Best Fuel Filter For 6.7 Cummins

Best Fuel Filter For 6.7 Cummins. When it comes to taking care of your car, there are a few things to remember and the fuel filter ranks at the top.

Your fuel filter is essential because it ensures your car engine gets a steady stream of powerful and high-quality fuel that won’t explode or damage any part of your vehicle.

If you have a Cummins 6.7L-powered vehicle, then you need to know that not every type of 6.7 Cummins engine requires an OE (Original Equipment) factory brand replacement but you do need to make smart decisions when you replace the fuel filter on your particular make and model of vehicle.

The ratio between the cost of the part and its quality determines whether that brand is right for your Cummins engine or if purchasing another brand would save your money while providing adequate performance for years down the road.

8 Best Fuel Filter For 6.7 Cummins

1. GM Genuine Parts TP1015 Fuel Filter 

gm genuine parts tp1015 fuel filter 

GM Genuine Parts TP1015 Fuel Filter is an ACDelco part that contains both the GM OEM features and ACDelco brand characteristics.

Even though it’s an OEM part, ACDelco has engineered it to be of higher quality than most aftermarket brands you can find online.

The exact same fuel filter will be shipped for use in GM vehicle production, so this one is not only a perfect new replacement part but also a perfect alternative to individually purchasing multiple parts from the dealership which means you’ll save money in the long run.

As good as an OEM fuel filter. Well, compare it yourself with these feedbacks: “It keeps the car running smooth and clean.

ACDelco gold-label SPECIALTY engineering parts are essentially bread that has been baked to perfection. And they’ve been made with the best ingredients in order to deliver something more than your basic sandwich.

In any case, when it comes down to getting your vehicle parts replaced especially certain ones that need premium materials or even something extra like being able to withstand different temperatures.

Then it recommends picking ACDelco Original equipment manufactured/engineered parts – because they provide the optimal quality and reliability based on time-tested designs.

2. Dodge Ram 6.7 Liter Diesel Fuel Filter 

dodge ram 6.7 liter diesel fuel filter 

The Mopar Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Fuel Filter Water Separator Set is specifically designed to be installed on trucks.

When it became compulsory for automakers to include a fuel and water separator.

Regardless of the vehicle’s make and model, this set must be placed beneath the tank or fuel compartment and before the engine’s filters.

This may be placed either beneath the bonnet or under the tank and doesn’t require much space in order to function effectively keeping your vehicle’s engine running smoothly.

If your Dodge Ram truck’s 6.7-liter diesel engine is brand new you will not see too many benefits from this filtration system however if your truck is older and has seen considerable mileage.

This fuel filtration system will be a benefit to you as it will help improve your engine’s performance and efficiency.

As with many of the Mopar products that are included on your Dodge Ram truck later on in age, installation can be quite the hassle but don’t stress if you find yourself dreading it because the 5.9 liters 6.7 diesel dual filter system provides thorough instructions that make it easier for you to install by yourself.

This kit comes with two pieces: an underbody and an under the bonnet attachment, allowing you to change your fuel pump whenever you want.

If your vehicle has a small cargo area, the generator drain kits are particularly useful. This device uses the same pump technology as many other automatic tankless water heaters and is simple to set up.

3. Diesly Pro 6.7L Cummins Fuel Filters

diesly pro 6.7l cummins fuel filters

Are you in need of some spare parts for your truck. If that’s the case, check out the brand new Dielsy Parts Room right here.

These parts are designed to meet or exceed their original counterparts and are sure to provide high-performance and reliable replacement pieces if needed at a time when you might have otherwise been stuck with repairs instead.

The Dielsy Filter Kits are a great way of getting both big jobs done quickly as well as neat access to opening up the space between the hood and front engine block. This kit has everything you need and is easy to install.

This product was developed for those who are looking to purchase a high-quality air filter. DIESLY has used its research and testing capabilities to see if it will work under a wide range of circumstances.
The specs are 3.0 PPD and 85% efficiency, which is normal for any industry standard filters. As soon as you place the filter in your vehicle, it does what it’s supposed to do at a consistent rate throughout its entire service life.
How much better others are performing on a similar level but without being too expensive compared to what they offer.
If you’re looking for something that would last while still getting great results, then this Cummins fuel filter upgrade and replacement system might be right up your Car.

4. Wix 33255 Fuel Filter

wix 33255 fuel filter

The fuel filter is an essential part of a car’s engine. A high-quality filter can have a positive effect on vehicle performance.
This is why most companies go to great lengths to source parts made from only the best materials for their fuel filters.
One such manufacturer of excellent automotive filters is WIX. Quality within their products – even down the tiniest component – is the number one priority for this brand.
Resulting in top-quality filters including their popular line of cartridge filters. They keep you safe and your vehicle running smoothly thanks to functioning efficiently and being leak resistant at every turn; thus insuring durability in your investment.

Wix Fuel filters are designed to fit in your Dodge truck. The filter will work automatically, but only if you put it properly.

Without the proper care and consideration, you may experience some issues down the line like low performance of your vehicle because of low fuel supply or worse, engine damage caused by dirt and dust entering the fuel system.

To avoid damaging your vehicle, we highly recommend being sure about installing the filter correctly and getting a WIX fuel filter replacement at least every time you change your oil or during scheduled maintenance aimed at keeping dirt from building up in there that might cause serious problems later on.

5. Baldwin PF9870 Fuel Filter

baldwin pf9870 fuel filter

Another type of fuel filter worth considering is the PF9870 model manufactured by Baldwin. Another globally known brand.

Baldwin makes every effort to make sure that they don’t manufacture anything but the highest quality products. One feature that users love about this product.

It’s capable of removing more contaminants from your fuel than most other brands on the market today.

It uses pleated paper filter films for maximum filtration capabilities and users claim that not only does it clean out most dirt but also dust, debris, sediment, and any other previous contaminants from your fuel supply.

If you’re looking for a high-end brand with an affordable price point, this would be a good option to consider.

Baldwin PF9870 Fuel Filter is A lightweight filter featuring the industry’s only pleated, pressure-relief vent that helps optimize fuel flow while allowing easy engine start-up.

Everyone loves saving money, if you’re looking to save a buck in order to put more into your startup venture, then this fuel filter’s for you.

It promotes increased fuel efficiency so that you get the most out of each dollar spent on gas. Baldwin has been manufacturing filters since 1898 and it goes a long way in ensuring that their replacements are as effective as their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) counterparts. So

you’ll be sure of high performance with minimal cost per use. On top of this, there are over 500 parts subject to variable price adjustments on any given month.

This can be an expensive rollercoaster ride for small business owners, but this replacement from Baldwin comes at a lower overall cost on average.

6. Cummins Filtration FS43257 Fuel Filter

cummins filtration fs43257 fuel filter

Fleetguard is the manufacturer of this fuel filter. Fleetguard is a branch of the Cummins company, and it offers both OEM products as well as its own original brand products.

It is known for having high-quality aftermarket filters, and its primary concern is with keeping Cummins vehicles running great.

The package includes everything you need in order to replace your old filter, and overall it is fairly easy to install.

There aren’t too many known issues regarding this style of filter, thankfully, and most people are satisfied with it.

The Cummins Filtration Fuel Filter is a generally good fit. It can improve your car’s performance while also lasting many years.

It’s well made, easy to replace, and is of high quality. In terms of recommendation, this filter did not fail any of the tests as you might have expected from other inferior brands that often tend not to work great and always give me trouble with the installation.

It’s one of the best bangs for buck options out there for someone looking for a quality replacement fuel filter without spending too much money.

When it comes to recommendations, this fuel filter is an excellent choice. It’s among the four most popular choices for those who are looking for easy-to-install parts that come with everything you need for a successful replacement.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for affordability and quality from similarly popular brands.

You’ll have no trouble installing it without any help from another person and once installed, it should fit perfectly in your existing compartment.

7. ATRACYPART 6.7L Cummins Fuel Filter 

atracypart 6.7l cummins fuel

The materials that have been used in the making of the filter medium inside these filters are high-quality to try and improve how well these filter out contaminants.

After a detailed amount of rigorous testing, it was found that these do a good job of filtering and have also been found to help extend the life spans of other filters.

However, there were some issues reported about this product.

The biggest one was that the packaging wasn’t of great quality which did not do enough to protect the actual products from damage during transit.

It was also found that some parts like O-rings which make up a crucial part of the filter assembly were missing and had just fallen out during transit.

One more issue related to this is that using these could actually void your warranty if you need to make use of it because they’re not original OEM parts.

You might end up getting charged for replacements or worse still get blamed for doing something you didn’t actually do.

The fuel filter on your car is there to ensure that it can deliver the necessary amount of fuel to all its components. Many cars from the 1980s and 1990s have carburetors, which rely on jets or other small jets for fuel delivery.

The smaller contaminants in the system could clog these jets and cause the engine to run too lean or too rich, which will result in a lack of power since you will not be getting all the required amounts of air and fuel into your engine.

8. NAPA Gold 3255 Fuel Filter

napa gold 3255 fuel filter

NAPA offers high-quality fuel filters that will be able to successfully replace your old filter. In turn, they help you and your car experience better performance on the road, which can decrease the chances of your car breaking down or getting stuck in traffic.

This fuel filter fits most cars with a standard 14-inch rim. It is made up of materials that are designed to last so you only have to purchase a replacement every five years. The product comes with a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

For your Cummins engine, Atracy has a 6.7-liter fuel filter, which we will get more info in just a few. However, one of the things that makes this fuel filter unique from the rest is its special innovative metal base.

Which you can use to tighten it directly onto the front cover of your engine block; rather than using many other types of connectors or fasteners to keep it on there.

For example some fuel filters might require you to drill into your engine block with sizes 0-14 so that you can install screws and tighten them up in place around your new Cummins Part Number 49822 Fuel Filter.

Whereas this Cummins Parts No. 49822 only requires a Phillips head screwdriver at most – making it even easier for you to install than ever before.

Best Fuel Filter For 6.7 Cummins


The best “fuel filter for 6.7 Cummins” is the one that matches your personal demands and expectations. If you are looking for one without all of the extra add-ons, simple filters may do the job just fine for you and don’t cost too much money to boot.

However, if you want fully-equipped products, then especially those with cutting-edge technology may be worth investing in.

You should read our buyer’s guide and FAQ sections to get a better understanding of what to look out for before making a final purchase decision on a fuel filter product of your choice.

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