Best goalie lacrosse shaft

Best goalie lacrosse shaft. If you’re looking for a great lacrosse goalkeeper stick, you’ll want to invest in one that is designed for scooping and clearing the ball.

Goalkeeper sticks need to be long, but also can be shorter depending on which type goalie you are. Youth lacrosse goalkeepers tend to use shorter sticks to help improve their speed making saves as well as throwing passes.

The longer 40-inch shafts are generally used by high school and adult goalies since they have more experience allowing them to make easier and more accurate long throws over top of the ride or through the crease without having to worry about catching air as much.

6 Best goalie lacrosse shaft

1.Victorem Lacrosse Rebounderbest goalie lacrosse shaft

Its pitch back’s 48×73-inch frame is sturdy enough to absorb hard knocks, with durable 1.25-inch metal tubing and steel ground pegs fastening the frame solidly to the ground. This lacrosse equipment is made of extra-thick nylon and will last for years.

The netting is made of durable mesh that can hold up under extreme stress and features 36 tension-supporting bungee cords.

Moreover putting a mesh cover over it is also a great idea because it protects the cords as well as provides added safety for players.

Playground lacrosse nets come with two sets of netting, so you’ll be ready to shoot whether you’re practicing alone or with a companion.

The detailed instructions will have your nets up and running in no time! Whether you’re shooting overhand or underhanded soft shots, simply move the rebounder strip at the bottom of the net to change the angle.

Long lacrosse rebound sticks provide lots of room to make a variety of shots on the home lacrosse rebounder net, allowing you to anticipate your opponent’s next move.

The 48×73-inch metal frame won’t bend or break under pressure, whether you’re pitching, under handing, or working on your sidearm.

The net’s protective cover mesh shields and defends the bungee cord supports no matter how hard you hit it, ensuring that your rebounds are perfect every time.

2. SWAX LAX Power Weights Lacrosse swax lax power weights lacrosse 

Its recommend practising with power weights attached tothe head of your stick rather than the shaft to improve your ability to settle down under the ball.

It will help you concentrate on your technique because pushing forward is more difficult and reaching over your body to an out-of-reach foot is much more difficult than when you’re holding the shaft.

This will assist you in improving stick placement when shooting, catching/throwing, grounding, and avoiding.

The weight (212g-220g) is around 1.5 lacrosse , which is ideal for all levels of players looking to improve their throwing and handling abilities.

The beautiful thing about micro dumbbells is that the weights are interchangeable, so they can be utilised by players of all skill levels.

Place the Power Weights on the face of your hockey stick to begin. The “SWAX” logo should be positioned to the left. Between the plastic and the mesh, feed the top straps.

Wrap the center straps around the mesh and the plastic. Finish by securing Power Weights by looping the bottom strap around the stick’s throat. Take a moment to adjust and secure each strap so that the Power Weights are uniformly distributed and tight.

3. Epoch Dragonfly Elite is  Goalieepoch dragonfly elite is  goalie  (2)

The Dragonfly Elite is made in the United States and includes a patent-pending shaft with an industry-first Long Channel. The technology behind our sticks advances at the same rate as our experience as a global leader.

Its  continue to manufacture revolutionary gear that gives lax players fresh insights into their game as industry leaders.

Epoch lacrosse provides athletes with unique innovations that are precisely customized to their demands on the field, all of which satisfy military-grade standards, by designing and manufacturing items solely in-house.

The Dragonfly Elite Goalie shaft is a versatile carbon fiber shaft for the price of an entry-level model. It was designed with several core technologies from Epoch and offers remarkable stability, durability, and value alike.

The shaft’s performance comes from its Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technology. Newcomers looking to break into the sport don’t want to spend a lot on their initial investment which can lead to a premature change in equipment when they outgrow their current one.

Advanced Carbon Layering allows engineers to control aspects of the kit so that players aren’t forced to upgrade too soon just because they need to add a little more power or new additions like precision or lighter weight.

Added benefits come from HD Resin which helps increase strength against damage while also adding other benefits to the equipment such as extra spin.

4. Franklin Sports Youth Lacrosse franklin sports youth lacrosse 

The Franklin Future Champs Youth Lacrosse Goal and Stick Set is an excellent method to introduce young lacrosse players to the sport. The vivid colors can help children focus on their goal as they work on their throwing and targeting skills.

Young players need to work on their hand-eye coordination, therefore this game will assist them in aiming for the goal while also improving essential skills.

The Franklin Lacrosse Set comes with two complete sticks and a goal, making it ideal for backyard play and first-time players.

Small goalie sticks’ smaller 32″ stick diameters were created to complement the shaft’s overall lightweight/thin build and excellent feel.

The ultimate result will almost certainly fit comfortably in your hands, making it easier to close when throwing a punch or passing the ball back and forth.

This lacrosse head also has a deep pocket design for improved play the deeper pocket was chosen since, as youngsters become older and bigger, they often struggle with catching and throwing with consistency until they are exposed to additional ways for dealing with challenges like size, hand placement, and so on.

5. Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal franklin sports lacrosse goal 

360 SPORTS -9 Inch Lacrosse Shooting Target – As Seen On TV The best lacrosse shooting target for kids and adult players, with a range of shooting routines.

The lightweight, easy-to-carry PVC tarpaulin makes this target incredibly portable, with adjustable bungee straps that allow you to set it up in minutes rather than hours.

Are you struggling to score goals in the other team’s net during lacrosse? Let Franklin Sports’ Lacrosse Shooting Target help you train.

Constructed with heavy duty materials, this target helps players develop pinpoint accuracy with their shots as they test their skills at hitting different parts of the goal. You’ll improve with every hit and before long, scoring goals against your opponents will be a breeze.

This industrial-grade target can be used for practically any sport and is exceptionally large, making it ideal for practising your game at home whenever you want.

It’s designed to resist the punishment of frequent use, allowing you and/or your team to put it to the test day after day. However, because the target does not come with a goal, we recommend that you buy one to go with it.

6. Epoch Best goalie lacrosse shaftepoch lacrosse dragonfly eight 40

Epoch – New for 2018, our Surface Veil Technology is designed to boost the Dragonfly Eight’s overall robustness. By stiffening the shaft of your racket with a durable epoxy resin, a specific weave helps to offer an extra layer of protection.

During the production process, this material is incorporated into the 8K carbon fibre we used to create your new weapon.

All SVT also adds a layer of resilience to the product, preventing micro-fractures and extending its life and preventing you from having to replace it as frequently.

When passing or shooting, the patented 12K Intelligent Weave Technology is designed to steady your hands and direct energy onto the head of the stick.

This technology was developed primarily to spread out carbon filaments to make a thinner woven fabric with reduced crimp while keeping optimal mechanical performance and producing a consistent layup with fewer voids.

Regardless of hand positioning, Uniform Release gives a uniform flex finish over the top 2/3 of the shaft. Because, unlike golf or hockey, a player’s hands are always shifting depending on the player’s position on the field, our engineers agree that this is far better than localized  knick points  or flex points in wooden or steel clubs.

Because of its firmness and strength, as seen in our product, this bend not only promotes bending, but it also keeps its integrity while you play. To promote flexibility, traditional shafts frequently contain fiberglass, which is less durable than carbon fiber. Instead of breaking down your game and sacrificing performance for cost, go with Epoch.



Best goalie lacrosse shaft. As a goalie, you’re well aware that in order to find the best game experience for yourself, you must know your capabilities and skills. One way to do this is by creating several settings on each shafts while being sure to keep a balance between both your offensive and defensive capabilities.

In other words, it’s imperative that you are well-equipped as an athlete so be sure to experiment with different combinations by mixing and matching heads with different shafts until you’ve reached that perfect medium which satisfies both your offensive and defensive needs.

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