Best Electric Planer

Best Electric Planer. A hand planer is a wonderful and convenient tool, which will make the material perfectly smooth before you paint or finish it.

There are a lot of options available on the market from different brands and models, so finding one that works for you can be difficult. The time-consuming process of comparison and selection for an electric planer has ended because we have done the work for your.

Below, we have made a short review of best hand planers on the market with detailed information about all the important features such as power, accessories (or lack thereof), weight, blade type, and much more.

After reading this overview you will also find out how to choose a model that fits your needs without getting stuck with one that is not good enough.

Best Electric Planer

1. DEWALT Hand Planer, 7-Amp, 3-1/4-Inchbest electric planer

The DEWALT DW680K handheld planer is the best power tool for any serious woodworker. The shavings are minimal to none and there’s really not much effort involved when using this tool thanks to its heavy duty design, the 15,000 rpm motor, and it only weighing 9 pounds.

When you need straight edges as well as detailed cuts all while taking off less than one millimeter at a time, this unit can do it all! For all those intricate details that require a small bit of work here and there be sure to use the carbide tipped bits because they can come in handy if you’re going through some tougher wood.

The square rabbets and three chamfer grooves are also useful when you need to bevel inside corners. There is also a guide fence on this tool, so you get accurate joints every time.

You will receive a convenient carry case and a kickstand that eliminates mistakes. We like the DEWALT model for its weight to power ratio making it easy to use with only two fingers, and the 10 pounds in weight make it comfortable to hold.

However, it is important to note that it does not have a dust bag which is the only drawback of this unit.

2. WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planerwen 6530 6 amp electric hand planer

Electric buzzers are a handy and efficient purchase. The WEN 6530 Electric Hand Planer is one of the best buzzers to buy if you are searching for something that has the most bang for your buck.

With its 6-amp motor and three cut widths, the unit’s lightweight and powerful motor is a great accessory to use when doing handiwork in your shop or at home.

This model features an easy trigger lessening hand fatigue when using it over an extended period. 16 positive stops enable sequential increases in length to 1/128 of an inch from 0-1/8 inch incrementally. The WEN also creates rabbets up to 7/10 of an inch with its standard 3/32″ rabbet guide accessory.

This model runs on 120 volts and 60 hertz (Hz) power, so you have ample room to operate in both indoor and outdoor settings. This WEN planer comes with a dust bag, which is good news if you don’t want to see large piles of sawdust around your shop.

Too much dust means you won’t be able to really nail down the reasons why your woodcutter will not be as effective in this device as can be hoped for when considering some of our other top picks.

Indeed, one of the main areas where this product falls short when compared to other models out there on the market is that it just all too easy to end up cutting but not really getting the desired results in terms of wood surface area that’s been effectively worked on thanks to this electric hand-held router planer.

3. Milwaukee 2623-20 M18 3-1/4″ Planermilwaukee 2623 20 m18 3 14 planer

If you need to use a router for a variety of purposes, the Milwaukee 2623-20 M18 Hand Planer offers a lot of value for its relatively low price.

This is a cordless model with an 11/16-inch capacity that comes with multiple holding and depth options to allow you to choose the right one depending on your duration and desired result.

The maximum work time is also increased, allowing you to finish more jobs in less time as it reduces callous buildup by 5/64-inch during each pass. Its motor features speeds up to 18,000 rpm and includes 1, 2 and 3-step bit changes.

One thing people like about this tool is its weight: about 9 pounds without or bits attached. It also has compatibility over 3/4-inch scroll bars, along with left or right chip ejection systems which prevent clogging during operation and require little user input overall.

This machine created by Milwaukee has an 18-volt motor with a 14,000 rpm spindle speed rating. It is just over 8 pounds in weight and has a 27/64 inch maximum capacity for cutting through hardwood materials like flooring or planking.

Additionally, you can choose to either use the left or right chip ejection system that helps ensure smooth usage and doesn’t slow down your progress when using this tool.

4. PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer, 6-Ampporter cable hand planer, 6 amp

The PORTER-CABLE PC60THP is one solution used by carpenters to help simplify the process of carrying out small home renovation tasks. There are at least three categories of woodworking machinery namely edge tools, benchtop and portable models as listed in the Wood Handbook.

The comparative advantage that hand tools offer is they allow homeowners to cut a few inches off their budget in exchange for time more time spent doing other things besides troubleshooting using power tools or managing projects capably with the right machines around.

Hand tools such as this model machine commonly include planer accessories for shaving grooves, curves, and profiles from flat stock pieces meant for thinning boards or thick panels down to manageable dimensions something that comes very handy when building homes from scratch as you will know only too well by now.

The PORTER-CABLE router offers an edge guide that allows you to make use of rabbets with a depth of 0.47 inches. In addition, there is a dust bag which adds convenience to the operation.

The router comes with TWO blade cutting carbides, along with a wrench for their change out. Moreover, this unit features Bluetooth connectivity so you can keep your tunes going when working hard! However, one drawback is its lack of a kickstand.

5. Makita KP0810 3-1/4″ Planermakita kp0810 3 14 planer

If you’re looking for a corded tool to use, the Makita KP0800K is great. This tool has 1700RPM at 120v. Its 5lb weight features a 2-bladed cutter that adapts to both double-edged and single-edge carbide blades with an easy blade setting system. You can purchase HSS blades separately for this product as well.

The machine’s 3 1/2″ cut width and 3/32″ cut depth make it perfect for your woodwork projects. It comes with a machined aluminum shoe for greater control and better quality work, plus its spring-loaded kickstand prevents accidental mistakes in your project.

Just be careful not to overuse it the depth knob can tend to slip because of the machine’s power unless you are very cautious! On a more positive note, this hand planer has rubberized finger grips on the front and back of the tool, making it easy to operate with one hand or two. Another great feature is its poly-vee belt which allows for smoother function over other models on the market.

The tool also comes with three chamfering grooves and a wrench with a blade gauge, ensuring that blades are kept sharp and in good working condition.

It includes both an instructional DVD and a no-questions-asked warranty for complete peace of mind. Also impressive is that this model can reach any awkward position without rolling off the ladder.

6. Ryobi HPL52K 6 Amp 16,500  Corded Hand Planeryobi hpl52k 6 amp 16,500  corded hand plane

The Ryobi RHT700 18V Cordless Two-Speed Drill/Driver has a 3-inch chuck size with a torque of 700 in.lbs at 480 in.lbs and delivers 2,400 impacts per minute with a reversible side lever for driving or drilling applications.

It weighs just over 8 pounds, making it not the most lightweight option available. Running on 16,500 rpm and 120 volts, it’s more powerful than other brands. This system also has vibration control technology to make work easier.

There is a kickstand for safer planing to make working without kicking up chips or getting the board off track easier. The Ryobi also has dual dust ports that can get clogged with chips so unscrewing them mid-work may be necessary to keep your vents clear.

It also comes with two rubber-covered grips for added comfort when planing for longer periods of time and an easy on/off lock-off button for added safety during use. Ryobi has a tool model that’s meant for beginners and professionals or just about anyone interested in doing some light woodworking tasks around the house.

It’s not too difficult to assemble and it works okay. In short, this useful model is not ideal if you’re planning on working with hardwood or using it as your main power tool(s). It comes with two double-edged reversible blades (professional) and there’s an on-board wrench included as well.

7. VonHaus 7.5 Amp Best Electric Planervonhaus 7.5 amp electric wood hand planer

The VonHaus Electric Wood Hand Planer is a lightweight power tool with a 4.8-Amp motor and weighs 6.7 pounds. The electric hand planer comes with six-inch cutter head, three grooves that allow the user to adjust precision and two replacement blades.

This particular model can be used to plane any hardwood, add style to wooden furniture or decorate wooden artwork with ease.

Each unit comes with two carbon steel replacement blades: an 80 grit blade and a 120 grit blade that is ideal when working on useable pieces such as entrances, mantels and stairs etc. This tool has a handle that is attached to the plane by an auxiliary bar.

The bar that goes from the handle to the plane’s body has a soft rubber cover, and so does the plane itself for maximum grip protection. On back of our planer, we have a kickstand specifically designed to protect surfaces from damage when in storage or during transit. Our tool is meant for lighter use with soft woods, and it’s easy to replace when belts break.

Level this product often and the motor will operate well without overheating. The VonHaus 7.5A Planer is designed around the user’s utmost convenience and comfort, providing them with incredibly powerful motor as well as 33000 hits per minute in drum speed.

With its maximum planing width of 3 ¼ inches and minimum of 0” – 1/16″, you can be sure that the VonHaus 7.5A Planer can meet all your demands over a wide range of material thickness.


Best Electric Planer. When it comes to hand planers, we would like you to try out the DEWALT DW68DK. The reason why we have chosen this product is that it makes your work easier in many ways. This product is a marvel of engineering, and once you learn how it works and what it can do, you may never use another tool again.

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