Best Fire Pit Mat

Best Fire Pit Mat. A fire pit mat is similar to a regular patio mat, except it’s specifically designed with high-heat resistant capabilities that help protect your patio from getting burnt and damaged from the heat created by a fire pit.

Firepit mats not only provide safety but also help to prevent the flyaway embers and sparks from damaging your deck or flooring.

Sitting by the fire may feel comfy or cozy, but you don’t have to worry about leaving damage behind when you use a fire pit protective mat. You’ll be able to relax in comfort while enjoying your outdoor fireplace.

6 Best Fire Pit Mat

1. Diversitech Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ Floor Mat

diversitech outdoor gas grill bbq floor mat

The innovative Diversitech Outdoor splatter mat is specially designed to protect brickwork and wooden surfaces from any gas grill pooling of oil or grease typically associated with a beach BBQ.

It’s almost impossible to predict when a spill will happen while you are grilling, but luckily this protective mat has been designed to be just large enough to cover most gas barbecue pits as well as containing no rubber ingredients which commonly cause damage when placed too close for too long.

The Diversitech Outdoor splatter pat mat is lightweight, heat resistant, and weatherproof so each time you use it you can use the same piece of material over and over again, even if it rains.

The best part is that afterward, it’s easy to clean with just a mild soap solution; leave the grill splatter mat out to dry and you don’t need to worry about any unique cleaning challenges.

The waterproof material won’t absorb liquids either so no worries about having extra clean-up work after the BBQ. Diversitech grill splatter mat is not designed to be an all-weather mat.

There are several differences between the design and quality of this piece of equipment and its surroundings.

The materials it’s made from will wear out quicker than others, so maintain the quality and usability of your product by keeping a close eye on it when you aren’t regularly using it.

2. Under the Grill Gear Flame Retardant Mats

under the grill gear flame retardant mats

Under the Grill Gear Flame Retardant Mat is designed to absorb any sauce splatters, food bits, and grease while protecting your floor underneath.

The backing material is not flame retardant but it can trap and contain stray messes so you don’t have to worry about a BBQ ruining your deck or patio.

The long-lasting outdoor grill mat material is made from polyester fibers, which won’t burn easily but will break down when put under too much heat.

In some cases, this material can prevent fire from happening because if the flames come into contact with the surface fabric of the indoor grilling mat, they’ll be absorbed by the fibers and relieved regardless of how hot those flames get.

This protective mat stays safe and secure under the grill to collect any spillage from grease, water, oils, and sauces.

The grill mat is designed to protect your deck or patio flooring from moisture whether it’s cold picnic season or hot summer cookouts.

As an added bonus you can save money as opposed to purchasing store-bought grill mats because this one is a reusable product that has been made from recycled polyester fibers instead of plastics which means it is really easy on the environment.

Simply wipe clean with a soapy sponge if any grease or spills appear on the mat in no time at all you’ll be ready to get back to grilling outdoors.

3. Broil King 60009 Silicone Side Mat, Black

broil king 60009 silicone side mat, black

Keep your grill space clean and scratch-free with the Broil King Silicone Side Shelf Mat. This mat is designed as a resting place for all of your grill tools while cooking.

Applied to the shelf of the grill, this silicone will hold its own in high heat situations but will not melt if you choose to keep it on a gas or charcoal device.

The mat helps prevent excess grease and sauce from falling onto the shelf surface, protecting it from damage and stains otherwise caused by grilling accessories such as toppers, woks, rib racks, and other utensils.

With its ability to protect the shelf surface from scratches and other marks that can affect the quality of food cooked upon it, this grilling accessory is sure to enhance both efficiency and safety during cooking.

The Side Shelf Mat known as the Cook Centre Tray is made of durable silicone and is dishwasher safe.

The shape mimics that of our cast iron cooking grids with the distinct inverted V-shape peaks which help to keep grill tools elevated off the base surface and have an area for grease and sauces to pool.

You can double this mat as a trivet in a pinch, with the V-shaped spikes allowing airflow around pots or pans and giving heat a place to dissipate preventing burns or discoloration of the surface.

4. Cuisinart CGMT-300, 65” x 36, Patio Grill Mat

cuisinart cgmt 300, 65” x 36, patio grill mat

Protect your grill, stove, or any other hot source on your patio, deck, or just about any other surface by protecting it with the Cuisinart 65″ x 35″ premium grill and patio mat.

At 65″ x 35″, this mat will fit most outdoor grills, stoves, and more. Made from durable PVC material, it’s built to last while also protecting your patio or deck flooring.

You can fold up the mat during cold seasons and store it away safely if desired.

The non-slip bottom helps to keep the mat in place and makes cleanup a breeze because you simply hose off any spills. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for similar mats that disappoint without fail year after year.

Get the Cuisinart 65″ x 35″ Premium Grill & Patio Mat today and start enjoying warm weather worry-free.

A 65″ x 35″ polyamide mat that is weather-resistant and made from 100 percent polyamide. Ideal for decks and patios to protect against grease, spills, and stains.

As instructed, you can spray the mat down with water and use a garden hose to clean it. The mat works with gas grills, smokers, and griddles. A limited warranty of one year applies.

5. GRILLTEX Under the Grill Protective Deck Mat

grilltex under the grill protective deck mat

GrillTex Under the Grill Protective Deck and Patio Mats can keep your patio, deck, or even garage looking great and lasting longer.

These mats will keep their surfaces clean for a long time. Each mat has high-temperature resistance of up to 500 F which means no matter what it will protect your patio from any damaging spills or splatters from beneath the grill.

And with its 39×72-inch size, it provides just enough coverage around the perimeter of traditional gas grills.

To check if this under the grill protective mat would fit on your grill, always buy one that’s been already cut to at least 2-3 inches larger than the grill itself to guarantee a good fit.

This mat won’t stain the surface under your grill and it stays put. It prevents grease, embers, oils, and sauces from getting on your patio or walkway below and is made with 100% recycled synthetic rubber.

The mat contains an antimicrobial to keep it looking new in addition to a fungistatic agent to keep microorganisms that could harm your grill from ruining your mat and making it unsafe for you to use.

To wash, simply rinse with soap or hose off with a garden hose – keeping clean-up quick and simple so you can get back out there.

6. Napoleon 68001 Mat Grill Accessory, Grey

napoleon 68001 mat grill accessory, grey

Protect your grill and show your Napoleon pride with the Napoleon Grilling Mat. This mat is perfect for when you’re grilling on your patio or deck.

The easily-cleaned mat fits under most gas barbecues, protecting them from oil spills, barbecue brush marks, and other damage that may occur.

It even works for your charcoal grill. The non-slip surface is exactly what you need when dealing with hot embers so whether you’ve just dropped a small chunk or an entire piece of coal, your grill won’t be harmed by this mat’s fire-resistant surface.

If a spill does happen to land on the mat while you’re cooking on your outdoor grill, just grab one of the included towels and clean it up.

The included handles make it so much easier if wiping up dripping juices or quenching hot grease has become a must before flipping your meat. Composite decking should not be used with Napoleon 68001 Mat Grill Accessory.

The Napoleon BBQ accessory is a multifunctional design that is easy to set up and use, the perfect addition to any kitchen that allows you to grill delicious food and expands your culinary horizons with a variety of creative additions that allow you to create delicious cuisines.


Best Fire Pit Mat. A fire pit mat is a great extra layer of protection for your patio and can be a great investment if you have a fire pit on your patio.

Not only will it protect your patio, but it can also be a great conversation piece and make your patio look more stylish.

They have a great selection of fire pit mats available and they have outstanding customer service. Thank you for reading, we hope this blog post has helped you learn more about fire pit mats.

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