Best E36 Coilovers

Best E36 Coilovers. If you have ever driven a car, you’ll know that driving it around can be quite tiring.

This is partly because of your own driving skills but also must do with the different accessories keeping the car running and which are quite important, such as the brakes and shock absorbers.

Especially if you want to get the best performance out of them so consider this when choosing new parts for your BMW, choose a set of coil overs for E36.

One of the things we like most about E36s is the fact that they are relatively light. You love how easy it is to control and makeover them on the road, which makes them a joy to drive for everyday commutes. While we love their small frame, as these cars grow older.

Some upgrades will go a long way in helping us with making your E36 into that perfect street cruiser or show car.

Changing up the suspension system – adjusting it to suit your needs can help improve the look of your car and increase its safety when you’re cruising around town. It helps give the car a more attractive stance for those style-conscious fans out there too.

 7 Best E36 Coilovers

 1. MaXpeedingrods for E36 Coilovers

maxpeedingrods for e36 coilovers

The tires of a car do not depend on the rim alone. The wheels and tires must work together in tandem with a suspension system to ensure that all parts of the vehicle are aligned.

This can be achieved using this mxpeedingrods coil-overs. Coil oversleeves, such as those we offer, work more efficiently than conventional springs because they are more advanced and required less space to lower the tire pressure.

By lowering the tire pressure, motorists can experience improved acceleration characteristics when driving faster.

You can also play around with the height of this product though its original height is 8 inches. However, you cannot make a change to the damper dimensions.

But that’s not a big deal because this product has flexible spring rates. It comes with a 7kg tolerance front and rear to make sure you are protected from rocky roads.

This is because the shock absorbers can adapt to sudden movements as well as maintain balance versus other shocks that do not move at all under duress.

That’s why, if you care about keeping your car protected from unexpected road turbulence, it would be worth investing in the adjustable shock absorber system that provides more flexibility in terms of your preferences specifically if you’re looking for quality handling out on the road.

2. Hyper-Street ONE Coilover

hyper street one coilover

Rev9 R9-HPX-1194 Hyper-Street ONE coilovers are ideal for tuners who are on a budget.

Engineered with high tensile springs, proper spring lengthening, and shocks designed to work together to provide a comfortable ride as well as an enhanced performance experience.

Mono-tube automotive suspension allows accurate damping force adjustments while preventing shock fade when you hit bumps and potholes.

High tensile springs made from SAE9254 steel wire ensure quality standards and longevity to take your vehicle’s ability to the max.

Rev9 has created a Hyper-Street ONE kit which is the perfect combination of looks, performance, style, and handling.

These new pillow ball mounts that have been installed will make sure the car feels like it’s riding on air.

There will be no more excessive tire wear and it will also provide a sharper response as well as precise handling but only if they’re relevant to your sentence.

The lowering kit provides a significant reduction in starting pressure and enhanced suspension characteristics with increased stability at high speeds.

When compared to OE struts, vehicle ride height is reduced by around 1″-1-1/2″ and up to 2-1/2 to 3″ depending on the vehicle structural system.

16 rebound damping levels enhance vehicle stability over uneven roads – reducing bounce from the stiffer sport springs when traveling over potholes, speed bumps, and railroad tracks.

3. Godspeed MSS0940 MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit

godspeed mss0940 monoss coilover lowering kit

Godspeed MSS0940 MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit has 448 lbs/inch (8 kg/mm)/560 lbs/inch (10 kg/mm) of rebound force; 16 damping adjustment levels.

52mm mono-tube stainless steel shock with 16 damping adjustment levels correspond to daily driving situations on the road, competing in a comparative driving club, and competitive track use on Sundays.

Godspeed Project’s MonoSS suspension system is the best-selling single-adjustable Coilover suspension kit amongst racers and enthusiasts alike.

The race build monoSS is designed for maximum performance the street can dish out at an affordable price has a tubeless tires damper that keeps the internal piston at a consistent pressure over numerous compression cycles, maximizing response, and each shock absorber comes with a performance spring made from cold-bent SAE9252 steel for an optimal balance of comfort, handling, and grip in any driving condition.

Godspeed MSS0940 MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit is made with forged aluminum and features high-performance Japanese KOYO 6204Z pillow ball mounts and a high-quality top hat that attaches the shock to your car.

The lower brackets are made from forged aluminum for a lighter weight than steel brackets without sacrificing durability.

The perfect combination of suspension technology is created by including coil spring kits and front/rear sway bars available separately, serving as an affordable upgrade from your traditional drop-style or solid stick coil overs.

4. BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

bc racing br series coilovers

It is almost impossible to break with this Coilover, and every installation is plug-and-play. If you need to adjust the height to match your car’s suspension.

It recommends using a torque wrench along with springs in your bag.

These two components allow for many adjustments that you can use to attain the perfect balance for your chassis.

You will not have any bumps or issues with this shock setup, leaving you free to enjoy improved handling across all weather conditions.

Camber plates, also called camber adjustment plates, are a type of suspension component in vehicles by which the top surface of the wheels can be adjusted for an optimal measure of offset that would otherwise be impossible to attain if it wasn’t for a certain degree of flexibility being given to the steering system.

While these may not be very helpful in high-speed driving conditions, these are the real deal. The working mechanism is rather simple albeit ingenious.

There exists a lot of studies and research done on chassis dynamics and suspension engineering that has led to this design. If you have any doubt about the camber plate’s adjustability and functionality in general.

5. Coilovers Shock Spring Suspension for BMW E36

coilovers shock spring suspension for bmw e36

However, these products have a lowered stance than the original Coilover setup you will find in a BMW.

However, you can increase the height of the front wheels by up to 650 mm and the back wheels by up to 554 mm.

This adjustment allows you to tailor the ride height to suit what terrain you are riding on. If it’s normal roads then there’s no need for additional adjustments.

But if you are off-roading then being able to raise your vehicle will make all of the difference between getting stuck and driving safely over that obstacle.

Further, adjustable camber plates have been added, which allows for a more secure bond between spring and tire.

Ensure all tires are being gripped properly regardless of the force exerted by the spring itself. This is a practical solution and useful to this is because it will fit multiple models from an array of car companies on the market.

They can be used for any BMW 3 series that ranges from 1992-to 1999 and for M3 editions too. The E36 KW coilovers review has proved to be very successful to know why these guys came up with such design in their products.

6. MOSTPLUS Coilovers Struts Compatible

mostplus coilovers struts compatible

MOSTPLUS Coilovers Struts can be fitted with tools you already have in your toolbox.

The design of MOSTPLUS coilovers is special so you will notice the difference in terms of stability and handling straight away.

Not only that, the grip quality is superior since you won’t be sliding all over the road anymore.

Additionally, this product has a safe usage period that is twice of its competitors.

Also, it comes with a waterproof boot so that dampness doesn’t cause any internal rusting keeping you safe on the road always and there’s no need to worry about spring distortion (a common problem affecting suspension systems) because MOSTPLUS coilovers come with the anti-spring stretching system.

No Minimal changes to your BMW 320i. The best example of this is the Auto Transmission which (according to most users) works very well, with no excessively long shift times / smooth shifting through.

All gears and perfect shifting downshifts are on par with “normal” Driver Controlled transmissions.

The Auto Transmission required only minor software re-tweaks made specifically by Pony Motorsports for maximum performance, reliability, smooth operation, and longevity.

Installation Notes: Re-using of Original Mazda 626 Manual Transmission – No Additional Modifications Required (you will have a backup in case you experience a car failure).

7. JOM Euro Height Adjustable Coilover Suspension

jom euro height adjustable

The JOM Euro Height Adjustable Coilover Suspension is the ideal suspension kit for your sedan, coupe, or cabriolet.

Its adjustable coil overs are what make it different from the rest.

What they do is they allow you to switch between low and high ride height in as little time as possible letting you decide.

What you want at every moment of the day so whether you’re going grocery shopping or attending an important business meeting these JOM Euro Height Adjustable Coilovers will get the job done.

The springs used on these coil-overs are made from galvanized steel with EPS powder coating designed to provide years of comfortable daily use or car show use.

For daily use or to be used when you need to impress crowds at car shows CNC wound SAE 9254 racing springs are the longest-lasting on the market and have no tendencies to sag or weakness.

These ensure that you have the right amount of ground clearance whether it is for professional car shows or simply everyday use.

For this reason, they are adjustable so that they can adapt to a variety of different driving conditions like height changes.

High-quality shock absorption systems mean you won’t lose contact with the road, making sure you always have a steady grip on the steering wheel and giving you optimal control even on unpaved roads.

Best E36 Coilovers



Best E36 Coilovers. The E36 BMW was a popular car in its time. In fact, it was the most popular car from BMW from 1993 to 2001, including the company’s SUVs.

This is due to the fact that it was sporty, affordable, and had a wide variety of engine options.

If you own one of these cars, you might be looking for some way to improve its performance. One of the most important aspects of the car is the suspension, and a good suspension setup can provide a great driving experience.

If you want to improve the suspension, you might be wondering how to find the best coil-overs for your E36.

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