Best Green Hunting Light

Best Green Hunting Light. When hunting at night, it’s important to use a light source that will not only offer visibility for the hunter but also for their prey.

Lights with white light can cause unnecessary confusion and be a nuisance for the animal being hunted as well as any other animals in the area.

For these reasons, green lights are becoming more popular in hunting due to the fact that they’re able to attract the attention of the animal being hunted without bothering any other wildlife nearby.

Greenlight will indeed reach further distances than red ones however because it is difficult to see actual detail when using a green light hunters should stay relatively close to where they expect game – unless they plan on shooting from really far away.

6 Best Green Hunting Light

1. VASTFIRE 350 Yard LED Green Flashlight Kit

vastfire 350 yard led green flashlight kit

The Predator green fixed beam floodlights are ideal for outdoor excursions and even come with a range of 150 yards so you can see at a distance.

The higher the beam, the better, as you’ll be able to illuminate farther into the darkness. Remember, though: more light means more battery usage.

However, this product is designed with that in mind, as it lasts up to four hours on one charge.

This package comes with 18650 batteries (2600mAh, 3.7V), a USB charger, a Dual pressure switch (constant on or temporary on), 1 MOUNT (plastic, 1 inch to 30mm), and 1 MOUNT (metal, 1-inch tube diameter), and hard green wrap case.

These portable lights come in handy for camping and exploring by land or sea or for hunting at night. Full warranty (1 Year) on all the parts and the electrical switch has a lifetime guarantee.

We give you a great product that you can use for your many years of hunting to come. It is made from a durable aluminum material that will ensure that you have a sturdy, stable light during your night hunts with this rifle-mounted spotlight.

And because these lamps only require two AA batteries each, they are lightweight and easy to transport or bring along whether in your backpack or even in your pocket.

The IPX6 waterproof classification means that it’s water-resistant against heavy rain and moisture-like puddles good for all those wet and humid nights out hunting for hogs.

2. ULTRAFIRE Green Hunting Flashlight

ultrafire green hunting flashlight

ULTRAFIRE Hunting Flashlight is an excellent range hunting light that can not only reach up to 256 yards but also provide a 100 wide angle of light.

It gives you a wider viewing area, enabling you to spot and aim at your prey without them noticing.

The beam is made magical green, which won’t alert most game animals such as predators or hogs.

In fact, some wild animals are known to be more receptive to the color green rather than other colors, so green lights will certainly help improve your chances in the hunting process.

Not only that, but particularly its red or green reflections from animal eyes really help the targeting. IPX-6 this product was passed by water drop test which means rain does not annoy it anymore.

It’s manufactured with heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy with antimicrobial properties so it stays looking new for a long time.

Hunting Flashlight XPE2, which features three powerful XPE2 LED bulbs that give you a 100-degree flood of light for finding your prey in the dark distance.

The hunting flashlight also provides you with 256 yards between you and your prey, which would be enough to easily scare away 70% of small animals.

The bulb is capable of producing up to 520 lumens at its max capacity, and it features an aviation-grade aluminum alloy construction for improved durability.

Also equipped with waterproofing and scratch preventing matte anodized coating so that the hunting flashlight can endure even tough weather conditions.

3. RaySoar Green Hunting LED Flashlight 

raysoar green hunting led flashlight 

RaySoar Green Hunting flashlights are ideal for hunting because of the wavelength range of their green light which is between 525nm-530nm.

At this range, in particular, the human eye can’t see its color so that means your prey won’t be able to either. This is a great tool for varmint predator coyote hog pig hunting.

But this green hunting flashlight has other modes. The RaySoar Green Hunting Light Flashlight is also known as a single-mode flashlight; all you have to do is click the button one time to switch the mode, so, the single-mode flashlight with green light is the perfect hog light, coyote light, pig light, varmint light, and predator light.

This flashlight can be powered by either two kinds of batteries: AA batteries or a 14500 rechargeable battery, we recommend the latter because it will allow you to have a much brighter beam in the dark than if you used the former choice.

However, if you need even more light, AA batteries will be best for searching through your home or outside at night.

This flashlight green led spotlight has the awesome reflector feature: when you zoom out on its focus, it can reach up to 150 yards and when you zoom in on its floodlamp vision, this green led spotlight can reach an 80-yard radius.

4. TRAIL WATCHER Light Hog Hunting Green Light

trail watcher light hog hunting green light

TRAIL WATCHER Light Hog Hunting Green Light comes with two heads and has a maximum of fourteen LEDs that can be adjusted side to side and up and down so you can maximize its efficiency.

This light panel must be mounted at 1.8m to 2.5m (6-8 feet) above the area you want to be illuminated by nightfall.

It also works very efficiently in converting solar energy into plain old electricity.

You just need 8 to 12 hours of daytime to charge it up via solar collection if you’re looking to keep this battery charged all on your own without running an expensive extension socket to your deer feeder.

The LED sensor light and motion indicator only activates once something or someone passes by the area at a minimum distance of 7 meters(23 feet).

This solar motion light is IP65 rated, which means it’s waterproof enough to not get damaged if it gets rained on.

It also means that the solar motion light can be used outdoors in all kinds of weather, including when it is snowing or raining.

This light is for areas where electricity isn’t available, such as when you need to provide security and lighting for a parking space near your home.

Our experts recommend placing this product under an eave of your garage so that it can charge its batteries during the day and shine for you at night.

5. BIZOOM KL25 Hunting Light Flashlight

bizoom kl25 hunting light flashlight

BIZOOM KL25 green hunting flashlight includes an infrared light module used for game hunting.

This device uses a red LED which can be used to effectively track games at approximately 250-350 yards away.

The flashlight is equipped with a remote on/off switch, which allows you to keep both hands on your weapon when in use and easy access to the switch makes it very convenient if you want to shine the light without taking your eyes off of what you are looking at while waiting for something to move.

A durable aluminum body will enable BIZOOM KL25 to endure rough handling out in the woods–water resistance and shock resistance keeps you from worrying about equipment failure regardless of how tough things get.

The anti-slip coating keeps the flashlight from slipping in cold and wet conditions, making it easy to hold. 60 ultra-bright LED lights to provide a wide intensity range and offer you multiple light modes for both indoor and outdoor hunting use.

Whether you use it for predator hunting coyote hunting, varmint hunting, etc., It will serve you for a long time using a 1x rechargeable battery and 1x charger as well as 1x green hunting flashlight,1x extra interchangeable red led modules,1x mount,1x remote clicky on/off switch.

6. ANEKIM Green Hunting Light 1000 

anekim green hunting light 1000 

ANEKIM Green Hunting Light provides strong light, and powerful lumen LED can produce bright large-area floodlights or well-focused spotlights at a beam distance of 1000 yards.

The strong spotlight allows for long-distance observation. Ultra-bright high-performance flashlight with a service life of up to 50,000 hours.

ANEKIM Green Hunting Light flashlight uses the latest durable green light chip which can provide a super-bright beam.

This high-quality torch is able to provide long-distance shooting by easily controlling the pulling zoom head and also has an easy on/off switch, allowing for the replacement of battery usage.

Ultra-bright zoom focus, very suitable for long-distance observation & wide-range lighting. ANEKIM LED flashlight UC10 single mode (100%), the full press can be turned on and off.

Stable performance, the main body of this flashlight is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and it has a strong ability to resist shock. You can use it for a long time.

This kind of flashlight is non-slip, wear-resistant and ordinary waterproof design brings a better user experience.

IPX-67 waterproof, suitable for the outdoor environment and bad weather conditions. Strong light, length: 5.39in, diameter: 1.37; weight 185g; compact size meets your requirement in hand or pocket use conveniently; the non-slip design and waterproof function can be used for unintended circumstances under rain or snow in case you need other people’s help to solve the problem that you are in danger.



Can deer see green flashlight?

Accordingly, deer are sensitive to blue and even ultraviolet (UV) light, as well as white and yellow light. The perfect colors to hunt deer are those that appear gray instead of alarming, such as red, green, or orange.

Is green light good for hunting?

Green lights are an effective way of increasing nighttime illumination for hunting because the human eye is far more receptive to green light than it is to red.

The added light makes it easier for hunters to see a game at a distance, and that extra view could help you land your prey and carry home the spoils of a successful hunting trip.


Best Green Hunting Light. In conclusion, green light hunting is a relatively new concept that has been growing in popularity. While not entirely new many hunters have used green hunting lights in the past to see their way through the woods with very little risk of disturbing other wildlife nearby.

But now, with new technology and better quality green light hunting equipment, green lights are becoming more popular in hunting due to the fact that they’re able to attract the attention of the animal being hunted without bothering any other wildlife nearby.

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