Best Formula Dispenser

Best Formula Dispenser. When you’ve decided to feed your baby formula, you usually buy large containers of your choice.

These are somewhat heavy and do not travel well and moreover do not easily fit into diaper bags at all. That’s why many parents decide to get a formula dispenser.

It’s a container that enables you to pre-portion out the formula powder so that all you have to do is pour it onto a bottle by using an attached scoop.

Plus, these dispensers typically come with an easy carrying handle for convenient portability and some even come equipped with locking lids and interchangeable spouts for more personalization as your child grows.

Recently, companies have made formula a luxury experience for the infant set. With places like this, one can warm up bottles to a perfect 98.6 degrees and they aren’t just sterile containers that are filled with whatever.

There are actually trained baristas behind all of these drinks or else these machines wouldn’t be able to do what they do on the very first try.

7 Best Formula Dispenser

1. Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack

munchkin formula dispenser combo pack

There’s no need to lug around pre-measured containers of baby formula when you and your little one are out and about.

With two convenient powdered formula dispensers, Munchkin’s Powdered Formula Dispenser Combo Pack makes feeding time on the move a joy and space-saving feeding piece that help you easily get your baby the nutrition they need.

This handy feeding system comes with two dispensers: a three-compartment dispenser that can carry up to 24 ounces of powder formula (or three 8-ounce bottles), which you can fill with any brand.

Flavor or type of powdered formula; and a single-serve powdered formula dispenser that allows for quick access to one serving at a time.

The ideal container to stow in the diaper bag so you’re never caught unprepared!Regardless of which dispenser you use.

Both make it easy for you to prepare your baby’s milk exactly how he likes it – whether that be prepared with breast milk, infant formula, or even just cereal.

The Pacifier Steam Sterilizer quickly cleans pacifiers, bottle nipples, teethers, and other small items so that your child can use them without the worry of germs or uncomfortable odors.

The sterilizer also deep cleans large toys, baby blankets, and stuffed animals by using 21 UV-C lights to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

It has an intuitive front panel that clearly displays the status and includes accessories such as a towel clip which makes drying a breeze.

2. Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispenser

dr. brown's formula dispenser

Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispenser is an excellent product that is trusted by many mothers looking to make sure their children have the perfect amount of formula each time they feed them without any spillage.

Designed like a puppy bottle, this dispenser features an airtight, snap-on lid and a wide spout that makes it so milk and formula flow smoothly into your baby’s mouth.

It’s also easy to clean too. Dr. Brown’s Preemie Flow Nipple is designed specifically for preemie babies and breastfed infants who were born prematurely.

These nipples are soft yet durable, coming in a variety of different sizes depending on how much milk your baby was accustomed to receiving from Mommy during pregnancy.

The unique internal vent system found within these nipples ensures that you keep your baby at just the right pace as he or she receives their late (or early!) solids from Daddy after you both return home from the hospital together.

In terms of developmental pediatric care, one important aspect is the ability to ensure consistency in the flow rate formula from bottle to bottle.

This is especially important for premature babies whose mouths and tongues are still developing; many other formulas that are out there on the market either have too much or too little of an amount.

But thankfully, you can rest assured that Preemie Flow nipples available in Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispensers deliver a consistent flow rate so every single time you administer formula to your baby whether it be via cup or bottle.

There will always be the vital nutrients they need no matter when they might show up at mealtime.

3. Philips AVENT Powder Formula Dispenser

philips avent powder formula dispenser

The Philips Avent Formula Dispenser makes feeding your baby while on the go a breeze.

This dispenser has 3 separate compartments for pre-measured portions of powdered formula, and with the inner section removed it can be used as a snack cup.

The dispenser is dishwasher-safe, microwavable, suitable for sterilizing, and holds enough formula powder for three 9-ounce feedings.

All parts of this BPA-free dispenser are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. The Philips Avent Formula Dispenser is ideal for quick preparation, easy cleanup, and sterilization in mere minutes.

Philips Avent SCF135/18 Powder Formula Dispenser & Snack Cup The Philips Avent SCF 135/18 Powder Formula and Snack Dispenser is an essential item for traveling parents.

With compartments specialized to hold three separate pre-measured formula feeds, a rotating cap that prevents powder from spilling into the other compartment shells, and its construction that convert the item into a handy snack cup, it’s both a useful feeder and convenient storage container.

It has been designed to be both dishwashers safe and microwave safe as well as being able to be sterilized for easy cleaning.

Buy your Philips Avent SCF135/18 Powder Formula Dispenser & Snack Cup today from Babies.

4. Baby Brezza Instant Baby Bottle Warmer

baby brezza instant baby bottle warmer

While not a portable option, the Baby Brezza is an all-in-one machine that makes feeding your little one as easy as possible.

The Baby Brezza is specifically designed to prepare baby formula bottles quickly and easily without making you run around searching for every component individually.

Just mix up the powder with water, choose your preferred temperature setting, select how much formula you want to make and put in a bottle, push start and let the appliance take care of everything.

Because it’s a countertop appliance, you don’t have to worry about bringing it with you on family trips because it’ll be staying home anyway.

Although this machine can be quite costly (which means it might not be the most ideal option for families that don’t have a lot of spare cash lying around), it is an excellent way to save time and effort.

However, just like with any device, this one needs to be properly maintained – both following the initial setup as well as in terms of keeping up with cleaning & maintaining necessary parts (i.e. wiping away powder buildup in the dispenser and ensuring that you always use fresh water from the reservoir – never tap-water).

It is also important to read all instructions carefully since you will need to match mechanical settings to your specific brand of formula OR else you’ll risk ending up with either too much or too little being dispensed at any given moment.

5. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

tommee tippee closer to nature baby bottle

Whether you are in the park or on a road trip, the baby still needs to eat. These formula dispensers ensure you have perfectly measured formula handy even when you’re on the go.

Following bottle-feeding guidelines suggests that the risk of disease is reduced if baby bottles are made up freshly for each feed. It’s ideal for long road trips or plane rides.

The formula dispenser fits nicely inside any 9-ounce Closer to Nature baby bottle, even with water still in it.

The dispenser holds and protects upto 8 scoops of formula so there’s one less bulky container to carry around in your diaper bag.

After filling the bottle with fresh water, add the required amount of milk formula and gently tap the bottom to settle the contents.

Snap on the funnel and lid, drop the dispenser inside, screw-on nipple, and cover as usual. Unscrew lid from the dispenser to pour formula into bottle, put back on the cap, unscrew nipple and snap onto cap as normal. Shake up the formula before serving.

With an extensive lineup of essential baby gear for any parent, Tommee Tippee prides itself on offering thoughtfully-designed products that make diaper changes.

Mealtime and travel are less of a stressful experience. Gear like new baby bottle warmers, 4moms infant bassinets, and car seats help create a safe environment for your child to sleep or eat peacefully in.

6. Kidsmile Baby Milk Powder Dispenser

kidsmile baby milk powder dispenser

Easily feed your baby while you’re out and about by using this container and cap system set. With individual lids that seal food, it helps ensure that foods remain fresh.

Even pour formula straight into premade bottles without the hassle of spills or mess—there’s no better solution for on-the-go parents with teething babies than this easy-pour spout that eliminates bottle confusion from the get-go.

Make sure to have plenty of storage options with the ability to stack containers as necessary, keeping all sorts of precooked or homemade meals safe and sound when you need them most in a diaper bag for an excursion in the park or out for a movie.

After your little one grows from baby food to whole foods, these containers have an innovative design—removable dividers allow parents to tuck single cans or fully cooked snacks such as meats and vegetables away in other parts of their diaper bags so they’re sure not to spoil any other foods while making nursing at night a breeze.

The Kidsmile Baby Milk Powder Dispenser has been created in order to simplify the daunting task of preparing powdered formula for your infant.

This hygienic storage solution will make life easier with its four-chamber design that includes three compartments specifically for formula and one for holding pacifiers, bottle nipples, or non-staple food items as you’re out and about with your family or during travel.

Its convenient size is about 1.6 x 7.7 inches which means it can fit into any suitcase or bag without adding too much extra weight and the fact that it’s made from food-grade safety material means you can microwave it if you have no other means of heating or sterilize it if you’re away from home too long or in case there’s a chance that pests could access your baby’s supplies.

7. Philips AVENT BPA Free Formula Dispenser

philips avent bpa free formula dispenser

This Philips Avent Formula Dispenser is an ideal choice for helping parents feed their babies on the go.

The dispenser has three removable, pre-measured compartments which hold the ingredients used in making powdered formula.

In addition to the powdered formula, the dispenser can also be used to store snacks or other favorites making it your go-to choice for everything from celebrating a special occasion to stocking up on party favors.

The handy, resealable lid helps keep food fresh and prevents leaks for added peace of mind while transporting the snack container.

The dispenser can also be placed in the microwave and dishwasher to make cleaning a breeze. It’s BPA free and suitable for sterilizing. This convenient product holds enough formula powder to make three 9 oz servings.

The Philips Avent Baby Formula Dispenser is a travel-friendly device that holds enough dry formula to fill three 9-ounce bottles.

It has three separate containers in it, with one containing a piece of paper with the correct amount on it for you to measure out and put into the jar if you need it.

If you don’t feel like doing math when up in the middle of the night scrambling to feed your child, there are no worries. Just use the dispenser.

It is small and lightweight, so you can easily toss it into your diaper bag or purse while traveling.   Since this product is made out of plastic and each section contains noticeable dividers, it’s also dishwasher safe.

The only issue they find with its design is that there are no air holes at the top to allow excess water vapor out during microwaving.

First-time parents just might want to stick with using their stove for heating up their baby’s food if using a microwave isn’t an option.

Best Formula Dispenser


Best Formula Dispenser. There are a few things that you need to consider when you are looking for a formula dispenser. You need to think about how big of a container you will need.

Also, you will want to think about the volume of formula that you will need to make each time. Another thing to think about is if you want to use the formula dispenser for other things, like food or snacks.

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