Best Cash Counter Machine

Best Cash Counter Machine. Some tools are vital for any business to remain as efficient and as productive as possible. Cash counters have transformed drastically over the last few years.

They offer an array of convenience, efficiency, and ease of use allowing them to be one of the most important additions to any office at this time nowadays.

With one of these machines, people will not only see a difference at the end of the day but they will also receive added benefits associated with using such a system and the best part is that once you start using such a system you may never go back because there are many beneficial features involved with using it too.

Best Cash Counter Machine

1. GStar Money Counter with UV/MG/IR best cash counter machine

The G-Star Technology is Solid and Efficient. It can perform continuously for two hours without making too much noise. The machine gives a pretty accurate final count of the bills you’ve inserted from the back in any direction.

The money counter has high counterfeit bill rates which ensure accuracy while giving you peace of mind, so it’s perfect to use at a store or other accounts with money transactions.

The G-Star Technology stops counting immediately once it detects a counterfeit bill so that those bills don’t get counted; therefore that total won’t be included at all. This machine doesn’t calculate the monetary value of your bills though, so if you need something like that then this might not be right for you.

G-Star Technology helps you keep track of all your finances with our Intelligent Digital Money Counter. This model can count at a rate of one bill per second, providing awesome efficiency and increased accuracy to your daily tasks in gaining control over things like your household’s budgeting habits or employee paychecks whether in a private home environment or at the workplace.

The digital display gives you instantaneous information about on good, bad, authentic and counterfeit legal tender without requiring any extra assessments.

2. Kolibri Money Counter Machinekolibri money counter machine

The Kolibri Money Counter is designed to efficiently count 1,000 bills per minute using UV detection to detect half, chain and counterfeits. With the heavy-duty bill path, you’ll have fewer jams as long as you’ve loaded your bills correctly.

The automatic start and stop functions mean you won’t have to fiddle with it nearly as much – saving you time and effort. You can use batch mode to count up to a maximum of 10,000 bills (in 1 denomination increments).

Keep in mind that the Kolibri Money Counter counts the quantity not the monetary value of bills. And remember that all cash counting machines sold by KMC are covered by a 1-year warranty for parts and labour.

The Kolibri back-loading bill counter makes a fast, accurate count of the money your business generates. Its advanced anti-contamination technology lets it detect even the slightest amount of counterfeit bills in your stack and stop them so you can get a reliable count without worrying about the accuracy of your counts.

The Kolibri’s large and clear digital display and user friendly control panel let you operate it quickly once you’ve gotten accustomed to using it.

The Count mode will tell you how much money is being generated by what kind of cash flow passing through the Kolibri back-loading bill counter ideal for cash registers or any other situation needing quick and accurate counting of small bills.

3. Domens Portable Money Counter Mini domens portable money counter mini 

This money counter costs the consumer  much less than its more expensive siblings without much of a sacrifice. It can count 600 bills per minute, which suits most users who are not counting massive amounts of cash in their poker nights.

Users like this money counter because it’s easy to use and compact; these features make it ideal for small businesses or individuals who don’t want to deal with a large contraption.

However, some people have reported that they have experienced errors while using it, and encouraged figuring out how each button works before relying on this machine as a counting resource.

DOMENS V30 is a portable money counter that comes with a removable tray specifically designed to accommodate small denominations, making it the ideal solution for most businesses (the average marketplace shop probably doesn’t need this).

Portable money counters aren’t always ideal for large transactions such as at casinos or in banks and other financial institutions, but as you can see from this product photo/idea sketch,it’s simply too small to handle large amounts.

It does have an optional PC connection port that connects through the AC adapter so it’s not truly wireless (unless you purchase the wireless adaptor accessory).

4. HFS Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency hfs bill money counter worldwide currency 

The HFS Bill Money Counter can count most types of currencies at the rate of 600 bills per minute and features a simple LED display so that you know how many bills have been counted.

It is equipped with wet/damp and magnetic sensors which can detect counterfeit notes, alerting you when one passes through the machine.

The HFS has automatic start/stop functions as well as self-inspection and denomination counters so that you’ll never need to worry about completing separate steps while using it.

The Bill Money Counter is intended to count bills sorted through it but cannot currently add funds or even identify what type of money has been inserted into the unit.

Automatic UV and MG detection on a currency counter, not just when counting but also in the start, stopping, and clearing of batches.

Batching has further automation functions for adding or for batching to move onto other currencies. There’s note-detection by half-note with the help of IR ray detection technology on this auto currency counter. To display counters, this machine is suitable for most world currencies.

5. Cassida 6600 UV/MG USA Business cassida 6600 uvmg usa business 

The Cassida 6600 UV/MG USA Business Grade Money Counter is capable of detecting counterfeit bills, allowing you to get rid of any contaminated money without a hassle.

Extra features like the top loading hopper with 1,400 bill capacity and it’s built-in display screen make this an ideal solution.

The patented IR counterfeit detector finds and deletes any suspect notes for more accurate results, and the highly reliable counting technology makes this model ideal for use in a variety of environments like small retail stores and businesses.

Thanks to its ergonomic touch control panel, adding new batches or managing reports is quick and simple even when you’re busy serving customers, so you can take care of the business side quickly.

The Cassida 6600 has many features that make it a powerful choice for all your money handling needs. Its first feature is its ability to count in multiple denominations. Using an advanced coning system, the 6600 gives even the fastest 2nd hand cash counters a run for their money.

The add, count, batch and add + batch modes give you plenty of control over the counting process so you can quickly and accurately get the job done every time. Like most professional-grade currency counters, we feature a built-in bill separator that helps ensure no stray bills are counted twice or counted at all for added accuracy when processing large batches of mixed currency.

6. Aneken Upgraded Best Cash Counter Machineaneken upgraded money counter

A product called the Aneken money counter has been made available at a price for anyone who counts money frequently.

In order to be effective with this product, it’s important to have an understanding of what the item is capable of beforehand.

It has three powerful methods to detect counterfeit cash along with ripped or damaged bills. Additionally, the machine can be used in batch mode to count multiple batches together at one time so that that you don’t have to interrupt your counting process as often.

The machine’s structural optimization and upgrading enables it to cope with the damage caused by the aging of the machine. This device is able to process currencies of all different sizes and denominations. The bill counter can handle 1,000 notes a minute, noise less than 60dB and the hopper and stacker capacity up to 200 bills.

There are multiple ways to utilize the functions found on this machine including automatic, manual, count, add and batch modes which have been designed to meet various counting needs and save time in the process.

This addition feature will benefit newer users by adding up multiple batches into one long number. Batch mode would ideally suit experienced users because it pauses once the set number of notes have been processed.


Best Cash Counter Machine. Business owners and cashiers will both find a lot of use in using one of the options on our list, as replacing your own hands with a machine to do this work for you is both efficient and cost effective. With faster count speeds, convenient features, and more accurate counts than most other models on the market, any one of our top picks could make your life easier and will ensure that you have a great experience no matter if you’re working with paper or cloth bills.

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