Best Dice Towers

Best Dice Towers. Dice towers are simple devices that can help relieve stress and add to the excitement of your next game night. But like any machine, it’s important to have dice towers that you can trust.

So when someone goes in search of a tower, they need to make sure they are getting one built well with premium materials. They also should know what kind to buy by keeping these things in mind: durability, functionality and aesthetics.

Dice towers are found at all kinds of stores these days online or in-person so no matter if one has time or is looking for something simple enough to build on their own, there’s something right for everyone out there.

7 Best Dice Towers

1. Hominize Bamboo Dice Towerhominize bamboo dice tower

The Hominize Dice Tower is ideal to roll your dice. Made up of lightweight bamboo and featuring a natural finish, this Dice Tower has been designed from the ground-up to represent both form as well as function.

The tower’s folding ability allows for easy storage and transporting, whilst also providing asymmetric appeal when being used.

Typically reserved for more experienced game groups, this product features magnets within its design to provide a secure locking mechanism between its panels  allowing for less frequent maintenance than other products on the market with similar features.

However, despite it’s complexity in design, this product does not sacrifice user-friendliness and is ideal for those new to dice towers, whilst also serving as an excellent travel companion!  There are a couple of flaws with this product.

They are, however, minor changes that may not make as much of a difference as you might expect in the grand scheme of things. For one thing, we believe the tower’s design is flawed. As a result, dice can be difficult to release at times because they do not sit neatly in place on the tray.

That can be a major annoyance, but not everyone will find it too bothersome for long periods of time, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to fix it. Still, this is a straightforward product that does its primary function admirably.

2. Merhoff & Larkin Bamboo Dice Towermerhoff & larkin bamboo dice tower

This tower from Merhoff & Larking for its low price and nice, simple design. It is made out of bamboo which gives the dice tower a very light-weight feel. It’s got a very cool pattern made into it kind of like a neat, rustic aesthetic.

This can be both good or bad depending on what you’re looking for in your dice tower: if you want something more interesting or creative perhaps this isn’t the best option as it stays with that basic look.

However, if you want something that just works well as a dice tower with no fuss and no muss then this fits the bill – for example you can use magnets to keep all the parts together when it’s upright or fold down instantly when it’s time to pack up!

The only tricky thing about this is getting all the little pieces together when performing certain moves but with time and practice you’ll get used to assembling and reassembling this small piece of equipment within mere seconds.

You don’t need to be a surgeon to reacquire the dice from this tower, but you do have to be a touch more dexterous than most of us. So that’s a minor negative for sure, although it’s really not much of one.

It does bring down an otherwise great dice tower design. Again though this is easily fixable once you know what you’re doing here so if you’re handy with tools or construction then it’s no big deal at all.

3. CASEMATIX Portable Dice Towercasematix portable dice tower

This tower from CASEMATIX is notable for its unique design and portability. When it came to the design of this dice tower, we noticed two things: the eye-catching style and how portable it is.

The first thing you’ll notice about this case is the green and black color scheme, which sets it apart from the other cases on this list.

Even if your favorite color is pink, you might not like the massive Cthulhu image plastered on the front of the tower because Cthulhu is green while he’s normally depicted with blue skin, especially if you’re playing D&D and your dice sets match your character or something.

This case also differs slightly when it comes to the design as well because instead being two rigid pieces that fit together, this case has two pieces that can fold into each other which make it easier to store away in tight spaces such as luggage. When you roll dice in a tower, you have a good chance of getting any specific number.

This is due to the fact that they spin around the inside before falling through holes into the spaces below. Because each wooden, cardboard, or metal tower has different sized holes pre-drilled around its sides, you’ll get unique numbers that aren’t repeated during each round of play.

If you prefer more rigid models made of materials such as wood, stone, or metal (such as this one), a flexible model such as this can still have enough rigidity to reliably hold your dice for the time being, especially if pressed up against a surface or table edge.

4. C4Labs Dice Tower & Tray For dicec4labs dice tower & tray for dice

C4Labs Dice Tower is one of our favorite entries on this list – it’s futuristic in design and helps bring a touch of uniqueness to any tabletop game.

The standout feature about the C4Labs Dice Tower are the spherical openings at the end which allow your players to watch their dice go all the way down to the bottom and then come out smoothly.

This tower will be much appreciated by anyone who enjoys showing off the results of their dice rolls since everyone can clearly see each roll come up next.

However, because it’s made of clear plastic, you may not want this product if you intend on traveling or storing it away safely after each use.

The glass inclusion with this tower lets you see the exact way that the dice rolls. Depending on your taste, this can be both a blessing and a curse.

While being able to see exactly how the dice hits the platforms before it comes tumbling down is nice sometimes, other times it can be frustrating due to the fact that you won’t be able to keep track of your rolls regardless.

Fortunately, whether or not you like this aspect of the tower, it’s unlikely that any materials used in its construction will affect how random your rolls are – so rest easy knowing that when you roll some dice here they should fall wherever they may!

5. Forged Dice Co. Citadel Dice Tray forged dice co. citadel dice tray 

Forged Dice Co has done an excellent job with the design of this tower, taking into account all of the checkpoints we specified in our criteria.

The black and purple color scheme makes it look super cool while also adding a touch of class, and this tower follows in the footsteps of its other wood, plastic, and metal counterparts in a variety of ways.

With its rigid interior made of high-quality foam that helps prevent your rolls from sounding too loud, this dice tower will last you a long time.

The tray design is enhanced for dice rolling by the use of a mesh net fabric that ensures none of your dice fall out when you pick them up at the bottom.

When not in use, this tower can be easily stored in the included cup and takes up little space. At first glance, it appears to be a shoe box. When you open the lid, you’ll see multiple rows of dice compartments where you can store your dice or corresponding colours.

However, if durability is important to you and you have room to display this piece of awesomeness at home or elsewhere in your life. It works especially well for those who frequently play tabletop games and/or have children who play with them.

This tower is ideal for the lifelong gamer as well as those looking to add a touch of fun and edginess to their tabletop game collection.

6. The Broken Token Mini Dice the broken token mini dice 

The Broken Character Dice Tower Kit is the one to get out of all of the tower kits on the market. The castle-like structure is made of high-quality plywood, which makes it lightweight but strong.

It also comes with a spare roll of felt in case you want to upgrade, and it looks and performs significantly better than the other options on the market. And, best of all, it is less expensive than many competitors!

Furthermore, The Broken Token employs a unique adhesive that ensures your dice will bounce off at appropriate speeds; your dice will easily fall into each slot. And, once again, this option comes at an unbeatable price, which is why we believe it’s worth your time.

The Broken Token Mini Dice Tower Kit was created to be as light and portable as possible, so you can easily bring it along with you when playing games with friends.

This lightweight tower is so simple to put together that no tools are required. However, if you require assistance, the kit includes detailed instructions!

All of this increased portability makes the tower appealing for people on the go who want more options when it comes to finding the perfect location for their next game.

This feature emphasises how affordable this product can be while still providing excellent value when compared to other, more expensive dice towers on the market today.

7. Castle Best Dice Towerscastle dice tower with tray

For fans of the vikings and board games that take you into that sort of era, Castle Dice Tower is a great choice.

This piece takes on the look of something right out of the middle ages which should come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen the old Dungeons and Dragons arcade games.

Mainly designed to be used with board games big on epic battles or magical creatures, this product works just as well with all sorts of different titles from Descent to Catan; and shows up almost anywhere you need more strategy.

The tower is small enough to bring along for gaming at someone else’s house as well, so next time your family wants to play something around the table, it won’t be an issue for them if you don’t have actual game pieces with you.

The tower does show some wear over time but that’s partly because it’ll get played with too much and what isn’t necessary pretty enough will get tossed over time. Overall a good looking addition to any tabletop experience.

The width of the board is a little small. therefore this roll five dice at once as that becomes easier to move around and saves me time. It’s best for two players in this game but could easily accommodate more if people shared the field.

Making a simple lasercut Dice Tower


Best Dice Towers. In this post, we’ve talked about what factors to consider when buying a dice tower. We’ve also talked about the different kinds of towers that are out there for people to use for their next game night.

The most important thing is to have a tower that will last through many exciting game nights! If you have any other questions about this article please read this complete article. Thank you for reading, we hope this article was helpful in some way.

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