Best canned clams

Best canned clams. Some clam lovers like to treat themselves to clams from time to time. They love their protein-filled briny flavor, and often want them when they’re in the mood for a light dish of seafood.

But buying them fresh can be difficult as they are seasonal and not available all year round. So when it comes to canned clams, many clam enthusiasts don’t know what brand to trust or which brands have the highest quality.

The good news is that you always have options when it comes to purchasing canned clam, so if you’re an occasional lover or even if you just need it now and again then the following list gives you four options that are sure to satisfy your craving.

Being a canned clams fan myself, I’m happy to share some of my favorite brands which are listed below.

6 Best canned clams

1. Snow’s Ocean Chopped Clams Canned

snow's ocean chopped clams canned

Snow’s Chopped Ocean Clams Canned contains 51 ounces of finely chopped, double-cleaned, harvested ocean clams all in their own juices to preserve flavor and texture.

This 7-gram can of Snow’s Chopped Clams contains lean protein with each serving.

Enjoy a can of chopped clams as an ideal way to boost the protein content of any dish.

Snow’s canned clams are the ultimate keto-friendly ingredient for seafood recipes and are perfect for those on a diet. Our highest-quality canned clams have no carbs, gluten, fat, or MS.

Cooking with Snow’s clams on a low carb high fat (high ketogenic) diet ensures better ketone production in your body making them your ideal food source if you can’t get enough vegetables or protein into your daily meals.

Snow’s clams are sourced with the utmost care for our environment and sustainability. Snow’s is proud to offer its customers MSC-certified sustainable seafood.

Snow’s Ocean Chops are clams that are chopped up into manageable bite-sized pieces and canned in their own juices.

This is how you preserve their flavor and texture. In fact, our Sea Chops have been a New England favorite since 1920 because they add a special flavor to any recipe that calls for seafood.

2. MW Polar Seafood, Whole Baby Clams

mw polar seafood, whole baby clams

Pack of 12. Each pack includes 10 oz. of super-fresh clams San Diego clam companies are careful to wash each clam, en masse

And all of the sand is removed, instead of just harvesting them from ocean floors as in other parts of North America.

These clams are perfect for rich pasta dishes or meaty chowders and stews.

Polar has been crafting seafood delicacies since 1976 and their selection of gelatinous sea creatures is rich with many of the key minerals and nutrients that are important for a healthy diet.

From premium clams to tasty meats and sleek salmon, every Polar product is family-farmed and canned for your enjoyment.

Easy to prepare as part of a healthy meal, be sure to try all of Polar’s delicious selections from Canada’s leading seafood supplier.

The clams first undergo a de-sand process to ensure that any sand is removed from within them before being packed.

The de-sand process consists of keeping the clams in clear water for up to 4 hours so that all the sand can be released from within their systems.

After this process, the product quality is tested and before packing the clams into our containers, it must pass several measures so that only quality materials are passed onto our clients.

3. Snow’s Italian Style White Clam Sauce

snow's italian style white clam sauce

This classic Italian-style white clam sauce is made with tender clams from the cold, deep waters of the North Atlantic mixed with olive oil, fresh garlic, and spices to create a delicious, taste-bud-tingling culinary masterpiece.

For many Italian households, Snow’s Clam Sauce (12/15 oz. Cans) or marinara pasta sauces are a staple item in their pantry due to their reliability and versatility. Enjoy this classic taste today.

Our Italian Style White Clam Sauce is made using fresh clams and can be served over any type of fresh pasta. This sauce is perfect for making seafood dishes.

On the stovetop, pour in your freshly cooked pasta with our White Clam Sauce into a medium saucepan and stir occasionally until hot; You can also use it to make soups or other seafood recipes.

Or, you could also use our White Clam Sauce as part of bucatini, pici pasta, linguini, fettuccine, or your favorite recipe.

If you want a simple appetizer in addition to pasta, we suggest spooning out small separate portions on a dish and drizzling olive oil over them to create an interesting dipping dish.

Snow’s clams are sourced by the MSC certified sustainable fishery. Snow’s clams come from an MSC certified sustainable fishery and we source them directly from the fishermen who harvest them.

4. Chicken of the Sea Whole Baby Clams

chicken of the sea whole baby clams

Chicken of the Sea Whole Baby Clams is aged clams that are harvested from the cold, pristine waters off the southern coast of Iceland. Their eggs are chopped, rinsed and preservatives within them removed.

Our whole baby clams have no preservatives, are non-GMO, and are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium as well as protein all without sacrificing taste.

Known for their versatile use in cooking yourself or being an easy addition to the meal by some of our famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Chicken of the Sea Whole Baby Clams are becoming many people’s go-to pick when stocking up on their food court snack items.

When it’s time to get into the kitchen and whip up some delicious seafood recipes, you can rely on Chicken of the Sea Clams or its partner brands to provide the tender consistency that you’re after – right there in your very home.

We pride ourselves not only on offering top-notch clams but also on being an environmentally responsible company that works hard to make sure that fish are caught in a manner that will ensure future sustainable harvests.

Fast. Easy. Nutritious. Convenient. That’s what our customers have come to expect from us – and we deliver every time.

Our meals are great for lunches to go or late-night cravings when you don’t want to cook but need a quick, easy meal.

Each order contains 12 cans of our mouth-watering meal which is the perfect size for two people so it’s great for couples, families, or singles like college students who are in an apartment with only one oven.

5. Bumble Bee Whole Baby Canned Clams

bumble bee whole baby canned clams

Bumble Bee Whole Baby Clams are an excellent addition to a variety of recipes, including pasta sauces, dips, and chowders. Each container usually has 200-300 clams in it (species may vary depending on the can).

When you’re desiring a delightful treat or dinner, Bumble Bee Whole Baby Clams will satisfy you and your family.

Time Magazine called these small morsels of exquisite delight “the freshest tasting clam in the sea.

Bumble Bee clams are high in protein and a great keto snack. Bumble Bee canned clams can easily be eaten during a low-carb diet such as keto or paleo.

Enjoy enjoying clams on top of the salad, pasta, fry them up with some herbs as a side dish or enjoy as part of your meal What is considered a low carb diet?

A low carbohydrate diet is one that limits the number of carbohydrates (i.e., sugars) that you consume. Since not all foods that contain carbohydrates are equal when it comes to impact on blood sugar levels.

The goal of such a controlled diet is to eliminate foods that cause surges in blood sugar and insulin production or reduce them to very modest levels.

6. Bar Harbor Chowder, Manhattan Clam

bar harbor chowder, manhattan clam

Manhattan-style clam chowder served with parsley bits in a rich tomato broth. This is Bar Harbor Chowder’s most-ordered product.

A chef’s delight for seafood lovers who want their chowder with two kinds of littleneck clams, sweet fresh carrots, and tangy celery.

This entrée is the perfect companion to any meal (yes—it pairs beautifully with chips).

It’s readily available in buckets that hold up to 32 servings or sold per can, carton, or case.

Perfect for business owners as well as caterers due to its convenience and popularity.

Downeast Maine has evolved over the last 85 years to become a craft food brand, but our inspiration in coming up with exciting culinary recipes is always rooted in the same.

New England’s tradition of using locally sourced natural ingredients to bring about innovative and exciting products that are reminiscent of those traditional.

Whether it be our simple label designs or delicious recipes, Downeast Maine remains a local food brand through and through.

Small amounts are used to make our specialty seafood and other fine meals. The majority of our products are packed and canned by hand, much as folks along Maine’s coast have done for years. We’re happy to be from Bar Harbor, where our food has a distinct flavor.



Are canned clams as good as fresh?

Canned clams offer a quick and convenient source of protein for busy people on the go. They’re shelf-stable as well, which means they’re also ready when you are.

Canned clams are not just affordable but they can actually save you money thanks to their no wastage policy (unlike fresh clams, where one might typically get more than a few disappointments in every batch).

Can you eat baby clams out of the can?

Chowder clams are not only delicious, but they can also help you forget about what a stressful day it’s been. Though most chowder clams are cooked when we sell them to you, you have options as to how you’d like to serve them.

You can either eat them already prepared or add them to your own special dish that could be used for a future meal and heated up later on.


Best canned clams. We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the best-canned clam brands. We know that we can sometimes be quite picky about our food and want the best for ourselves and our families.

With that in mind, we know that these brands are some of the best available to us. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself a tasty can of clams today and enjoy.

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