Best Electric Exhaust Cutout

Best Electric Exhaust Cutout. Cars can make a lot of noise. People like the powerful rumble that comes from a large car engine, but it’s never going to sound good to your neighbors.

Even if you try putting in new mufflers and exhaust pipes, it is easily noticeable by anyone else close by that something loud is coming from your vehicle.

Before you buy any sports car, you should invest in an electric exhaust cutout. This device allows a driver to use their car in different ways based on what they happen to be doing or where they are headed.

For example, an electric exhaust cutout helps drivers who want to do regular daily commutes by allowing the car engine to operate quietly while the vehicle is at low speeds so as not to disturb others nearby.

However, if someone wanted to participate in high-speed races for example then the electric exhaust cutout would let them fully open up their vehicle’s engine full throttle so that all of its power could be unleashed.

Best Electric Exhaust Cutout

1. Quick Time Performance QTEC30 3.00best electric exhaust cutout

The first exhaust on this list is by the high-end brand name of QTEC30. XPC Company manufactures excellent exhaust cutouts, and many people use them all around the globe.

For more than twenty years, QTEC30 has been manufacturing high quality exhaust cutouts that meet the needs of their customers.

They offer a product that’s extremely reliable and efficient when it comes to providing you with peace of mind in knowing your car will continue running smoothly for as long as you desire.

The only way to achieve a product that’s guaranteed to no-doubt stand up to weather or environmental issues is by using 100% stainless steel – which this item does!

Made out of premium grade stainless steel, both the butterfly plate and shaft is completely shielded from elements like rust, corrosion and similar weather conditions.

QTP is cleverly using stainless steel and aircraft aluminum in the product. The combination of these two metals ensures that the cutout will deliver excellent performance for many years to come.

In addition to that, laser-precision is used in cutting out pipes which means they will fit flawlessly onto your vehicle making them simple to install.

Another standout feature of this exhaust cutout is that you can easily adjust the power from your vehicle by lifting a switch from any place in your car.  It’s easy to use and makes you effortlessly resistant to any unwanted noise!

2. Granatelli Motorsports Electronic Exhaust Cutoutgranatelli motorsports electronic exhaust cutout

This Granatelli exhaust cutout is so good that if you keep it maintained, the emissions bypass control will serve you for many years to come. This product incorporates ventilations which are enclosed in stainless steel.

The enclosure of these components protects against corrosion and rusting and will ensure that your electric exhaust cutout performs at its best for years on end. It’s important when choosing a new exhaust cutout to look at the internal mechanisms such as gears and bearings.

These must be free-flowing and well-maintained, otherwise they will get out of sync over time and cause vibration or excessive friction which may make more drastic actions necessary.

This product is different from conventional Exhaust cutouts as it uses a smart-chip motor that lets you switch between modes by simply pressing a button once.

You no longer have to press the button for a long time which not only saves energy but also helps avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your exhaust cutout.

this Exhaust Cutout has reduced the need for frequent returns to mechanics who will surely charge you hefty sum of money just for installing an exhaust cutout.

Above all, in case, you find any defect or damage with your exhaust cutout within three months of purchase, the manufacturer will replace it free of cost . The same goes if you choose to return it and get a refund; almost 85% of your original money goes back into your pocket!

3. Doug’s Headers DEC300AK 3″ Electric Exhaust Cut-Outdoug's headers dec300ak 3 electric exhaust cut out

Vehicle exhaust issues are of a concern to all. One particular issue about vehicle exhausts is that it leaks carbon monoxide into the passenger area of the car.

Another issue with vehicle exhaust is that it can cause malfunctions in your engine by building up a gas pocket and causing back-pressure.

Unfortunately, a leaky vehicle exhaust also causes you to spend more money on maintenance tasks like changing spark plugs and dealing with other related issues.

But Doug’s Headers has solved this problem completely with their DEC300AK Electrical Exhaust Cutout! This high quality product features supplies that work incredibly well in tandem, yet remaining durable even under extremely inclement conditions or the harshest weather.

Moreover, it has an ON/OFF switch for switching between normal, closed, and full power. Just flip it to change your driving mode from eco-friendly to powerful in just a second!

On the other hand, this electric bypass ensures that you enjoy the exhaust from your car’s engine without getting blocked by any dirt or gunk.

The impressive feature of this exhaust bypass is its self-cleaning seal that keeps off grease from entering the system and causing leaks at the worst possible moment.

And lastly ,this product comes with a one-year warranty (there is no charge on replacement)! If there are any faults with your new system, then you can simply get a new one free of charge anytime within that time frame.

4. SPELAB Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve 3.0 Inchspelab electric exhaust cutout valve 3.0 inch

Securing fifth place is SPELAB’s 3-inch exhaust cutout. This electrical exhaust cutout is unlike any others we have on the market today with its outstanding features that set it apart from the crowd.

By far, this is the best electric exhaust cutout we have ever had at Autopop and it even beats out any other products we previously ever had in terms of quality.

It has a three-inch valve that easily fits nearly all vehicles (more than 130 types). Furthermore, this exhaust cutout has been made for a single exhaust pipe (with 4-6 inches) and it guarantees performance for your car if you choose to use this product.

You can control it using either a wired switch or a wireless remote by pressing a button which you can do so from wherever you want to be.

This unique feature distinguishes this electric exhaust cutout from other exhaust cutouts, most of which don’t let you control them from remote locations unless they are wired directly to your vehicle.

As if that wasn’t enough, SPELAB not only offers a one-year warranty on the app! So, you can feel free to spruce up your outfit and bring out your wild side at the next big race or meeting.

And of course – with this high-quality product from SPELAB you know that you’ll always have something fun, eye-catching and cute to accompany you wherever you go! The kit includes a wiring harness for installation, and of course the wireless remote.

5. BadlanzHPE Dual Cutout Custom Ypipes Accessorybadlanzhpe dual cutout custom ypipes accessory

If you’re in need of a superior dual electric cutout, the BadlanzHPE one-of-a-kind model is an excellent choice for you. This custom cutout was assembled and manufactured by carefully selected professionals in America and arrives at your location ready to install with everything you need to succeed.

Additionally, they have a significant reputation among consumers who are generally quite impressed with this innovative installation method!

As a result, whenever someone needs a high quality dual electric exhaust cutout featuring this specific installation process, they invariably head right toward BadlanzHPE because they know their exhaust cutouts can handle any job.

BadlanzHPE know that their dual electric cutouts are going to last almost a lifetime, so they take the extra time to make sure they’re done right.

An in-line installation ensures that the exhaust system takes on pressure and heat without backing up or thinning out over time, which means you have a powerful device without all of those problems along with it.

The best part is of course how well BadlanzHPE cutouts flow – this design provides for more airflow than nearly any other type of electric cutout on the market today,

This means an added layer of protection against emissions and other airborne particulate buildups by giving your vehicle stellar filtration because we care about our environment as much as BadlanzHP do.

6. QTP 10250 2.50 Inch Stainless Steel Exhaust Cutoutqtp 10250 2.50 inch stainless steel exhaust cutout

This high performance stainless steel exhaust cutout from QTP is unlike anything else currently on the market. In addition to durability, this 4-way exhaust cutout also ensures that your vehicle’s powerful engines have the correct amount of oxygen they need to properly perform.

‘It is an easy bolt-on installation that requires no cutting or welding whatsoever, making it ideal for owners of classic vehicles as well as extraordinary cars in general.

In fact, this product installs in just 10 minutes and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be sure you are getting the most reliable car part on today’s market!

This electric exhaust cutout from QTP is crafted from 304 stainless steel. It’s leakproof, durable, corrosion and rust-proof. Stainless steel increases the lifespan of the product.

As well as this, it comes complete with all the nuts, bolts and washers that you need for a simple installation. You’ll notice an immediate power increase when you install this cutout into your car instead of going back to using the standard model!

So if you’re looking to save some money on your car then go with QTP’s electrical exhaust cutout. No need to wonder what they look like or if they’ll fit when you can simply get one and find out.


Best Electric Exhaust Cutout. The perfect choice if you have an older car and want to install something that will work seamlessly with your existing parts. You can find them on our list available. Manufacturers who make these products are leaders in the industry and they have several years of experience making such hardware.

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