Best French Fry Cutter

Best French Fry Cutter. French fries are universal comfort food with a cute little name. When you go to birthday parties, work meetings or family lunches French fries are undoubtedly there. Almost everyone has tried making them at home at least once.

However, the most important element of great-tasting French fries isn’t just how they are made but rather what cut of potato you use.

Pick up an industrial-grade French fry cutter and savor mouth-watering, golden brown sticks of potato that will absolutely satisfy any mealtime craving!

There is no need to shed sweat and tears for hours or even days trying to cut every bite-size piece by hand as an industrial-quality, stainless steel French fry cutter slices up your orders in just minutes!

You have the ability to immediately consume the fruits of your labor upon completion!

Best French Fry Cutter

1. Votron French Fry Cutter Potato Cutterbest french fry cutter

If you’re looking for quality stainless steel cutters with great design and power, then Votron is the solution. This maker makes the best French fry hand chippers out there with a proven history in the kitchen space.

Each of Votron’s French fry cutters are made of thick coated blades so they can’t be compared to others brands who would just burn themselves and break away with your hard earned dollar. And they come at prices that are nothing short of affordable.

Have a look if you want to find out more on how this cutter can help you accomplish tasks much faster than using those flimsy old products you have lying around your kitchen.

This high-quality potato knife comes with a sturdy handle that has super sharp blades making it easy to cut more than 10 top quality potatoes without any damage.

The product also features rubber suction cups, which make the knife stable and eliminates slipping when the desired weight is applied for the best cuts.

This is primarily because of the 16.7-inch long handle which reduces the effort needed and increases output when cutting other vegetables such as cucumbers, radishes, yams, apples and many more!

2. Sopito Professional Potato Cutter Stainless Steelsopito professional potato cutter stainless steel

French fries can be cut very easily with a messy knife, but they can also wear out one’s fingertips over time.  It is built out of 304 stainless steel for longevity, made to deliver restaurant-quality results, and comes with an ergonomic handle for balance when slicing.

This is not only perfect for chefs, but great for fry masters at home too. Moreover, if you ever want to slice up other vegetables or even fruit, this unit will work just as well!

It’s got 33 different cutting positions that allow you to produce anything from shoestring fries (1/8th of an inch) for french fries to thick rounds that are perfect for potato chips or apple slices!

The height of carrots and celery and the thickness of eggplants can easily be controlled with one convenient lever; this makes creating your favorite snacks more fun than ever!

This unique and nifty kitchen gadget is unlike other cutting boards that are used to prepare delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home.

This one doesn’t require constant storage space in your cupboards and holds a special place on your countertop so that it can be quickly and conveniently available for use during meals.

It’s also easy to clean, unlike other products, and does not easily grow bacteria due to its antibacterial properties! This cutter box has been designed for vegetables like potatoes which have a height as large as 5.58 by 3.51 inches, enough space for many different meals!

3. New Star Foodservice 38408 Commercial Gradenew star foodservice 38408 commercial grade

New Star Foodservice 38408 French fry cutter is guaranteed to last, featuring a cast aluminum base construction that can really take a beating and provide years of reliable service.

Stainless steel blades make all the difference when it comes to keeping your potato salad and onion rings from oxidizing before you’re able to enjoy them.

With this particular multi-tool kitchen utensil, there’s no need to worry about corrosion leaving your tomato juice – because stainless steel is a much better conductor of electricity than carbon steel.

If you want some more blade replacements, check out this box that includes 10 additional 1/4-inch Blades, 10 additional 3/8-inch blades, 10 additional ½-inch Blades, and 5 additional 6-wedge blades with pushing blocks – so you can swap out elements as needed. It’ll sure come in handy next time someone drops by for dinner!

New Star Foodservice 38408 French fry cutter also features an easy-to-position handle specially designed for comfort on the fly use. The handle also features a hook that attaches to the wall or warps to save space!

This product is proven to be easy to use and helps you save a lot of time cutting potatoes and fruits. The design of the handle makes it easy to use when you want to cut just one potato or even more. The superior quality of these user-friendly blades makes it easier to not only cut, but also mince.

This functional tool comes in an easy-to-manipulate handle that ranges from one foot to two and a half feet, giving you great flexibility in many situations and applications.

4. Culina French Fry Potato Cutter culina french fry potato cutter 

When cooking for yourself or for a large group of people, expect frying pans to come in handy. While virtually anything can be deep fried , the Culina French fry cutter is perfect for making some extra delicious traditional French fries.

When you use this product with the curved tool on its lower part, you can easily make French fries out of most potato varieties.

Additionally, if you need thinner slices than what potato slicing alone offers or want something that makes their shapes even more interesting and intricate, there are two blade sizes on this product to choose from.

The Culina French fry cutter is perfect for health-conscious individuals who are trying to lose weight and want to watch their portion sizes. Much like a pair of scissors, this product has two separate blades that perform the same action.

There’s no need for you to use any extra force when using this cutting utensil, which makes it easier for anyone to use, even children! Available in seven different color combinations, you will surely be able to find something that suits your taste preferences.

Culina Fry Cutter creates a smaller, quicker way to cut up your potatoes! With the Culina Fry Cutter, feel free to use any type of vegetable and make sure they’re evenly cut so that you can ensure optimal taste and enjoy the most convenient cutting experience possible.

The easy-to-use Culina Fry Cutter comes with multiple cutting grids that you can pick according to your preference!

5. Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutterweston restaurant quality french fry cutter

The Weston Restaurant French Fry Cutter can do just that, cut vegetables into ultra-thin curly fries. To use, you feed the vegetables in and squeeze down the handle to produce uniform and fresh looking cuts.

This product is easy as ABC to use and includes a set of 4 suction feet to ensure it does not slide around during use. The blade of this cutter is made out of stainless steel for added longevity, unlike what you would find on a plastic model.

The body of the cutter itself is cast iron (which is quite strong) which offsets the weight widely putting strain on your wrist from having to hold up something so heavy by itself.

This quality tool can be wall or counter mounted for stability when in use or for storage when not used making it extremely compact and safe for small spaces/kitchens.

Weston’s French Fry Cutter easily creates french fries by inserting ingredients through the perforated core and slicing down.

This Cutter comes with suction cups that are meant to be used underneath so as to stick it to a horizontal, smooth surface, however they can be stuck firmly onto all smooth surfaces like tiles with ease regardless if they are horizontal or vertical.

To adhere better and create more suction, there is no need for an implement to assist this cutter – simply place small dabs of pressure on the suction cups themselves after securing them onto their desired surface and then wash off the mess on top with water.

6. Geedel Professional Potato Slicer Cutter geedel professional potato slicer cutter 

Geedel manual French fry cutter can be an excellent garlic chopper if you’re looking for a new way to chop your regular onions and spices, or if you simply want to speed up the process.

It comes with an ergonomic handle for increased leverage and features 4 non-slip equipped legs for stability on whatever surface you decide to place it on.

If you’re searching for some fun kitchenware, consider gifting this product as it is quite popular among people who love cooking, especially among young adults who appreciate modern and innovative appliances.

This french fry cutter also helps in cutting vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, and onions into shorter pieces, thus saving time in the kitchen.

This french fry cutter is designed with a longer handle and 4 anti-slip rubber tips, which makes cutting potatoes effortless.

It also comes with convenient safety features, like the blade guard that doesn’t allow you to cut your fingers on the blades when in place.

With all of these great features, this hand held french fry cutter for home cooks is able to reduce fatigue and make clean up so much easier. This easy potato slicer takes just seconds to clean!

7. Reliatronic Stainless Best French Fry Cutterreliatronic stainless steel potato chipper

As a potential buyer, one of the first things which you’ll note about Reliatronic Stainless Steel Potato Chipper is how good it looks. It is sure to fit into just about any kitchen space, so everyone can enjoy making perfectly even fries.

Unlike other French fry cutters, this device has blades which are specially designed to handle rough use over an extended period.

This is a heavy duty, commercial grade mandoline that will make it easy to cut fries and other vegetables. A mandoline like this is essential if you want to serve fresh, uniformly sized French fries every time.

It has a length of 18 and two three-inch wide blades that work in tandem with each other so that you never have to stop and switch out blade sizes. It’s also been designed with soft grip handles for maximum comfort and stability when the blades are on.

Using this french fry cutter is so much easier than before thanks to its high-performance handle. The handle has a high degree of flexibility, making it easy to slide potatoes through the blades that cut them into delicious sticks!

It’s very quick and efficient. And it can also do other veggies like sweet potatoes and carrots as well thanks to its large capacity. It makes cleanup really easy too because you can clean it with just water, sometimes aided by a brush if you need one.


Best French Fry Cutter. At last, you are able to get your hands on this amazing French fry cutter. It will change the way you make French fries forever. You can effortlessly and quickly slice French fries with precision. No longer will you have to stress yourself over cutting these delicious fried potatoes.

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