Best Furniture Grippers For Hardwood Floors

Best Furniture Grippers For Hardwood Floors. Wood floors are elegant, but they can cause a lot of stress, especially in apartments where the flooring isn’t necessarily brand new.

Furniture can damage and scratch your wooden floors, even if you’ve had them for a while, you know what they’re talking about.

But rather than stressing yourself out over it and hopefully saving up to re-floor your entire place, there’s an easy solution: protective furniture pads.

These pads often differ from each other, so it’s great to go over all of those differences before settling on one because some kinds have specific benefits that make them ideal for different situations.

The good news is that you don’t need to figure out which pad will be best for you on your own.

They’ve done the heavy lifting for you by detailing three types of pads and outlining their key features, benefits, drawbacks, and more.

8 Best Furniture Grippers For Hardwood Floors

1. SoftTouch Non Slip Furniture Self Stick Gripper

softtouch non slip furniture self stick gripper

Hardwood floor pads from Soft Touch help stop furniture sliding on a variety of hard surface floors such as wood, vinyl, or tile.

The best way to apply these grippers is to use a vacuum cleaner with the furniture in place.

This will prevent the adhesive backing from contacting and holding onto your flooring permanently.

To apply easy ego covering to a clean, dry furniture leg, just remove and stick.

Use sofas, mattresses, tables, chairs, and other hard surfaces to prevent movement.

Since they’re so simple to put onto practically anything with their durable construction that won’t let objects move around.

 Protect your hardwood flooring by securing items safely in place while also preventing any chance of damage caused by the daily movement of your home’s furniture.

Soft Touch Non-Slip Furniture Self Stick Gripper is the go-to choice of surface protection that adheres to your furniture and stays there.

With a promise of making your home’s most valuable items, like electronics or even child-tending furniture, stay in place, Soft Touch is the solution for you.

After all, what’s more, frustrating than not being able to find something because it has too easily slid out of its usual spot.

Avoid annoying accidents for you and everyone in your family with this simple solution that can be customized to fit just about any shape or size object you can think up of.

2. Scotch Gripping Pads Value Pack

scotch gripping pads value pack

Scotch Carpet Tape Value Pack lets you stick furniture to the carpet so that your ottoman doesn’t start doing a solo dance in the living room.

It’s also good for keeping things in place that have a tendency of slipping.

This pack is value-priced because you get everything you need to manage three separate needs for less hassle and more fun.

Smoke detectors are tricky to install, so maybe it’s worth getting Scotch Tape from 3M.

Scotch Carpet Tape takes the difficulty out of securing them on walls by making them stay put thanks to its powerful adhesive and superb traction which keep it firmly affixed where it counts most.

Scotch Gripping Pads Value Pack can help you tackle just about any of your household problems when it comes to keeping things still. From the laundry room to the family room.

Scotch Gripping Pads have a variety of different sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits.

For example, if you need to keep objects like your table lamp from moving while they’re on a slightly unlevelled surface, Scotch Gripping Pads can do just that.

Or maybe instead of avoiding an embarrassing trip down the stairs with a bag full of freshly-washed clothes, Scotch Gripping Pads can ensure you and your items stay in place.


slipstick universal grippers set

With Slipstick UNIVERSAL GRIPPERS set you can now protect your floors from the harmful effects of furniture legs and other items with a heavy-duty, non-skid hold.

Won’t scratch or damage your floors. To prevent vibration and movement, simply insert between chair legs and under the base of tables and furniture to reduce noise.

These will help you set up that sound system for your next party or event without damaging the flooring in your game room.

They’re great for reducing footfall noise as well as a tidy way to hide clutter underneath any piece of furniture in any room.

With Self Adhesive Tape included, they make inlays easy to install on carpeted surfaces indoors or outside. Slipstick UNIVERSAL GRIPPERS set are no longer unsightly oversized floor pads bulging out when placed on a floor.

Any floor or counter surface (wood flooring, tiling, laminating, LVT, stone, granite, etc.) is protected by the Slipstick universal gripper pads.

To be used with couches, sofas, chairs, tables, and other similar items). Slipstick has been designed to be perfect for industrial applications such as warehouses and factory floors – use them to keep heavy objects from sliding around inside the building.

The patented ribbed non-marking rubber bottom increases traction and eliminates sliding and vibration for cleaner factory settings.

Package contains 4 chocolate brown round universals that can be trimmed to fit – 3″ outside diameter, 2-3/4″ lip holding area 1/8″ thick.

4. JULAN Non Slip Furniture Pads – Premium

julan non slip furniture pads – premium

Are you sick of having to replace your expensive couches and tables every other year because of burn marks left from hot cups and bowls?

JULAN Gaskets are the most premium silicone furniture pads – soft, transparent and flexible for your TV cabinets, drawer spaces, lofts, or any household items with smooth surfaces.

Unlike traditional furniture pads that stain your floor or leave unsightly adhesive residue behind on your furniture from having to remove them when moving around a couple of years down the road.

The innovative silicone material is much stronger than anything else you’ll find out there on the market.

It will effectively absorb all those nasty heat marks without having to worry about it taking off with your expensive piece so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

The JULAN Non-Slip Furniture Pads Premium you receive will have a protective film to keep the adhesive from being tampered with.

Please note that this sort of product only works on smooth surfaces and it may not be suitable if your floor has been recently waxed, as the wax can create an unwelcome hindrance during the installation process.

Protect your hardwood, wall tiles, laminate flooring, as well as other concrete floors against scratches caused by furniture feet.

Additionally, these will help prevent noise when you’re moving furniture around or closing drawers/doors.

This pack comes with multiple pads so you’ll be able to protect tables, sofas, beds, cabinet doors/drawers, etc basically anything that sits on top of legs/feet.

These would also work as additional insulators for glass or toilets – whatever may need extra scratch protection.

5. Slapsticks  GorillaPads Non-Slip Furniture Pads

slapsticks  gorillapads non slip furniture pads

Slapsticks Gorilla Grips is a trustworthy solution to stop your furniture or décor from unwanted sliding and protect your floors from damage.

Gorilla Grips are made using high-grade 4mm rubber foam which provides ultimate durability while maintaining its form even when used excessively.

Coupled with a self-healing patch of dark brown felt (the glue-like mechanism that connects the outer layer to the interior patch), these grip pads protect your valuable furniture pieces against scratches and other permanent wear and tear.

Not only that, but they won’t harm delicate surfaces such as hardwood floors, countertops, picture frames, and more. Slapsticks are available in 8 pieces per pack; each gripper measures 2.5” in height by 1/2” in diameter.

The GorillaPads Non-Slip Furniture Pads with 100% Silicone Exterior and Memory Foam Interior pack contains 8 (eight) self-stick pads for optional attachment to furniture.

There are a total of 12 pads included in this pack: Two rectangular pads with adhesive backing on each side and ten circular 2.5” or 1.75” pads without adhesive backing.

These last ten being unscored discs that users can shape themselves if they follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer (these kits also include an installation guide).

These squares and circles provide users with two different options to suit individual needs while protecting furniture surfaces from direct contact with other objects such as a bed, table, couch sectional, sofa and more.

6. X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads

x protector non slip furniture pads

Its non-slip function is an advantage, X-Protector’s pads help steady your piece of furniture so your legs stay in place and don’t give an inch.

Found on the X-Protector website are granular silicone furniture protectors that stay securely in place with a smooth surface, yet ensure they function as intended through the use of clever design solutions.

One such example is the anti-slip feet that ensure they maintain their intended purpose while also presenting themselves in a very simple, easy-to-use fashion.

If non-slip pads sound like a sensible solution for you and your home because you don’t want for them to constantly move about or get knocked off their intended spots, then calling up the team would be the first step towards making it happen. ​

The benefits of these non-slip pads are multi-faceted. First, the tenacious adhesive on the bottom helps keep furniture from sliding.

The 1/5-inch felt and soft rubber protect your floors from scratches when heavy objects like chairs or end tables are placed on them for long periods of time.

This combination of adhesive material on the bottom along with a cushioning material underneath makes X – PROTECTOR pads perfect for preventing everything from grating sounds to major damage to furniture legs, as well as other flooring surfaces – such as hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.

These pads are also incredibly versatile, even if they aren’t quite big enough to contain what your furniture is sitting on top of, due to their ability to be cut down in size.

7. ALIMITOPIA 40pcs Furniture Felt Pad 

alimitopia 40pcs furniture felt pad 

These sticker pads are inexpensive and easy to apply, making them an ideal solution for simply sliding underneath floors that feel like hardwood but have been given flooring that makes them excruciatingly loud.

With the spike having been inserted into the bottom of each furniture leg, the holes couldn’t be more than twelve millimeters apart from one another.

Once you install these nail-on pads, there’s no need to worry about your chairs scraping up the floors or accidentally bumping into things.

They think it simply makes sense to ensure furniture safety by putting one of these pads between your chair legs and the floors until they start feeling normal again.

Furniture pads help you to move your furniture smoothly on laminated or wooden floors. Furniture pads stop scratches and damage avoiding noise and vibration when moving the heavy furniture around.

They are easy to use and can be removed and reused if needed, unlike some of their scarier-looking solid rubber cousins out there.

Remember to file down sharp edges on your furniture casters with a file or grinder before you install them so they don’t injure anyone moving in or out of the room.

A quick warning: You may not want it installed on antiques since it will make a terrible mess of your cabinets because it often pops off with very little force applied, so always double-check that everything is aligned properly before moving about with them.

8. Felt Furniture Pads X-PROTECTOR 

felt furniture pads x protector 

Moving a chair around can be really annoying. But that’s because of scratches.

So they invented felt furniture sliders for hardwood floors by X-PROTECTOR. Not only are they super easy to use.

But they also prevent the appearance of such problems in the future and protect wooden or laminated surfaces in your home from scratches and stains.

Felt pads have adhesive so they will stick firmly to the bottom of any object you put them on.

Plus, they’re great at reducing unwanted noise when you move an object around – no more will you hear those awful scuffs.

Beige slider pads are ideal for light objects that don’t come into close contact with floors much like furniture legs because they offer minimal impact protection.

When one talks about antique and specialty furniture, it is said that one can never be too careful. Therefore, they created X-PROTECTOR felt pads the best solution in the area of surface protection.

X-PROTECTOR pads are good for all kinds of floors: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile floor, and others. And they’re a great fit for all types of furniture.

Moving furniture can damage hardwood and laminate floors, so they need to be protected from the weight of chairs and sofas, the rollers under beds and cots, and the pressure from shelves.

If you look closely in most department stores you can find protective pads for your floors that have a special felt-like material that does not harm your flooring if it gets scratched.

These quilted pads also add extra cushion to any chair or ottoman as well as an underlayment when putting down tile flooring.

Best Furniture Grippers For Hardwood Floors


If you are looking for the best furniture grippers for hardwood floors then you want to make sure you get the right ones for your needs.

There are a lot of different furniture grippers on the market, and it can be difficult to tell which ones are good quality and worth the money.

But hopefully, this post can help you determine the best furniture grippers for hardwood floors and which ones are better left to gather dust on the shelf.

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