Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls. When your game ends at sundown, your ball needs to be able to glow too.

You spent hundreds of hours on the driving range and playing golf with your favorite clubs in order to perfect every tee shot, putt, and par. And now you’re all ready to begin playing at night.

You, along with family and friends, will love how long it glows after dark whether it’s sitting on the shelf or hanging out in your golf cart.

And there’s no need to worry about it falling under tree branches because it can withstand a lot of rain and humidity.

However, if you are new to the game of night time golf then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve brought together some amazing options for you. The best glow-in-the-dark products will really amaze you and provide a whole new experience.

7 Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

1. BattlePulse Glow Golf Balls with Mesh Bag 

battlepulse glow golf balls with mesh bag 

Glow in the dark golf spheres are a perfect solution for those looking to reignite their passion for the sport at night.

These fun LED light-up balls to emit a subtle glow that makes it easier to find your ball on the course, rather than having to stare into pitch-black darkness with only half of your sight.

For any golfer who’s ever struck out in the dark, these soft rubber golf balls are a must-have accessory on any adventure course.

Whether you go alone or with friends, they’re designed to make every game more memorable. The 16 bright led lights remain illuminated for up to 10 minutes after hitting each ball.

Which is more than enough time when you need to spot and retrieve it before worrying about losing it in tall grass overhead.

So whether you want some practice to try and improve your score or just want something different than just hitting the greens bar at night, be sure & pick up this premium 6-set Glow Golf Balls Set w/ Mesh Bag today.

These LED golf balls come with a helpful bag that holds up to six balls each, so you can drive and putt knowing you’re making progress no matter how many holes you play.

The bright colors mean these glow-in-the-dark golf balls are easy to spot and the mesh bag is included along with the set of 6 LED golf balls.

Simply turn them on before you head out onto your course using the convenient button that’s located at a central part of each ball.

2. GOANDO 6 Pack Glow Golf Balls Night Sports Light

goando 6 pack glow golf balls night sports light

These 6 glow golf balls will deliver a unique experience for you and your friends to enjoy as the sun goes down or under the stars. When you hit them, they will arc gracefully in the sky just like real golf balls.

It’s very incredible to watch. Each light-up ball is specially designed with rubber and synthetic resin allowing it to be durable and elastic while also having a good impact resistance so it can act like a normal golf ball inside of its rubber shell.

And these colors are bold enough that they are very easily seen after being hit into the air. Plus each battery is expected to last around 40-50 hours of playtime until they need new batteries.

These are great for night-time fun but they can still be used at any time during daytime hours despite their glowing colors on the skin of each ball because these balls have special properties which allow them to stay visible even when submerged in water.

This LED ball doesn’t need to be operated or charged by devices outside the golf ball. Although their dimpled surface is similar to the normal golf ball, the inner core does contain small batteries.

It should be noted that hitting them will feel quite different than hitting a non-illuminated golf ball during daylight hours due to the impact of these firmer-made LEDs within.

Depending on your preference, however, you’ll have six distinct colors with easily visible transparent outer layers to choose from.

3. GlowV1 Night Golf Balls

glowv1 night golf balls

GlowV1 Night Golf Ball is quite hard to find. They were only manufactured in small quantities and after that, the GlowV1 Night Golf ball was discontinued altogether.

First of all, the GlowV1 Night Golf ball can be used again and again which makes them very cost-efficient as well.

Next, these golf balls are easy on your swing unlike LED balls (the kind they make now) which are harmful to your swing but not so with the GlowV1 golf balls.

This flashlight works great for charging up nearly any night golf ball in no time at all. Now you can take your night golf ball wherever you go and whenever it’s dark you’ll have a glowing ball ready for play.

Night Golf Balls GlowV1 If you don’t want to buy a flashlight or aren’t sure which one will work to charge your UV ball, then a recommendation is to purchase products that already have this feature, such as the GlowV1 Night ball.

These quality shining golf balls have a big rubber core that allows them to match the transfer of energy and aim of non-glow golf balls during the day.

All you have to do at night is tap them with your club (as if teeing up a ball) and their supercharged fluorescent coating will light them up bright as day.

GlowV1 golf balls have urethane skins on both sides, so unlike some other glow-in-the-dark products, they won’t shred or scratch easily no matter how many times you knock them into the rough.

4. Night Eagle CV LED Golf Balls – Light Activated

night eagle cv led golf balls light activated

Night Eagle CV LED Golf ball Night Eagle is a revolutionary technology golf ball.

The former Night Eagle could only be activated after it had made contact with the ground.

But this new version, Night Eagle CV LED, activates differently from a traditional glow-in-the-dark golf ball. It illuminates in response to your device’s light source.

Activate it with your smartphone camera to make sure you’re never caught in the dark while playing a round of golf.

And the best part, Once the lights are on, they stay on until your next light source – no more wasting time when you can just keep swinging.

Night Eagle’s new line of CV LED Golf ball is a simple, innovative solution that may just change the sport as we know it.

With a timer on all previous versions of Night Eagle’s line of a golf balls, you’ve always had to remember to turn the light off before any real play or physical activity can begin.

Now that pressure is no more. In fact, Night Eagle’s new golf ball with built-in glow-stick technology can last up to 24 hours.

That means now you and your group of friends can enjoy a game of night golf without having to stop every few minutes for you or one of your buddies to scour for and then activate the light on your ball the perfect frictionless addition to the sport.

5. Night Sports Tracer Light Up Range Balls

night sports tracer light up range balls

Imagine being able to play golf during the night with a light-up ball that reacts like a regular golf ball. It’s not just a fantasy anymore.

These incredible Night Sports Tracer Light Up Range balls are patented After-Glow Technology keeps these illuminated when they’re hit making it easier for you and your foursome to see so you don’t lose a ball out of any of the hazards on the course.

This ball flies more like a regular golf ball than many other nighttime options and provides almost two hours of illuminating fun for you and your friends.

It’s also helpful to note that even though these LED night golf balls are more expensive than some other options, they have many more benefits.

Night Sports Tracer Range Ball offers players a chance to extend their playtime regardless of whether they are on the driving range, golf course or target range.

The tracer golf ball lights up as it spins round among the night sky and will continue to glow for virtually up to 40 hours after impact.

So players can easily see where their next shot goes without needing to scramble around in the dark or settle for guessing.

To activate the glowing feature of this tracer golf ball just give it a solid whack and your game will never have been more brightly illuminated.

The luminous technology behind Night Sports Tracer Range Ball is officially patented so you can be assured that whenever you get hold of one you’re in for some serious fun.

Just remember not to lose track of where you’re hitting because with each strike comes another burst of which distracts from play if allowed to wander off into forbidden territory

6. SUNDOWN GOLF Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

sundown golf glow in the dark golf balls

SUNDOWN GOLF is an evening game of golf. It’s a real adventure in the twilight and when you get the glow-in color ball set.

Getting to the course for a game can be difficult sometimes.

But these glowing balls are perfect for any occasion so long as you have one of the UV flashlights which comes included with them.

They play great like a normal soft feel ball but with some added distance when compared to tour-quality Golf Balls.

The included PVs don’t wear out; they even hold up well to sand traps or wet grass.

When exposed to light, their phosphorescent coating turns their formerly dull shades into vibrant colors that make it easy to see where your shots land.

SUNDOWN GOLF Glow in the Dark Golf ball are a serious yet fun treat for avid players. LED Light-up ball charge in under 30 seconds and glow for 15 minutes before needing to be recharged again.

Available in a six-pack, save money by purchasing these with the handy 2 -in-1 UV Flashlight that also has a strobe function for increased visibility on the course during low light hours.

SUNDOWN GOLF Glowing Golf ball Kit includes everything needed to enjoy the rewarding experience of manifesting a seemingly endless supply of brightly-glowing golf balls.

A comfortable full-compression construction with a durable, waterproof shell allows a user to play huge, skyward shots and land safely on any surface that may catch one.

These high-performance balls are very easy to charge; just swing them in front of a UV flashlight. This glow-in-the-dark kit uses no timers or batteries so they won’t short out due to contaminants in the air.

7. Champkey Premium Glow Golf Balls 6 Pack

champkey premium glow golf balls 6 pack

Champkey Glow Golf ball 6 Pack is the best way to play in the dark. When you hit them they glow in a bright light that is easy to see with or without your golf club.

The glowing ball is made of premium Surly material that both increases durability and flexibility while producing a soft and comfortable feel on contact.

The outer layer supports a more consistent spin during flight, thereby producing about 75% of a normal ball flight distance when hit at full speed.

The inner core contains an LED and battery system so as to explain how it lights up each time you strike the ball.

The new three-layer glow golf ball was designed to provide an excellent bounce performance despite its hefty price tag.

These balls are one of the most reliable options on the market, with a ten-minute glow duration after impact and a remarkable 70-hour battery life.

A sturdier, impact-activated LED core helps prevent them from being destroyed by strong hits. A wider variety is available than most brands offer.

You can pick up balls either in all white packs or mixed color ones. You can even take advantage of the Champ Key bicolor option. Each ball is made up of four distinct colored LEDs.

Dark Golf Balls


Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls. Golf is not just your favorite activity, but it’s also a great way to avoid stress while balancing other duties. Playing in the evening while it’s still light out makes it more enjoyable and relaxing, but that’s not all night golf has to offer.

If it’s too dark to see the conventional ball, you can choose from a variety of glow-in-the-dark options, such as customized plastic balls with LED lights built into their covers that light up when hit or soft balls with LED lights instead of compressed cores.

These forms will not only help you reduce some of your tension, but they will also allow you to enjoy yourself even more because you will be less stressed.

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