Best Cooling Towels For Golf

Best Cooling Towels For Golf. Whether you’re spending the weekend at the beach, working hard in your backyard garden, or pushing through an outdoor workout, a high-tech cooling towel is an affordable and easy way to lower your body temperature and beat the heat.

Its technological fabric can be activated by cold water alone and reacts quickly to temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit or above to keep you feeling cool while working up a sweat.

But don’t let cooling towels fool you even though they combat summer heat by providing instant relief when wet, they shouldn’t be used as a full-body sun protection substitute.

Instead strive to always use sunscreen and avoid wearing it only because you have access to a convenient towel that can refresh your skin.

6 Best Cooling Towels For Golf

1. FROGG TOGGS Chilly Pad Instant Cooling frogg toggs chilly pad instant cooling 

This massive cooling towel gets the job done. Made from a synthetic hyper-evaporative fabric, it holds a lot of water but feels dry to the touch when wet.

When you dunk this towel in hot water, it’ll immediately soak up moisture and through evaporation become cool and soft – even if you leave it out in the sun during the hot summer afternoons.

Measuring 33 x 13 inches, this reusable towel is great for just about anything. It can absorb up to eight times its weight in liquid (including water and sweat) and offers up to four hours of relief throughout your day as needed when you’re active outside or whenever your body temperature starts to rise due to any reason whatsoever.

When you’re done with the towel, simply toss it into a clothes washer for easy cleaning whenever your next occasion comes up! If the temperature is high, a Chilly Pad Cooling Towel is the answer.

It’s ideal for any hot, strenuous activity – from team sports to lawn care or even a killer workout in the gym. It’s there for you whenever you need it for a quick cool down.

The Chilly Pad Cooling Towel is made from hyper-evaporative material which ensures water remains evaporated keeping this towel dry to the touch. When wet, they begin to evaporate and cool providing cool comfort.

2. MISSION Max Plus Cooling Towelmission max plus cooling towel

The Mission Cooling Towel stays cool for two hours after it comes into contact with water. The best part is, when it starts to get warm, you simply throw it back in the bucket of cold water and wait for two more hours before using again.

The towel stays cool no matter how many times it is re-soaked, which means you can go swimming every day if you want without having to worry about your neck feeling like you’re lying on an oven mitt in the hot sun.

It’s safe to wash this towel in the washing machine and air-dry (which means you’re not constantly fighting off gross microorganisms!) and it protects against harmful UV rays by offering 50+ UPF protection.

When the temperature rises, keep yourself cool and refreshed with a MISSION Max Plus cooling towel. Enriched with Aloe Vera, this industrial-grade fabric keeps you cool up to 2 hours after activation by plugging you into your own source of thermal energy.

Activated in three steps: wet it, wring it out and snap it. Whether you need it for sports events, vigorous workouts or just hot days outdoors, the MISSION Max Plus Cooling Towel will come in handy.

3. Ergodyne Chill Its 6602 Cooling Towelergodyne chill its 6602 cooling towel

This cooling towel easily wraps around your neck for fast, cooling relief during a hot weather hike. The activated advanced PVA material of the towel is kept dry to the touch while soaking up heat and moisture away from your body to keep you cool more efficiently than most other similar products currently on the market.

The 29 by 13 inch towel is thicker than similar products, which allows it to absorb more liquid and stay cool longer than its competitors. The Ergodyne Chill-Its 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel is made of a super evaporative PVA material that soaks up water and dries really fast to create instant, long-lasting cooling relief.

It is designed to be colder than the ambient air temperature, absorb and hold more water than any other cooling towel on the market, and last for hours of relief or just when you need it to cool off.

This neck cooling wrap comes completely re-usable so all you have to do is soak it in water again when it’s dry. The Evaporative cooling towel is the perfect product that can keep you hidden from the sun and its scorching rays as you work on your project.

You can use it for so many different reasons, i.e. landscaping, construction, carpentry or to help you get some much needed relaxation at the beach or poolside.

4. Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sportsalfamo cooling towel for sports

This lightweight cooling towel is your best way to beat the heat and it’s extremely versatile to boot. In fact, it can be used for quite a lot of things other than just protecting the sun from getting you.

Depending on what kind of needs you have in terms of keeping cool during those hot summer days, the Chill Pal can roll up (to be worn as a bandana or maybe as a head covering or lay flat (as a cooling blanket or pillow) so you should definitely try it out because there’s no one else who knows better than you what sizes would best suit your specific needs as possible users.

Alfamo towels are different from traditional towels. Alfamo’s superior towel has the feature of cooling your body quickly. It gives you a refreshing cool sensation when used.

Therefore, it is a best choice for sports fans and outdoor workers. The super absorbent material provides cooling effect through the evaporation of absorbed water to keep you comfortable for two hours.

Thereby, it will give a new experience for your gym sessions in hot summer time and traveling outside with family or friends on weekends.  It includes a waterproof pouch for when you’re on the go, whether it’s to the top of a mountain or to the office.

The handy carabiner clips make it simple to transport your towel and connect it to whatever you choose – in a gym bag, on a bag when travelling, or to any other kind of strap that could use some relaxation!

5. Hero Cooling Towel for Travelhero cooling towel for travel

The HERO towel is made with a material that’s extremely soft and yet strong, ensuring it does not catch on to your skin. It also comes with UPF 50 protection but without the dangerous products that might be found in other towels.

Moreover, you can use the carrying case provided to store this towel separate from the rest of your items – even while doing activities such as running or rock climbing!  When you travel, you need to make sure to think about bringing the right supplies.

If it’s a warm and sunny day when you step outside, the heat can quickly get to be overpowering or even cause dehydration if you’re not careful.

This towel can be soaked in water then placed around your neck for up to 60 minutes of cooling support to prevent a build-up of heat and help keep you hydrated.

On those days when more action is on your agenda, this towel is also designed with an anti-odor treatment so it can absorb both sweat and odor that builds up while hiking, walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming or playing sports.

This way whether you’re hitting the gym or out on a backpacking excursion into the great outdoors, you have everything you need with this Travel Supply Cooling Towel.

6. U-pick 4 Packs Best Cooling Towels For Golfu pick 4 packs cooling towel

The U-Pick towels are a great alternative to using chemical cleaners. When placed in the sun, these towels can last up to five hours and remain dry due to their super absorbent fiber weave technology that regulates the water inside and ensures water retention.

Unlike run-of-the-mill towels, the multi-purpose towel is so soft that you can use it for sports enthusiasts, athletes or workout fanatics just as easily. It folds nicely, which makes it perfect for traveling and camping trips.

With UPF 50 SPF protection like the Your Choice towel, all you have to do is wet it, put it in your chosen snap case (either square or round), snap it shut and your done.

Plus, the fact that they’re cheaper than microfiber hand towels makes them even more enticing because they’re cost-effective AND reusable. The U-Pick Wicking towel is made of an advanced material that conserves water.

Once the advanced absorbent fiber material becomes saturated, it channels any remaining moisture to extra towels without wringing out, so that the fabric stays soft and plushy.

The material can be compressed and flattened and still retain its ability to rewet within a few seconds, allowing you to use only what is needed while keeping your hands dry at all times.

How cool does the Perfect Cooling Towel keep you?


Best Cooling Towels For Golf. Cooling towels are such a relief in the summer heat. They can help you feel refreshed, cool, and collected so you won’t get dehydrated or pass out because of the unrelenting heat.

These towels come in a variety of designs and varieties and it can be hard to choose just one to invest in. You have to think about what is most important to you when looking at different models size, abilities and benefits; easiness of portability; etc.

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