Best Dueling Lightsabers

Best Dueling Lightsabers. To those unfamiliar with the weapon, a lightsaber, also known as a laser sword, was normally used only by Force-sensitive persons due to the high level of skill and training necessary.

When engaged, the weapon discharged a plasma blade that could be switched off at whim by its wielder, which was fueled by a cyber crystal.

Aside from murdering an opponent or conducting acts of hostility, lightsabers might be used for a variety of other things.

Lightsabers were capable of assisting medics in saving lives swiftly on the battlefield, and some in society felt they were associated with Jedi’s talents alone since only Jedi committed their dedication to peace, which lightsabers and the people who wielded them served to defend.

6 Best Dueling Lightsabers

1. Adawlert Dueling Lightsaber Metal Hilt

adawlert dueling lightsaber metal hilt

Adawlert Dueling Lightsaber handle is made of aluminum alloy, polished and glamorized, it has a solid weight to it that’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip, and the shape of the handle is sturdy and not easily deformed, resistant to scratches.

The blade is made of high-impact PC which can resist blows and is not easy to fold or bend, anti-destructive as well as it’s resistant against heavy light sword dueling.

It includes an RGB lightsaber with infinite colors which can be changed through 9 sets of sound fonts.

The lightsaber has some really nifty functions including lightsaber sound effects, lights, and light effects as well as your choice of epic music.

You can also turn off the sound effects if you’re not a Star Wars fan, but we suggest playing with the sounds on because it can be quite fun.

The bottom pommel is actually a connector so you can use this saber with another to create a double-bladed lightsaber like Darth Maul’s if that’s your dream.

It also happens to serve as a protective cover for the speaker which we have had a few issues with in the past.

This is an officially licensed glow-in-the-dark Star War product and it’s made of durable polycarbonate plastic; perfect for cosplay or for dueling.

If you’re a movie buff, you won’t be disappointed with this toy. It’s ideal for practicing your movements and having some fun. It’s perfect for a costume party or simply hanging out outside.

2. Lukidy 2Pack Lightsaber Metal Hilt

lukidy 2pack lightsaber metal hilt

The Light FX Saber with 12 different colors, 3 modes, and a variety of settings to choose from.

It’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that’s been extremely sandblasted so as to create a very smooth, comfortable grip.

The dueling saber can also be split into two parts when needed as well as be equipped with a clip that allows one to attach it directly onto their clothing or belt while they are on the go.

With the 9 functions of this dueling saber such as light effect customization, you’ll find endless ways in which you can use it battling your friends or just showing it off for those who want to see what you have.

The Lukidy RGB lightsaber includes a plastic hilt and a tough ABS blade, which is still tough but has certain limitations.

The Lukidy RGB light FX saber comes with a normal USB charging wire and a 1,200mAh internal battery that may last up to 40 hours depending on use.

Integrate indicators on the handle to make customer monitoring and charging easier than with other Light FX Saber brands.

When the saber is turned on or off, as well as when it is completely charged, the colorful LED indicator lights behave differently.

3. Lorsaberus Lightsaber, 2-in-1 RGB FX Dueling 

lorsaberus lightsaber, 2 in 1 rgb fx dueling 

2 pieces Like in Star Wars, Lorsaberus light sabres can be joined together to produce a longer version.

The hilt and blade are both removable, making the whole item incredibly light to take along.

You may wear it on your belt and take it with you everywhere you go. You may have purple light sabres, green light sabres, blue light sabres, red light sabres, and more at the same time with its RGB 7-color shifting light.

When the fight sound effects are turned on, they delight you year after year. This item’s tiny lithium-ion battery allows it to last a whole day without needing to be recharged.

You’ll want another right away. The lightsaber handle is composed of aluminum alloy, which has been polished to make it more trendy and comfortable.

The blade is made of high-impact PC material, making it durable and smooth to use, as well as safer and less prone to shatter.

When completely completed, the two-piece lightsaber is 30.31 inches in length, with a total length of 59.45 inches for the best catwalk presentation.

This high-quality Lorsaberus lightsaber is a great gift for kids or adults because it transports you to another world of fantasy every time you turn on the real-looking light inside its black hilt.

Which is completely complemented by its red body with detailed spiral designs running up its core from the base where one slots their hand into while using the sabre like a true Jedi or Sith warrior would in a space battle just like they do at an intergalactic celebration.

4. Smooth Swing Light Saber RGB 12 Colors Changeable

smooth swing light saber rgb 12 colors


Ultraviolet technology provides a fast-paced, heavy-hitting dueling experience with beautiful futuristic light.

Light sabre, 44cm x 1.2cm x 1.2cm, detachable blade, 1 cm OD, high-impact polycarbonate.

Very nicely built of solid aluminum, with a lovely polished hilt for a comfortable grip.

In the hands of an adult, it feels robust and durable, yet it’s still light enough for children to swing about (although lighter models are available).

Overall dimensions are around 19″ long and come up just over 6″ from the floor when held flat on the floor. Become a Jedi Knight with this elegant lightsaber. 12 color options and the blade can be turned on and off on the go when you have an enemy to battle.

It is great for practicing dueling and casual play and looks fantastic when used during a Halloween party.

Our premium, fashionable Star Wars lightsaber makes for a perfect gift for your aspiring Jedi or Vader, especially as part of their Halloween costume. It’s also suitable for practicing lightsaber techniques in the comfort of your own home.

5. YDDSABER Jedi Sith LED Light Saber

smooth swing light saber rgb 12 colors changeable

The blade of our lightsaber is made from high-quality polycarbonate and when triggered produces laser sounds and flashes like the ones on screen while creating a sword-fight feel.

The lightsaber features motorized light effects, realistic slash marks, and extremely durable build quality that lasts for years with no maintenance needed.

The sound of the saber can be configured to give an even more authentic movie experience or it can just keep quiet.

Playing Star Wars sound effects or listening to music via Bluetooth will add up to the fun. You can change the font by long-pressing 28000mA high power rechargeable battery inside Lightsaber hilt, with 4 colors LED indicator when fully charged.

Just touch the activation button on both sides of the batt cover. It is also equipped with multiple protections to prevent overcharge, over-discharge as well as short circuits. To turn on the sabre, click it; to put it off, long-press it.

Fast Charging takes 4 hours. It takes around 4 hours to fully charge, and after that, you may play with this lightsaber for about 50 minutes. 1 light sabre, 1 USB charging wire.

6. Infinivest Force FX Dueling Lightsaber

infinivest force fx dueling lightsaber 2022

Saber comes in 12 different color combinations, and it also includes sound effects from well-known figures from the Star Wars world, such as Kylo Ren’s heavy breathing during duels.

Swinging a lightsaber becomes more lifelike when mixed with dueling music, as shown in films.

Revenge of the Sith, and a variety of lightsabers rattling and clashing onscreen.

The hilt is made of aluminum alloy, which gives a comfortable grip while still allowing for forceful swings, resulting in a fun Jedi or Sith combat.

For a genuine experience ideal for any age enthusiast, flexible polycarbonate blades are also offered.

Product development for two sabers of Darth Maul. Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd. is an electronics company from Japan that produces high-quality electronic parts and accessories that would undoubtedly be suitable to use to construct the tonfa portion of Darth Maul’s lightsaber on the tabletop game Star Wars.

Destiny, is a collectible dice and card game based on the Star Wars universe. The tester prototype below was made with 4 pieces; light acrylic pieces, metal rods, and aluminum sheets to wrap them up in. These were used to fill in the packaging tray and tape together with filament tape.



Are Saberforge lightsabers good for dueling?

Sabers are built for high-intensity battles. They can withstand the force of a kendo bokken, and they can even withstand the force of nylon Hema wasters.
Some sabers may develop sharp edges during the milling process, but you can rest confident that our shoto variety has been particularly built for heavy-duty battling.

Can you bring lightsabers on rides?

NO. As you board the ride, you’ll need to put them to the side. If your saber has a clip, you may leave it in the bag or out, but with a blade of any length, it’s too huge to go on a ride with you in the bag or out.


Best Dueling Lightsabers. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the lightsaber, a Star Wars weapon used by both Jedi and Sith. While not the most powerful weapon, the lightsaber is a symbol of what it means to be a Jedi or a Sith.

Many people still admire the weapon and the degree of skill and training required to handle it. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we wish you a fantastic day.

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