Best fabric shaver

Best fabric shaver. Fabric shavers are also referred to as pill removers, fuzzes, lint removers, clothe shavers, and more. This tool is an ideal way to remove fuzz and pills from the fabric of your woolen sweater or clothes among other items.

These tools are designed in two types. One is manual while the other can be battery-powered. The manual kind is slower due to its lack of electrical power but it’s ideal should you need to work out a delicate item such as lace.

Electric ones speed up the process because they operate with motors that use batteries. Given their strength, these are recommended for tough items like cotton or wool fibers which make them perfect for sweaters, coats, and more stuff for crafting and many industrial uses.

7 Best Fabric Shaver

1. Conair Fabric Shaverbest fabric shaver

This battery-operated fabric shaver will remove small fibers and loose fuzz from clothing, upholstery and other fabrics in your home.

The shaver is adjustable for different kinds of fabrics, so you can use it on areas of your home (clothing, upholstery) as well as your favorite sweaters.

The battery-operated vacuum removes the excess fuzz and depositing it into a detachable mesh net. To use this handy fabric shaver simply push down on the top of the device with one hand while pulling away excess fabric with the other.

Once you’ve removed all of the unwanted threads, pull out the piece that collects them to empty. Two AA batteries are not included in this item but are recommended if you want to use this immediately upon delivery.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, this affordable portable fabric shaver features a cordless design that allows you to take it with you wherever you go – whether it be your bedroom, closet, or travel bag.

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, these convenient garment care tools are suitable for all users and helps even those with limited mobility shave off pesky lint particles quickly and easily leaving garments and fabrics looking brand new.

This practical grooming device is ideal for a variety of garment fabrics such as wool, nylon, polyester and more so that you can keep your favorite clothing in top condition.

2. Philips GC026 Electric Lint Removersphilips gc026 electric lint removers

If you’re an individual who often wears wool sweaters or other fabrics that can attract lint or fuzz, then our Philips lint remover and shaver is your best bet. Getting rid of unwanted lint from your clothes has never been easier.

Simply put the 18-10 stainless steel metal comb head directly onto garments with fabric and turn on to shave away annoying fuzz, pills and threads.

This portable tool is a lifesaver for business people on the go, as it comes with loads of storage options so you can take it everywhere with you without worrying about filling up limited space in your luggage or carry-on bag.

Turns your old clothes into new, vibrant ones – Enjoy all the benefits of having stimulating conversations and warm hugs with a newly found teddy bear or an old friend you had in a different era.

It will give you that warm feeling whenever you’re bawling your eyes out due to uncontrollable nostalgia. Use this on any clothes imaginable. Add it to your emergency preparedness kit.

This lint remover is perfect for the budding sewer as it gives them plenty of time to sew their own fabric instead buying pre-made stuff which is less sustainable.

3. Rechargeable Fabric Shaverrechargeable fabric shaver

This tool makes your old clothing look brand new. It is a great gift for college students, campers, crafters and kids who love to wear some unique styles.

They suggest that you add to your emergency preparedness kit. This lint ball fuzz removing fabric shaver comes with a clear removable lint chamber for easy disposal.

A skull brush and a safety cap are included. They built this product with quality in mind and used premium materials as well as durable and advance technology, letting you know that it will never break or damage easily plus powerful suction and efficient motor that shaves off and leaves the sweater clean and lint-free like new.

This product can accomplish this task in no time and with little effort. Circumscribing a two-hour charge, this device, through three sharp blades can cut through the knitted fabric as if it were butter.

The design of a 5.7” x 3.3” x 3.1” product puts your mind at ease knowing that it is not larger than a baseball or snowflake ornament – although it’s powerful enough to cut right through them both.

This fabric defuzzer is easy to use; all you need to do is point and shoot. If anyone even dares criticize your lighter load during the winter.

4. Remington Fuzz-Away Fabric Shaverremington fuzz away fabric shaver

Remington’s FuzzAway Fabric Shaver is a convenient tool for those who want to clean up their loose threads and stray fuzz at home or on the road.

At home, you can quickly remove excess fabric from your clothes by using pre-programmed settings for light or heavy material.

Use the Remington FuzzAway Fabric Shaver’s tiny size when traveling with your favorite outfit to maintain everything in ideal shape even if you load and unload several times.

The T blade safely tucks threads away and into the collecting chamber so that they cannot damage the rest of your clothing item during storage or while being used on another item.

Remington`s Fuzzaway Fabric Shaver lets you keep your clothes looking great everywhere you go. It removes unwanted threads and other small fuzzes without damaging the cloth.

If you’re going on a trip, this lightweight shaver makes it easy to pack and carry around with no hassle on top of being convenient to use thanks to its handy size and reliable components that are also built to last.

The removable storage compartment that collects loose threads is also quite tidy and goes easy on the eyes due to it being brightly colored.

5. POPCHOSE Fabric Shaverpopchose fabric shaver

A sweater shaver can help you have a new lease on life for all your favorite pieces from summer, including T-shirts and jeans.

The sweather shaver has 5 high-performance blades that spin at nearly 9,000 RPM, which is 60% faster than comparable fabric shavers, providing more power and efficiency.

The two detachable fluff cleaners rechargeable fabric remover with electrostatic brush and cleaning brushes set, not only helps remove the lint or fluff on the surface of the clothes but it also maintains and freshens up the original look of your clothing to extend its life span.

After a complete charge of 2 hours, you’ll be able to fully enjoy 1 hour of free shaven fabric cleanup before needing to plug it in again.

This hand-operated clothing, blanket, curtain and furniture fuzz remover effectively removes fibers from all types of fabric. The large mesh area is ideal for quickly and easily removing lint, baby barf, pet hair and other undesirable fiber debris on all types of clothes, blankets and furniture.

Safety is paramount: the bionic honeycomb mesh over the blade assures that no stray strands are sucked into the device or pulled out further than desired.

The sweaters remover has three safety protections which can cause it to be shut down safely at any time while operating: 1) excessive vibration 2) loss of the protective mesh cover 3) an auto shut-off feature when fully charged.

6. Feeke Lint Removefeeke lint remove

It flawlessly boosts fur, fuzz, fluff, pill, bobble and lint from all types of clothes and fabric, including sweater, blanket, couch and leggings.

This booster also comes with a stainless steel rotary blade with large shaving head to make trimming faster & smoother as it syncs with 3 size holes on the working surface that easily remove whatever you’re looking to take off (which are dishwasher safe by the way).

That’s not all however – this is just the beginning because when you pair a functional blur boost like this one with an adjustable height spacer for hand protection, as well as a “full” indicator so that you know when it’s time to have your sponge replaced, then you’ve got a slam dunk.

All in all then we can declare the surgical strike this nifty grooming device delivers obvious – it’s clearly worth having in your handbag or room. In no circumstance should the stainless steel blade of your clipper be exposed to water.

If you do accidentally expose it to water, immediately disassemble the product and clean both the blade and battery compartment with a mild soap solution; never submerge motor or battery component in water.

When using tape, make sure the cellophane wrapping is well removed from the adhesive surface before application; this will insure that removal will not damage the substrate.

7. Pritech Fabric Shaver Lint Removerbest fabric shaver 2022

Best fabric shaver. The lint fabric shaver is a clean object. The product comes in green and not just white. This is a one of a device, it uses magnets to hold the blades so you don’t have to worry about changing them often.

It also has a rechargeable battery that can be neatly plugged into your computer or wall if you are more inclined to do things wired. No more sticky tape that leaves residue behind.

If you have pets, having extra felting lying around will come in very handy for quick fixes on pet pilling. Don’t just save it for clothes though! This would also come in very handy for cleaning up hairballs on throw rugs.

It features a portable and fordable design that’s easy to carry around wherever you go. The fabric trimmer will be the best fabric shaver for you to refresh your clothes and help keep them looking new.

Furthermore, this pilling shaver has an elastic body with a bionic honeycomb mesh guard that protects all fabrics from being damaged unlike other fabric shavers that help remove loose yarns which could easily get sucked into the blades when removing threads like snags, carpal.

This feature ensures constant use of this pilling remover with confidence knowing you’ll never encounter a blade covered in dangerous loose threads because of its double safety switches feature.


Best fabric shaver. When you’re shopping for an electric fabric shaver, it’s helpful to consider the size of your pillows in terms of how easy or difficult they will be to operate. A small, handheld machine that uses AA batteries is best for feather pillows and smaller down pillows which have been stored for a long time or have been stored improperly and become matted together.

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