Best flashlight for Glock 19

Best flashlight for Glock 19. Glock is the most popular quasi-handgun in the world. Military and special forces groups trust it, as do many people around the globe who use it for protection, sports shooting, and tactical shooting.

Paired with the Glock 19 is a tactical light with a red laser sight, which is used for targeting and illumination at night. Weapon-mounted lights were created to support these two jobs by producing powerful outputs while also enhancing their portability.

Another added advantage of this device is an integrated laser that projects a bright red dot onto your target over any distance as you aim it using the pistol’s attachable sight ring.

This is typically used in conjunction with your primary gun and may be small enough to fit inside its slide or frame.

Best flashlight for Glock 19

1. Streamlight 69290, TLR-6 Tactical Pistol best flashlight for glock 19

TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount, Stream light 69290 The flashlight is designed to attach to the trigger guard and rail of select Glock models, eliminating the need to re-sight the laser after changing batteries.

The developers wanted to make this light as small and light as possible so that users may carry it around with them on a regular basis without feeling weighed down.

The TLR-6 light features a C4 LED and an integrated red targeting laser, making it the first of its kind. The light weighs roughly 2.4 ounces and has a runtime of up to 100 AKs.

It includes a one-handed tool-less construction that allows you to swiftly replace batteries or shift your handgun from off-hand to aiming position – all without having to re-sight your red dot sight.

Stream light-engineered reflector offers a blend of the beam and peripheral illumination, producing an optimized beam that pierces the darkness. Stream light C4-model LEDs are impervious to shock and vibration, so you never have to worry about them going out on you.

Their high-output white light is bright enough to illuminate your entire field of vision without blinding your surrounding environment like other flashlights can.

2. Hilight  Pistol Green Laser Light Combo hilight  pistol green laser light combo 

Combination of a super bright LED flashlight and a green laser sight With a solid 500 lumens and flashing between the red and white LEDs in front, the strobe-light mode will severely confuse an assailant.

In terms of lasers, this TOT is equipped with a powerful green 532 nm laser that will light up your opponent’s line of sight, ensuring a direct strike So.

if you’re searching for something small, brilliant, and strong, consider Wicked Lasers’ choice! Dimensions 2.2″ in length, 1.0″ in width, 1.4″ in height, and 3.3 oz.

The two components can also be attached independently for times when one or the other is needed, though users note that it is best that users start off training with both components together so as to not become confused later on down the road.

Using this device requires shooting with both hands in order to get used to the grip on the weapon and still be able to operate both switches with ease.

This combo attachment is a rock-solid 400 lumen LED flashlight with a green laser sight combo.

Its engineering military-grade nylon material adds little weight to your weapon, yet the light and durable material is strong enough to endure all kinds of harsh conditions.

3. Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL 1000-Lumen streamlight 69260 tlr 1 hl 1000 lumen 

The Stream light 69260 TLR-1 HL 1000-Lumen Tactical Weapon Mount Light is a tactical firearm light with a powerful 1000 lumen output, making it an indispensable and effective tactical tool for any operator working in poor light.

It just weighs 5.6 ounces and is 3.8 inches long. The parabolic reflector generates a focused beam with optimal peripheral illumination, making it ideal for close-quarters encounters with a small field of view. The C4 LED technology has a service life of up to 30,000 hours.

The detaching feature reduces the chances of your watch getting stuck on things, but if you do manage to accidentally get it snagged on something the momentary or steady on-off switch 6000 series machined aluminum with a high temperature and shock-mounted glass lens should be able to hold up to anything you come across.

The 9502 features an exquisite design that is also long-lasting and sturdy. The control head is sealed to the hull in a watertight compartment and over-molded with soft ergonomic rubber handles.

While the optical components are safely housed behind a shock-mounted, impact-resistant Boor Float glass lens.

This marker works in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +120°F and may be submerged in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes.

4. Viridian C5L Universal Green Laser Sightviridian c5l universal green laser sight

This little green tactical laser has a perfect 532-nanometer wavelength for a brighter targeting dot in the day or night, indoors or out. 100 Lumens of strong light with horizontal light dispersion for a wider view of hazards.

To confuse attackers, use the 140 Lumen strobe mode. There will be no fiddling with buttons in a life-or-death crisis. It’s on when you draw! Tac Light with LEDs.

This Viridian green laser sight is ambidextrous for nearly all firearms. The lightweight, compact design allows for low-profile mounting options and fast target acquisition.

Turn any weapon into a surefire force in the field by adding this tactical wide beam double-sided laser.

Its handy Instant-On technology eliminates fumbling in the face of danger, allowing you to concentrate on the important details in front of you. It’s easy to draw and re-holster because to its snag-free construction and preset on-the-fly modes.

5. Battery Power SureFire, XH30 WeaponLightssurefire xh30 weaponlights

For tight weapon retention, the cam-slotted bezel aligns with the MASTERFILE holster system. For practically any handgun with a tactical rail, it serves as the interface for the MASTERFILE holster system.

A broad, smooth Navision beam is created by an undulated reflector for close-quarter applications; the beam pattern is designed for the human eye.

Toggle between 1,000 and 300 lumens of continuous light output with the dual output mode selector slide switch. Securely attaches to Picatinny and Universal accessory rails.

Because of its multiple characteristics, Masterfile is the greatest tactical light in the industry. This one-of-a-kind device has a powerful and distinctive beam that is enhanced by the MasterShield HPX material shell that rests atop an extremely robust aluminum base.

It also has cutting-edge thermal management, with three turbo head heat sinks transferring heat to six thermally conductive pads to keep everything in check even after extended periods of time.

For tactical scenarios, the Intensity XH30 spotlights are exceptional. They have a recoil-proof LED and a Total Internal Reflection lens that produces a high-intensity, far-reaching beam.

6. Crimson Trace LL-807 Laserguard Procrimson trace ll 807 laserguard pro

The “Laser” is an excellent approach to improve precision by displaying a visible red dot exactly where you want it.

It operates with both eyes open, has a smooth side activation button, can be used with any pistol with a Picatinny rail attachment, and only weighs 3.8 ounces.

The “Light” is the most advanced weapon light currently available.  It’s six times brighter than its predecessor and six times more powerful.

It has 800 lumens of power for long battery life – 4 hours to be exact when using 4 AA batteries (included).

This light also offers strobe, laser combination, and laser-only modes for maximum adaptability, ensuring that it will suit the needs of anyone who wishes to use it.

The LL-807 Laser guard is a laser sight that can be fitted by the user and has features like Instinctive Activation and a Master On/Off Switch.

These elements transform this handgun into a one-of-a-kind piece. Because of its easy design, you won’t have to spend any extra time figuring out how to trigger the laser.

7. STREAMLIGHT 69410 TLR-8 500 Lumenstreamlight 69410 tlr 8 500 lumen

Ambidextrous operation is provided by both the left and right side switches; a quick press is pressed continuously for constant operation and a press and hold is pressed momentarily for momentary operation.

When used in tandem with the high-power visible laser, the light has a continuous run time of almost 1 hour. Rail clamp designed to quickly attach and release from weapon side.

The TLR-8 is a compact but powerful red laser sight. It fits both full-size and small handguns securely.

When attaching or detaching your pistol, the one-handed snap-on/off interface keeps your hands away from the barrel.

8. Viridian Reactor Best flashlight for Glock 19best flashlight for glock 19 2022

Because it’s ambidextrous, lightweight, and made of military-grade aluminum with an anodized finish for increased durability.

The Stream light TLR-7 is ideal for personal and home protection as well as professional tactical application.

The Tac Light is powered by two CR2 batteries that are provided and can last up to 5 12 hours in steady high mode or 3 12 hours in 140 lumen strobe mode lumens are meant to measure the amount of visible light emitted from a source.

This pistol and flashlight set gives you an extraordinarily light option to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights by having a firearm on hand.

In steady light mode, the Viridian Reactor TL Gen 2 Tactical Light lasts 60 minutes, while in flash mode, it lasts 120 minutes (depending on your choice of either red or green rear-facing tail switches.


Best flashlight for Glock 19. The Glock 19 is without a doubt one of the best pistols for concealed carry of all time. The Glock 19 has established itself as a popular contemporary firearm due to its excellent mix of durability and lethality.

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