Best Gym Towels

Best Gym Towels. If you’ve ever used the sleeve of a t-shirt or an old gym towel to keep your sweat covered during a workout, you’re ready to treat yourself to a fancy new absorbent gym towel.

Whether you train at home or prefer the class environment, having a fantastical towel beside you for your workout is an imperative in the books.

While it might be tempting to use clean towels from the bathroom for this purpose, they recommend resisting because they may smell pretty after use but absorbency isn’t one of their strong points in comparison when used to wipe away perspiration and/or dirt.

Gym towels are made to keep you cool and dry in the summer, so even when you’re dripping sweat, you won’t have any moisture gym clothes during a workout session.

8 Best Gym Towels

1. Simpli-Magic 79178 Cotton Hand Towels

simpli magic 79178 cotton hand towels

The Simple-Magic Cotton Hand Towel Package is the perfect combination of softness and strength.

Use them in any general situation requiring a towel including the bathroom, kitchen drawer, laundry room, yoga studio or your local gym.

Each Hand Towel is 16″ x 27″ and available in packs of 12 so you can place some in the office, baby’s nursery or at home.

The cotton material also means these towels are safe to clean not just your hands but also your face, car or home appliances.

When you take advantage of what the towels can provide, you’ll be able to ensure that the towel is working harder for you than ever before.

They want to make sure that the towels are always ideal and this means that there should be care taken when washing these towels.

There are certain steps that must be followed in order to correctly wash the towels, including making sure they do not come in contact with bleach or any similar household cleaning agent.

It might also prove useful to tuck a lint roller into your cabinet for easy access should anything go awry during the washing process.

2. BOSPHORUS (Set of 4) Turkish Cotton 

bosphorus (set of 4) turkish cotton 

Traditional Cotton Hand Face Head Gym Towel/Dish Wash Cloth Set by BOSPHORUS. Cotton is the only material used.

Material Colour: Bright White, Weight: 200 gram per sq meter, and 6 Colours Available

Turkish Pastoral towels were the first true terry cotton towels in the world. Today they are more than just soft alternatives to traditional terry towels.

These bath wraps dry quickly and is naturally hypoallergenic and softer than standard towels. This is due to their larger.

Finer fiber makes for better absorption of water as well as provides a greater volume of thread per square inch when woven into the cotton fabric to make bath wraps, beach robes, or bathroom rugs.

What’s great about these towels is that they actually become softer with every wash up to seven or eight times. By handcrafted with traditional wooden looms, these beach towels are an ultra-thin and light alternative to terry cloth towels.

Peshtemal towels absorb water even more effectively than conventional cotton terry towels are naturally hypoallergenic and softer than standard cotton blend beach towels. These Turkish bathrobes get softer the more they’re washed.

3. Terry Towels Salon White 24 Pack Hand Towels

terry towels salon white 24 pack hand towels

Terry Towels 24 cotton hand towel products are a budget-friendly option.

The 100% cotton material is soft to the touch and long-lasting which makes it durable enough to stand up to repeated use over time.

While some may assume these towels lack quality because of their price point, this isn’t necessarily true in the greater majority of cases.

The high-density weave allows for optimal water absorbency so there will be less frequent laundering or dry cleaning for this reason alone.

The double-needle edge seams are enclosed in professionally hemmed hems that are carefully graded for maximum quality control and product durability as well.

So long as you take good care of it and wash it properly (please check the washing instructions on the label), it should last quite a while all things considered.

The towels are perfect for industrial and commercial use, especially where power laundering is required.

Hotels, holiday investment properties, temporary shelters, hairdressers, gyms, bars, and recreation areas all benefit from this product.

These hand towels can be used as well in pet grooming. Even after being cleaned multiple times, the towels are designed to remain soft.

This is done with the help of the high-quality fibers that we use despite the fact there shedding may not happen in many cases. They are used as a salon, spa, facial, hair, face, hands, and bath towels among others too.

4. PerfectShaker Performa Performance Towels 

perfectshaker performa performance towels 

PerfectShaker towel is light, lightweight, feather-like, durable, and most importantly perfect for your beach trip.

The super-soft fleece towels are affordable and the colors are vivid.

When you’re backpacking across the country or exploring a new city this summer, the Perfect Shaker towel will keep up with all of your adventures.

These stylish performance towels were cleverly designed to make sure that they are not too bulky but still highly functional.

Easily squeeze into one’s travel bag for easy carrying, these quick-dry towels also come with a reusable pouch for convenient storage anywhere you go.

The colors on these face towels are so vibrant; it will leave many people asking where you got them from because of how beautiful they look.

They’re lightweight, so traveling to different destinations would be seamless with these excellent space savers in tow.

The waffle pattern helps to the soft texture by increasing absorption. The towel is ideal for those who maintain a busy, healthy lifestyle.

Designed by PERFORMA for those who are always on the go, the microfiber performance towels are lightweight, absorbent, and extremely fast drying.

They would be especially useful at the gym because they will dry in half the time of your usually cotton bandanna.

Made with a super soft 70/30 blend, these products won’t fall apart after one or two uses like a lot of other cheaply made microfiber towels do.


commercial premium 12 piece hand towel 

COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 12 PIECE HAND TOWEL with a looped terry construction and 100% Cotton ensures softness not only from the towels but from all of your cotton needs.

You tend to overheat easily and can’t wait to get in the shower. But by the time you step out, you realize that your bath towel isn’t that absorbent or, it’s just thin.

If this is happening frequently, pack this Commercial Premium 12 Piece Hand Towel into your travel bag or gym tote.

COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 12 PIECE HAND TOWEL  is a complete set of quality items that are sure to please any household or individual.

If you’re someone who’s just moved into a new place or has recently started college and wants to add something stylish to their dorm, perhaps this is a no-brainer that will give them an edge over the rest.

You can trust it’ll be an excellent choice because Martex has been making these types of things for many years now so we know their value, affordability and design are unmatched in the industry and it keeps going strong.

6. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel Perfect Travel 

rainleaf microfiber towel perfect travel 

The Rainleaf Travel Microfiber Towel is constructed of 200g microfiber (85% polyester, 15% polyamide), and it’s just fantastic. It will leave you in awe the moment you lay eyes on this product.

It will keep your face feeling oh so smooth like a baby’s bottom thanks to the microfiber material itself.

Use this incredible towel for drying purposes when camping or going through security at the airport and it will dry twice as fast compared to sandpaper any day of the week.

While it might not double as a coffee filter, at least you know that all you have to do is hit it with some sunlight, and voila. You got yourself a fresh towel to use once more.

Included are helpful instructions for maintenance people who really isn’t got time for such nonsense – they suppose those are the same people who eat in five minutes flat and still manage to hunt down breakfast items within 10 minutes flat before heading out the door too.

The towels come in a wide range of colors and prints. Choose the right one for you, whether it’s black, blue, purple, or red because when you see yourself in what little free time you have to get out of the rat race, you will want to look good.

With all the features listed above, they can do their job well as travel towels or sports towels. They’re ideal for bathing and camping on a trip away from home.

Attending swimming lessons with children and keeping them clean; sunbathing on a family holiday where there is more sand than water.

Walking your dog after work; fitness training at the gym or bodybuilding and getting an effective massage after lifting weight, even using them to keep warm in winter…or much more over time.

7. KinHwa Absorbent Workout Towels for Gym 

kinhwa absorbent workout towels

The super convenient metal pad can help you concentrate your attention on the movements rather than readjusting your towel frequently.

It offers ultimate convenience by affixing to almost any metal surface or equipment and then easily removed to be washed once the workout is complete.

It’s gentle enough not to irritate sensitive skin but made of durable microfiber so it won’t tear easily while your exercising.

And because of its compact size and lightweight design, this product is ideal for travel and storage when not in use.

KinHwa’s workout towels are great for the gym or any other activity because they’re absorbent and quick-drying. With 85% polyester and 15% nylon, you can use them for a wide range of different uses.

They can even be used for activities like hiking, swimming, traveling, camping, golf and so much more. KinHwa’s towels can also hold up to 500 washes without losing their shape or colour.

When folded in half length-wise, you’ll have a compact size that makes it easy to carry anywhere in your bag or pocket.

They’re also soft to the touch and help keep your body from being too sweaty since they pick up moisture quickly and let you keep exercising comfortably even under hot conditions.

8. Fitness Gym Towels (2 Pack) for Workout

fitness gym towels (2 pack) for workout

Fitness Towels from Ultimate Body Gear are made from super-absorbing microfiber material that will help you dry off as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Consequently, these are ideal for either the gym or for pools, spas, gyms, and exercise studios.

These towels can also be used by swimmers and athletes that are on the field to help them maintain their cool in the summer heat or the bitter cold of winter.

They can also be used to support surgeons during a surgery where they need to stay perfectly still – similar types of techniques would apply during a yoga class.

The fitness gym towels come in a multitude of attractive colors. If you need workout towels, we offer you the option of white hand towels, grey, and royal blue.

Of these three color options, which would be your favorite exercise towel. Regardless of what that is.

This particular option is an excellent choice for sports or fitness needs because our microfiber gym towels are made up of soft and absorbent material which is smooth to the skin providing a soft touch.

Best Gym Towels


Best Gym Towels. Regardless of the type of workout you do, having a quality towel to absorb sweat is essential for avoiding problems like dehydration and other medical issues.

While a good amount of research shows that dry towels can reduce symptoms associated with getting sick at the gym such as diarrhoea and infections, there is less evidence proving that it can decrease trips to the doctor’s office or hospital when compared with not having one in your workout bag at all.

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