Best Elite Dangerous Hotas

Best Elite Dangerous Hotas. This flight control mechanism is best for Elite Dangerous because it makes it easy to fly your ship or navigate the galaxy.

Being able to easily and quickly access action-specific controls will help you get more enjoyment out of video games. It’s definitely something every serious gamer should have.

In terms of specs, they recommend the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X because it comes with 10 axes that are fully programmable via software that can be altered whenever you want it to, which is perfect if one currently uses a non-HOTAS or non-programmable joystick style controller.

This controller has two axles that are high quality and adjustable as well as an internal storage space where you can store your favorite playstyles up to 16 different profiles so as to load on them whenever needed in games like Elite Dangerous.

7 Best Elite Dangerous Hotas

1. Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 

thrustmaster t.flight hotas 4 

Enjoy a special flight stick and throttle that offers you the ultimate level of control in providing you with the precision and performance that a pilot would experience in real life.

This joystick has been specially ergonomically designed to fit each user’s hands and increase their comfort level so that they can hold onto it for long periods of gaming time without experiencing any strain on their wrist or hand.

The base is weighted for added stability as well as convenience. This product is great, it’s a throttle that you can use to control the acceleration of your plane.

The coolest thing about it is that when it’s not attached to the joystick, it separates into two pieces and maybe positioned however you like on your desk.

For example: Detached but within arm’s reach on my left side even though you are right-handed or Perhaps connected to a left side of the desk for best relaxation for long periods of time.

This enables me to change positions whenever they feel like having some variety. It really does have an infinite number of uses because there are so many different ways people might position this throttle based on their location and personal preference.

2. Logitech G X56 H.O.T.A.S Throttle and Joystick

logitech g x56 h.o.t.a.s throttle and joystick

The X56 HOTAS has been updated with an even more stealthy and durable finish. The new space-black model provides better visibility for the controls, but that’s not all.

The changes include engineering updates to address community feedback about the stick resulting in a totally revamped, pleasurable experience for everyone from casual gamers having fun to pros with fine-tuned simulation.

This control scheme can be customized to your liking including mini analogy sticks making it possible to control spacecraft which are in six degrees of freedom.

It includes 16-bit non-contact sensors offering accurate readings at 2127 values per second and support for adjustability of response curves and dead zones according to the Recodify list.

Logitech’s G Saitek X-56 Rhino H.O.T Module is a special HOTAS aimed at space and flight sim players. Normally, you would have to put some money into getting both a fighter stick and throttle which means higher cost as well as mounting for the controllers if you’re going for a realistic look.

X-56’s hotas comes with a spring-loaded throttle that brings back all your flying controls under one hood if you so choose to continue using your mouse.

The X-56 H.O.T is accurate enough to give you the cockpit experience using only controls and gimbal-mounted weapons while downplaying the mouse (or not) when it comes time to destroy something or someone in outer space.

3. Saitek PS28 X52 Flight Control System

saitek ps28 x52 flight control system

The S8003 dial system is a flight dynamics controller that allows users to create their unique premium aircraft.

In addition to its ability to be customized and tweaked, this input device has a multi-functional display that lights up.

This application’s unique controls are made even better thanks to the constant spring force, non-contact technology, and the precision-cantered mechanism.

The joystick is useful for different kinds of enthusiasts thanks to the 5-way handle system. Users have instant access to six programmable flight commands through three base-mounted toggle switches.

Ideally, each one of these parts will include four fire buttons with a safety cover for when you’re trying your hardest not to crash into things.

The Saitek Flight Control System may have only 2 buttons on the flight control system, but these are big buttons and are easy to use.

In addition, it features an easy access pinkie switch which helps make shifting from one set of controls to another easier.

A 3-position rotary mode selector switch with LED indicators is provided and allows you to instantly choose your flying preference in simulators and games. The X52 is held in hand very well by its ergonomic grip, and also has a built-in mouse control.

4. Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog (Windows)

thrustmaster hotas warthog (windows)

ATTACK TEAM RHO designed the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog, a joystick replica tailored for the A-10C attack aircraft.

This project is the result of a global collaboration between company designers and members of the flight simulation field.

They provide you with the most natural joystick in its class, based on intensive forum research.

The HOTAS WARTHOG has been designed to fulfill the needs of both experienced and inexperienced gamers while maintaining ergonomic comfort.

This easy-to-use two-joystick system includes all of the necessary controls for flying modern aircraft, attack planes, and helicopters: 12 action buttons and 2 quick-access hat switches for playing with your favorite games, as well as realistic controls for weapons instruction, and are carefully located for easy access; throttle control elements are entirely adjustable.

The Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog control panel comes equipped with a robust number of levers, sliders, and buttons which is highly impressive considering how compact it is in size.

Controlling the resistance on the throttle wheels feels great with their friction-adjustable which is ideal if you prefer to have greater control over their functions back.

Lighting is used both for the trim wheel and the functional buttons should you end up flying at night in some form or another (maybe with an improved form of street lights).

5. logitech X52 Flight Control System

logitech x52 flight control system

The Logitech X-52 Flight System is an advanced PS3 controller with a Multi-Function Display for real flight interaction.

The Logitech Control System for Game Hardware (SCPH-1110) is a USB device that enables PC flight simulation software to communicate with the X-52 Flight Controller.

Thus giving it control of such functions as rudder, throttle, elevator and flaps (aileron).

It allows gamers to experience realistic touch and feel during gameplay and also provides support for functions on some new products that provide more realistic flight and control behaviors.

Logitech X52 Flight Control System is the next generation of flight controls for aircraft. It offers a range of advanced capabilities and maintains two primary buttons in one convenient position.

Four fire buttons are including a missile launcher with a spring-loaded safety cover for instant access. Shift functionality is provided by a conveniently located metal pinkie button, allowing you to double up on programming commands.

An 8-way toe control enables you real-time 3-D Rudder management and improved control in the air. Non-contact technology ensures high precision and control along both axes while reducing free play, improving control in critical flight situations, and increasing durability.

6. Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Controller

thrustmaster t.16000m fcs hotas controller

Thrustmaster HOTAS Controller is the ideal choice for people who want a realistic feel when they play flight simulators and other games that require you to use not just your thumbs, but your whole hand and sometimes even your feet.

It has 12 action buttons that you can modify to fit your needs. There are two precision dual-rotary joysticks.

A 16-position joystick hat switch, an extra button on top of the hat switch, and one eight-way PoV hat switch in addition to the standard ones included in the joystick.

This HOTAS system features USB connectivity as well as being compatible with PC in Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

The HOTAS Controller from Thrustmaster is equipped with an adjustable joystick with ergonomic hand rest and three removable components for maximum comfort.

With built-in 16 action buttons including a six-speed progressive throttle, you’ll be ready to take on intense dogfights, while the additional nine action buttons, two four-way hat switches.

Plus the eight-way POV switch keeps you in command and give you full control over your flight experience. Together with the T. Flight Rudder Pedals complete your simulation experience that ensures hours of intense fun.

7. Logitech G Extreme 3D Pro Joystick for Windows

logitech g extreme 3d pro joystick for windows

X-Plane 11 is a flight simulator video game released by Laminar Research.

The game’s main focus is more on realistic air travel and flight; the user cannot jump into hyperspace, for example, and can only fly to geographic locations that exist within the world boundaries.

X-plane 11 features an advanced “walking” system that allows the player to physically walk around each aircraft cabin while still flying and has a set of basic autopilot functions in case you want to go to sleep or do something else during flights.

There are also engine failures, random runway traffic, and five different levels of weather conditions.

The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick Fantastic Flight Stick is the premier flight stick to take your gaming excitement for flights to new heights.

Whether you love racing games where a sudden burst of the rapid throttle can mean all the difference between first and last place.

If you’re into sophisticated jet kiting where knowing every nook and cranny of every map gives you a tactical advantage, this controller will capture your greatest triumphs as well as provide plenty of thrills.

The curve smooth’s out otherwise inaccessible areas of your hand and fingers so that the device sits comfortably while you play.

They all know how often the hands sweat when we get into the action – but they also know that’s no excuse for rickety control or slipping off ledges before executing a flying decent.

Best Elite Dangerous Hotas


Best Elite Dangerous Hotas. Picking the most sophisticated HOTAS setup for Elite: Dangerous can be a difficult task because there are many options in the market.

When choosing your game controller, you want to choose based on what you will use it for and not necessarily about which one is more expensive or which has more features.

For example, if you’re playing competitively you probably don’t want a game controller that isn’t going to have enough buttons to do everything that’s needed.

This is why we suggest first knowing what kind of player you are looking at becoming before choosing a controller that reflects how serious you are about playing with it as a hobby or as an eSports contender.

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