Best Desktop Calculator

Best Desktop Calculator. A calculator is one of those small everyday things you might not really think about using unless it’s not there, and then suddenly something isn’t working out the way it should.

You could grab your laptop to make quick calculations but in truth, they take up so much space that buying a top-rated desktop calculator can be a smart alternative.

Desktop calculators still make their way into modernity as they are found in offices and businesses where sometimes you need something reliable that can perform quick math without compromising on other features like graphs.

Some basic desktop calculators don’t have the ability to make currency calculations. Make sure your selected model has that feature if you’ll be using it a lot!

Best Desktop Calculator

1. Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Standardbest desktop calculator

The Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView™ scientific calculator is the perfect size for kids and grown men alike. This multi-purpose scientific calculator sports an easy to read display (for indoor or outdoor use) which reflects light onto a screen that’s helpful in sunny or low-light conditions.

It performs calculations, has an easy to accessible backspace key and is powered by a single 9 volt battery which can be replaced when necessary.

The features are basic, but solid which includes square root functionality that’s helpful in school like solving math problems consisting of squares plus the adjustable (-/+), clearance sign changes (+/-) keys making it great for students who need to do problems with brackets in them.

This calculator comes in a small size, which means that you aren’t going to run into any problems when it comes to finding space for it.

You can place it wherever you want, regardless of whether or not there is a lot of room available, as well as put it in your bag and take it with you. This calculator has an angled display that features an 8-digit super view.

The sleek matte-black finish of this model, which stands on rubberized feet that prevent constant movement while working, contrasts with its bold feature: the angled display with an 8-digit superView.

2. Helect Calculator, Standard Functionhelect calculator, standard function

In case you’re in the market for a new calculator, you may want to consider investing in the Helect H1001C since it comes in not just plum but also blue, black, orange and white.

The calculator is easy to transport as well thanks to its size, giving you great convenience when going from one work-related duty to another.

In addition, this model also happens to be reliable. Limited only by its capacity for newer and more complex accounting problems, this model is ideal for daily math as well as business essentials such as profit margin calculation plus currency conversion.

It’s of particular practical use in the field in situations where engineers or surveyors are working away from an office environment but still require a reliable calculator for monetary conversions and tax calculations that make up part of their everyday work.

These calculators offer a wide-angled display which gives you more digits at your disposal (12 to be exact) so that you can perform extensive math problems or when working with decimals and fractions.

The intuitive hard key keyboard clicks which means the keys are raised up from the surface of the calculator so you’ll know each time you press a number down.

3. Casio GX-120B Electronic Desktop Calculator casio gx 120b electronic desktop calculator 

With its metal faceplate and plastic keys, the Casio GX-120B calculator is a popular business calculator which features many functions that a working in an office environment may require.

This calculator is great for anyone who runs their own business in an office setting.

The reality is sometimes Excel can’t always be our sole go-to when we need to perform quick math. Many businesses need something reliable that they can count on.

When it comes down to crunch time and this Casio GX120b meets that need as it facilitates high-speed input with its key rollover buffer system which ensures that no data is lost when completing tasks thus crucial deadlines are met without error.

Even the most brilliant mathematician has to rely on help from a calculator once in a while. There are so many different types of calculators with such advanced features that it can be truly mind-boggling trying to figure out which one is needed for your situation.

There are basic models with just the buttons you might need for simple math and everyday calculations, but there are also other kinds that would cost an arm and a leg, and then there’s everything in between like scientific or graphing calculators.

So choosing the right one might be a bit tricky at first, but if you know what kind of calculation you’re taking on, it should make the search process all the easier.

4. Canon Office Products HS-1200TScanon office products hs 1200ts

Canon is no stranger to the world of business and keeping track of finances. One way they help with this is by offering calculators like the HS-1200TS which helps accountants perform complex math equations more quickly and accurately.

Whether you’re a traveling salesperson or working in an office, having a calculator at hand like Canon’s HS-1200TS not only allows you to perform simple calculations, but also make completing much more difficult tasks like balancing your budget, projecting expenses or even calculating taxes easier on every level.

One feature we like about the Canon HS-1200TS is how fast it operates. With its perfectly nimble processor, this model helps ensure that you aren’t wasting any time waiting for it to complete your calculations.

With its sleek design, sharp display, and multiple functions, this calculator makes it easy to input data quickly and easily with customers or other company staff around. B

y staying productive in this way, you’re able to strike up dialogue more easily so that you can get the information that you need right away.

The Canon Calculator is great because it has a lengthy list of functions as well including profit margin calculation with the press of a button.

5. Sharp QS-2130 12-Digit Commercial Desktopsharp qs 2130 12 digit commercial desktop

The Sharp QS-2130 is a quality calculator for all sorts of everyday math purposes in the home or office.

Its fantastic screen and durable design help this model earn its popularity as one of the most widely-used business calculators on the market, as well as being an excellent choice for homeschoolers studying their math lessons.

The clear display on a large, attractive LCD screen makes it easy to read while at the same time not sacrificing on speed thanks to its wide-spaced keys that make inputting calculations a breeze.

The Sharp QS-2130 is also great choice for businesses like accounting firms and busy retail shops due to its battery backup feature (when you save work with four memory recall modules!), which helps ensure calculations are never interrupted, even in the case of a power failure or outage.

Lightweight and durable, the Sharp QS-2130 is just as simple to move around as it is comfortable to use. If you’re a regular at the gym, this model’s pocket-size frame will be a welcome addition to your workout wardrobe.

Store it in your bag during the day and then slip it into your shorts at night for those midnight math cravings.

Whether you’re doing lunges or jumping jacks, this product has no problem staying put thanks to its built-in kickstand, so you can concentrate on moving towards your goal instead of wobbling towards a bad choice.

6. Amazon Basics LCD Best Desktop Calculator

The gold standard in affordable calculating instruments, Amazon Basics is a stepamazon basics lcd 8 digit desktop calculator ahead of the rest when it comes to budgetary figures.

Saving you both time and effort, Amazon Basics is the product within its market niche with a number of major selling points that make it an excellent choice for everyday office tasks.

With both solar and battery options available, Amazon Basics is able to serve without fail even when there’s a power outage or if you happen to forget to charge it overnight.

It comes equipped with a large screen like that found on entry-level laptops—that is backlit for added ease of use in all lighting conditions.

Most importantly, perhaps, the comfortable design prevents headaches and neck strain from sitting at your desk for hours on end as only non-stainless steel looks as good as this five-function calculator does! The Amazon Basics 8-Digit Calculator makes adding and subtracting simply a breeze.

It’s an essential desktop tool for students attend college, handle their finances, or keep up with their business expenses. The calculator comes with a comfortable number pad with large keys on the front to make doing addition even easier.

It can perform multiple functions such as addition/subtraction, fractions, percentages, and tax conversions. The calculator is easy to read and operate at any time of the day.


Best Desktop Calculator. Choosing a desktop calculator can be a hassle. Luckily, with our list carefully curated from the best brands in the market, we hope you find something that suits your needs. These types of calculators can do everything you need them to do for Math and more.

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