Best Control Surfaces

Best Control Surfaces. Control surfaces can be fantastic when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering. For example, so many artists have opted for control surfaces when running a DAW or digital audio workstation on their computers.

This is because it totally changes how you navigate through the program one tactile area will bring an element of analog into a digital workspace, and it makes everything much easier.

It’s like the difference between doing everything with your mouse and computer versus having a giant mixing board where you can actually see smaller things in order to fix them better within the software/website that’s being used.

If you want this type of functionality but like to stick with analog gear rather than going fully digital then maybe a control surface would be right up your alley especially if you’re still fairly new to recording.

Best Control Surfaces

1. AKAI Professional MIDImix USB MIDI best control surfaces

The simplistic design of the Akai Pro CDK25 makes it perfect for musicians and producers who want to take their music elsewhere. The CDK25 is left on its own and allows the user to produce music while he or she is outside their home or office.

It boasts a total of 25 faders which includes 8 individual faders, 1 master fader, and also 24 control for better mixing capabilities.

You can also find 16 buttons arranged in 2 banks provide that help you manipulate each channel individually without a hitch at times when coming up with ideas or creating your masterpiece.

The inclusion of the single button press option gives you the opportunity to send your settings straight to your software application seamlessly making it effortless. This great device offers a wide range of opportunities including having a natural-sounding acoustic with the ability to record gigabytes of MIDI data.

Akai’s MIDImix is a streamlined and portable MIDI controller that gives users the ability to mix tracks on either their preferred DAW (digital audio workstation) or dedicated mixing station, providing the feel of a more traditional mixing setup.

The lightweight design makes it perfect for transporting easily between workstations and studios – but only you can decide if it’s durable enough!

2. Novation ZeRO SL MkII USB Midi Controllernovation zero sl mkii usb midi controller

This control surface is ideal for use at venues that cater to live music, in homes, or when one might be performing.

Those who have reviewed the Novation ZeRO SL MkII have praised its ease of use when it comes to the programmable settings contained therein. This product is truly a beauty regarding how multi functional it is.

The beauty of this device is that it integrates with other kinds of devices which makes our lives so much easier to navigate without constant interruptions or crashes.

This control surface also comes equipped with a rather large 144-character ultra-bright screen along with a well-equipped crossfader and touch-sensitive speed dial all of which can certainly be used to change the value of any parameter in which the cursor selects or deems fit.

The Novation ZeRO SL MkII is a redone creative version of their former keyless controllers, which were well-regarded as being one of the best control surfaces available today.

Simply click on the software parameter and touch the control to assign knobs, faders, and buttons with Novation’s high-quality MIDI controller keyboards and solutions.

This allows you to remotely recall all of your ‘home assignments’ at a click – leading to enhanced workflow efficiency! Novation is the pioneer name in affordable, professional music gear.

3. Avid 9900-65171-00 Artist Control V2avid 9900 65171 00 artist control v2

Avid Artist Control v2 is turning out to be one of the first choices amongst audio and video device-makers. It boasts a hands-on command over any integration that goes unmatched with any EUCON-enabled audio and video applications.

Simply pressing a button you are able to access functions and settings with ease on the screen’s touchscreen area making your work much easier than before.

This makes the product more efficient in nature, due to how it can utilize touchscreen control without having to perform tedious hand movements.

Avid Artist Control v2 also comes with some other good features such as jog wheel and transport controls, which are touch-sensitive just like the rest of its parts.

Artist Control makes editing and mixing easier than ever with a fully customizable control surface, programmability, and tight integration with your favorite audio and video applications.

The touch-sensitive rotary encoders can be fixed to a specific function while still retaining its physical movement and the bright LED touchscreen is available alongside the motorized faders.

(which can move in either direction) for an incredibly smooth workflow that’s often beyond the reach of simple keyboards, mouses, and track pads. Artist Control not only looks great but also feels just as good.

4. Korg nanoKONTROL2 Slim-Line USB Control Surfacekorg nanokontrol2 slim line usb control surface

The Korg nanoKONTROL2 is one of the parts in a three piece MIDI controller that is specifically meant for use with audio interfaces as well as synths.

It is able to be used right along side equipment in your own home studio because it is so small and light weight. The kit comes with drum pads and keyboards in which you can be able to create any music of your liking.

You are also able to edit all these instruments by use with the easy touch screen on the control part and not only programs but also stops sound,so if you don’t want an unwanted sound playing you can stop it by pressing stop and starting over again so that you get the exact rhythm that you want!!

I would recommend this as a superb choice for anyone who has fun using various electronic instruments in order to come up with new sounds!

The KONTROL 2 is one of the coolest controllers that Korg has ever made. One thing we’d like you to remember about this new controller is that it’s very transportable, making it a great choice for someone who travels often.

The KONTROL 2 complements any project studio and can do everything from controlling all of your software instruments and virtual synths to working in tandem with your DAW.

5. Mackie Control Universal Pro, 8-channelmackie control universal pro, 8 channel

The Mackie Control Universal Pro (also commonly referred to as the MCU) is one of the most ideal pieces of software that many producers and artists use for their digital audio workstations day in and day out.

The software is used to manipulate tracks and can adjust the tones to make them sound more organic and with less hassle from start to finish.

The surface faders and knobs are labeled with clear instructions for quick reference. These overlays – which come pre-labeled – are especially popular when it comes down to one’s personal preferences.

The product comes with a lot of new features, which are all responsible for making it even more convenient to use. As such, we decided that it would be best used by business people and entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time ​​in areas with fast-paced internet connections (coffee shops, airports, etc.) and where there are WiFi connections.

A huge benefit of this product is the fact that it is extremely comprehensive, whereby the 8-channel control surface plays a large part in ultimately adding on more features that assist you in expanding your workspace without exceeding a certain budget.

There are many buttons, knobs, and faders included with this particular unit, which helps streamline the recording process for vocals as well as instruments depending upon your preferred choices.

6. Behringer Best Control Surfacesbehringer b control fader bcf2000 

The Behringer B-Control BCF-2000 is extremely well made and has set a new standard for controlling surfaces, considering the price it comes at.

Amongst its competitors, it’s one of the few products offered that come with motorized faders. It’s also one of the few products that possess state-of-the-art desktop MIDI controllers.

The product features 8 dual-mode footswitches, allowing you to be able to have a great deal more precision thanks to their ability to transmit on 2 different channels depending on whether you utilize them as momentary or toggle switches.

They are also encased in metal and feel very easy to use even while wearing shoes! For your convenience as an end-user, we have included a secondary USB cable that is housed right within the box (in addition to a 3-pin power cable for use with an AC outlet).

This way you can leave your computer disconnected from these devices during live performances! This product is a real catch for its various capabilities, configuring for MIDI and USB modes of operation and the ability to be flexible system-wide.

It is also highly lauded in various reviews because of its expandability. The BCF-2000 proves to be a highly capable control surface, which can be found in music stores as well as online.


Best Control Surfaces. While control surfaces like the one above are fantastic, they are also very expensive. This is because they are meant to do a lot more than just control your software, they’re also meant to make your job easier. If you’re looking for a cheaper option then you might want to consider a MIDI controller.

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