, even if it hasn’t gone bad yet.

Fresh produce is always the better alternative. Vital Farms 2:1 Mix of Canned Beets are packed with flavor, but they were not canned using preservatives because no company will ever be able to do that successfully.

No artificial flavors either. On average, the beets have been non-GMO for around 3 years at the time of sale.

DEL MONTE Cut Beets. Just the right amount of sweetness and tang, these freshly sliced beets are easy to prepare and packed with full flavor.

Serve warm in place of traditional baked potatoes, mix with your favorite veggies or use them as an easy-to-prepare meal idea.

These canned vegetables are versatile and ready to eat. Let it nourish you with DEL MONTE Cut Beets. *Ingredients of the types used in this product are not genetically engineered.

Our veggies are carefully tended from seed to our stores. Over 95% of veggies in our fruit and veggie blend at Naked smoothie bars across the United States are grown by family farms.

Our fresh ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness and packed within hours of harvest to maintain their natural nutritional value and amazing taste.

2. Libby’s Sliced Beets

libby's sliced beets 2022

Now available in a convenient 16.9oz (500g) package, Libby’s Sliced Beets are made from fresh-harvested beetroots and combined with just the right amount of seasoning for a delicious earthy flavor and vibrant ruby red-purple color.

Our sliced beets are ready for your favorite recipe ideas like Savory Beet & Quinoa Casserole and Spicy Rubbed Skirt Steak with Almond-Crusted Baked Beets.

The Libby’s Sliced Beets are grown and produced in the United States. There are no preservatives added to these beets.

All of the ingredients to make up this simple, yet tasty side dish come from family farms right here in the United States.

It’s homegrown, it’s American-made with pride and commitment on family-owned farms located in parts of Illinois, Minnesota, or Upstate New York. When you eat Libby’s Sliced Beets you’re keeping food dollars local.

Libby’s Sliced Beets are packaged in recyclable cans made with a Non-BPA lining (Can lining not intentionally made with BPA). Please recycle or dispose of accordingly.

3. Goya Foods Sliced Beets

goya foods sliced beets

Goya Foods Sliced Beets are something that you’ll want to spend a lot of time with.

They’re convenient and versatile, but most importantly delicious because the ingredients are far better than those that are used in any other product on the market.

Cut down on prep time by using Goya Sliced Beets in place of raw beets or just simply take them to eat straight out of the can.

And regardless of how they’re prepared, you’ll enjoy having Goya Sliced Beets any way you decide to eat them.

The product is fat-free, saturated fat-free, trans-fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free you can purchase goya’s pickled products in singles, three, five, and eight-packs. They are available on amazon, amazon fresh, and prime pantry.

24 packs of Goya Lite Beets 15 oz. Want to eat your favorite foods and feel great. Those who have tried Goya Wax-free Lite Beets know it is all possible because of the deliciousness within each can.

It provides you with a nutritional and delicious way to have a meal that’s simply amazing. You can’t go wrong with Goya.


del monte harvest selects

With Del Monte, you can find ready-to-eat, hand-selected Non-GMO beets that are from the roots (literally).
A wholesome snack, these pickled red gems can also be used as an ingredient in a wide variety of recipes. These beets have no fake preservatives, and they are made with all-natural sea salt for an incredible taste.
These pickled beets will complement the flavor of your garden salad, making it a tasty, nutritious accompaniment to any meal.

Whether your prep for a picnic or lunch at the office, delicious, hearty, and family-pleasing side dishes always add an enjoyable balance to any meal.

Bring the naturally good taste of DEL MONTE sliced pickled beets to your table by adding these convenient and portable slices to your sides.

Check out DEL MONTE sliced pickled beets recipes and other products online, or pick up some delicious beets in varieties you’ll love on your next trip to the supermarket.

Served over garden salad mix or enjoyed on their own, pickled beets are sliced just right for serving over a salad.

5. Gefen “Red Beets”

gefen red beets

Gefen “Red Beets” Field Fresh. Three Pack. Suitable to use in salads or just devoured out of the bag, this is a whole new great way to enjoy beets.

Great Value, convenient and ready-to-eat right now. Have them as a healthy addition to your meals, these are great for many purposes and are very versatile.

Each bag is vacuum packed so they’re easy to store and will stay fresh even when you don’t have access to traditional refrigeration.

Certified Kosher by Passover and OU Non-GMO Project, our Gefen “Red Beets” Field Fresh is wholesome plant food – full of vitamins C and B6 in iron, magnesium, and potassium.

When you need it most like during exercise recovery time. They make for a great addition to any meal or snack time with their sweet taste that’s blended with earthiness, fullness, and flavor.

6. Libby’s Cut Beets

libby's cut beets

Libby’s Cut Beets are a fine springtime treat. These beets were harvested fresh and then evenly cut in order to preserve their original texture.

The beets were then combined with just the right amount of seasonings so they have a remarkably delicious earthy flavor with some hidden sweetness that balances it out.

This recipe book offers a new option with a deep, vibrant red-purple color that will delight your taste buds. With fresh-harvested beetroot and nutrient-rich.

A delicious, deep, and vibrant sweet potato – perfect for savory dishes like Savory Cut Beets & Quinoa (see label).

BPA is a chemical that, while not intentionally added to can linings made of steel and other materials, has caused concerns in the scientific community.

If BPA leaks into food or drink products from cans repeatedly heated in the microwave, it could pose a health risk. Please recycle your empty Libby’s Cut Beets cans.

Libby’s Cut Beets originated in the heart of Oregon, part of a stretch named after the man responsible for its popularity during the pioneer days, John Libbey.

This region is the prime location for beets as fertile soil and an ideal combination of sun and rainfall contribute to an ideal environment for rapid growth.



Are canned beets as healthy as fresh beets?

Canned beets have the same basic nutrition as beets you might grow yourself. For example, 1 cup of canned sliced beets has 14% of your daily Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of folate and 4% of your RDA for Potassium, though fresh beets grown and prepared at home will offer twice the amount.

Can you eat canned beets without cooking?

They can be eaten straight from the can or added to salads with a dash of lemon juice and olive oil. Rather than wasting canned beet liquid, use the beet juice in baked goods as a natural red/pink beet dye.


Best canned beets. If you are looking for a yummy vegetable side dish that goes with a variety of main dishes, then canned beets are the way to go. These veggies are very affordable and can be found in nearly every grocery store.

They are tasty and cooked in a can, you can easily heat them up to serve. You can find canned beets in a variety of flavors such as pickled, whole, sliced, or diced.

This makes the vegetable very versatile. It is also great because you can use the canned beets just like you would fresh beets.

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