Best Climbing Harness For Beginners

Best Climbing Harness For Beginners. The importance of a harness during the climb is self-explanatory as it secures a climber to the rope or from an anchor point, but there are many brands in the available market for you to choose from and because of this.

We have intentionally tested different harnesses in real climbing conditions to ensure that these products make any expedition activity comfortable and safe.

Having tried several brands out there and doing thorough research on them, we are now happy to present our top ten choices of product that ticks all the boxes required of a high-quality beginner’s gear.

7 Best Climbing Harness For Beginners

1. Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

weanas thicken climbing harness

The Weanas Thickening Climbing Harness provides the wearer with a sturdy and long-lasting solution for their forays into difficult terrain.

Despite its incredible performance, multiple sizes, and simple design capable of improving your workout by simply providing what you need to maintain a comfortable position on whatever route you choose to climb throughout your day, it is one of the more affordable options available.

The manufacturer claims that it is a one-size-fits-all harness that can be used by people of all body sizes and genders, implying that anyone can use it and benefit from its benefits.

However, if you have any climbing experience or are interested in rigorous physical activities where this harness will see a lot of use. This harness is safe, secure, and comfortable on the body.

The metal buckles ensure safety while distributing weight quite nicely over the shoulders and waistline, helping you to feel at ease even when carrying larger loads.

Ergonomic fit with extra padding around hip and shoulder makes carrying heavy loads a breeze without sacrificing comfort. Compatible with small kids or bigger teens/adults thanks to adjustable straps.

2. EDELRID Moe III Climbing Harness

edelrid moe iii climbing harness

The Moe’s ability to fit a wide range of body types is one of our favorite features.

The CenterFit design allows the foam padding to move freely on the structural nylon webbing, increasing comfort and carrying versatility.

These dual adjusting buckles allow us to customize the size and fit for any user, whether they are hiking miles into the woods or bouldering at their local gym.

With a customized fit and comfortable padding, the Moe provides enough room for any ascents on a single pitch route or an overnight high adventure hike into the wilderness, allowing you to function at your peak.

The MOE Climbing Harness has an adjustable leg loop and is made of comfortable, long-lasting material. Because of its secure design.

This harness is a favorite among experienced climbers, especially in situations where one might normally find themselves exposed to clipping into gear from the side or front.

The MOE has two gear loops that allow it to carry additional items for quick retrieval when needed.

3. BLUE ICE Choucas Light Harness 

blue ice choucas light harness 

When rock climbers are making their way up the side of a jagged cliff, they need a durable harness that can withstand abrasion from the rocks and boulders.

While mountaineers might be drawn to these options for their ability to stand up to repeated wear and tear without falling apart, rock climbers at times prefer minimalist options that won’t weigh them down as they work their way up.

The idea behind this particular style of harness is it can be worn or stuffed away in a bag without getting in the way.

When needed for a quick rappel or technical traverse across a glacier, however, these harnesses are just as able.

Just don’t plan on hanging in them for very long because they aren’t made for comfort; instead, they have been designed with durability and function in mind so you can climb higher and further than ever before! the harness comes with a couple of nifty features that further add to its appeal.

There’s also the fact they don’t compromise safety because we designed them to make it possible to never have to take your boots or crampons off while wearing the harness, thanks to our patented fold-over design. Additionally, there are two gear loops so you can always carry additional gear with you as well!

4. Metolius Safe Tech Trad Climbing Harness

metolius safe tech trad climbing harness

The Metolius Safe Tech Trad Climbing Harness is an impressive harness that assists those who want to trust in their own safety when climbing and looking to do so with an added sense of security.

This harness has been specially designed with a heavy focus on security, mainly because it has been designed as a high strength material to grant the secure feeling needed during such activities as crawling or hanging in one place for an extended period of time, which are common while climbing walls.

It also comes with adjustable leg loops and a wide padded waist belt that grants you more freedom to move around since they don’t cut into your skin or abrasively tighten up against your body like some others can tend to do.

The Safe Tech Trad Harness is a straightforward, simple design with a few key advantages for free climbing. Not nearly as streamlined or lightweight as the Black Diamond Primrose harness you can see ahead.

The Safe Tech does have a few advantages in terms of load support and retention that might make it ultimately worth carrying on multi-pitch climbs where the emphasis is on safety more than weight.

5. PETZL Corax Climbing Harness

petzl corax climbing harness

This Petzl Corax Climbing Harness is one of the most popular beginners harnesses on the market. The reason for this is that it manages to offer convenience and quality while also keeping its price inexpensive.

One feature that helps give it an extra edge over other budget models is its cord adjustable buckles made of metal instead of plastic, a feature that’s not often found in much low-cost climbing gears.

You should be able to find a size that fits your body type since you can use this affordable climbing harness easily adjust to fit your needs.

And since there isn’t a lot of rubbing or pinching thanks to some extra spacing between the leg loops, this specific beginning climbers harness will keep you from getting anxious about annoying pains or chafing problems.

Also if you are truly concerned about what brand offers protective products for kids, check out our list of the best climbing harnesses for kids!

6. Black Diamond Momentum Harness

black diamond momentum harness

With the Black Diamond Momentum Harness, you can take your climbing to the next level.

This incredible harness offers the ultimate comfort and performance you need.

Plenty of strategically placed padding, it ensures that you remain comfortable throughout your entire climbing session.

The patented Hoverglide strap is what will allow you to get new heights in no time.

Thanks to its four molded gear loops and adjustable leg straps, you’ll have instant access to all your gear so there’s no need for readjustments.

In short, this premium harness is among the best beginner climbing harnesses that are sure to give you a boost in strength and skill allowing for a well-rounded sense of accomplishment!

If you’re an all-around climber and you see excessive time investment as a waste, the Black Diamond Momentum harness is for you. It delivers a time-saving design specifically crafted with your climbing needs at the top of mind.

The pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle means you don’t even have to look down when tying in, while the Dual Core Construction works to ensure maximum comfort even if it’s been three hours since your last rest and you’re still hanging off of your last piece at a hanging belay.

7. Singing Rock Pearl L Harness for beginners

singing rock pearl l harness for beginners

The Pearl Climbing Harness is an ideal choice for women who want a safer and more comfortable alternative to the male harnesses.

This model offers a wider range of sizes than most other harnesses and uses thicker foam padding, which ensures that you’re cozy and warm while holding on tight to your favorite cliff for hours on end.

If you have ample hips or thighs, have no fear – this climbing harness features adjustable straps so you can tweak it to fit around any body shape.

For an extended amount of time spent scaling the sides of rocks, this harness comes with leg loops that wick moisture away from your skin and help keep you cool thanks to their cross-ventilation design.

And if even that doesn’t work wonders in the heat, there’s always a heavy-duty zipper mid-thigh that will easily let those legs pop out. This climbing harness for women is designed to fit the female body.

The waist belt is contoured and padded for even weight distribution, and it has three buckles to keep you secure when it counts. The 14-foot belay loop keeps you tethered in place while remaining comfortable.

The Rock & Lock buckle allows you to quickly adjust and put on the harness without having to remove your skis or crampons.



Best Climbing Harness For Beginners. Finding a harness that provides a perfect fit can be a bit of a struggle. There are several factors to consider including your body size, your weight, and the type of climbing you are going to do.

Buying a harness that does not fit your body type will be no good for you. We have taken all these factors into consideration when compiling this list. All the harnesses here will give you the comfort and safety you require when on the climb.

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